The Witch of New York A novel

Ellie Davies is a ten year old girl who lives with her parents in New York. When she finds out she's a witch, her own life is changed forever.


10. Ellie-Part Ten


New York was gone. 

In its place was the Dark Elf Kingdom. A long, black bridge that was medieval. Three Grey Knights stood at attention. Ellie didn't think she was in London. She held onto Candle in her arms; she saw Edward the elf shiver. She stared at the Dark Elf Leader. Suddenly she saw three orcs drinking ale. One of them spoke in orc-speak to the others. Ellie noticed their scarred skin was cracking. "Molten, a pleasure", the Dark Elf Leader said. The orc spat on the black ground. It shrugged, as if thinking about harming the creature. Ellie felt a strange sensation, like she was having an out of body experience. "Leave me be", she ordered the orc; she was surprised at the strong command. "And why should I be letting a girl witch order me about?", Molten asked. It watched her with derision. "A orc is nasty on purpose. It's in their DNA", Ellie answered. The orc shrugged. "What's 'DNA'?", it said. "It's what's inside ​your body; it's what you...Oh, it's part of the human condition", she stated. And she took a deep breath, and waited for them to go in the stone castle.


The guards were asleep. 

Molten shook them. 

"Hurry up! I am not going to let you disturb us again with your slackness". The guards opened their eyes, and grabbed their orc swords. They opened the heavy golden door, and let them in.


The Dark Elf King sat on his majestic golden throne. He wore a black crown on his head. He wore a long, grey, cloak, brown breeches, and black, polished, boots on his huge feet. He was wearing a gold wedding ring on his right, middle, finger. He had long, pointy, ears. And he was small. "I don't have time for niceties", he said. Ellie was about to say something when Edward shook his head. "​Don't do anything foolish, Ellie​", he said warningly. She nodded. "I'm here my King, because several people hate me", she said. The Elf King shrugged. "Witches are nasty people. How can a human child be one?", he asked her. "I didn't know I was one until tonight...or was it...Anyway, I don't care about death", she answered him. "You should care, child. Death is always something to worry about in these rotten, black, times". And Ellie stared at Edward, as she patted Candle, her black cat. It hissed at the King, then kept silent. "You should be grateful you have a wife, the Elf Queen...", she said. "My wife, Queen Elena, and our four children, are well off". And he smiled awkwardly, as Ellie yawned. Molten moved towards the thick red carpet. He bowed as he spoke. "My King, obviously Ellie isn't a High Witch. She's a human girl from the city of New York; she's not powerful as we'd all believed". The Elf King stared at her. "Child witch, can you present to me any kind of magic in my Court?", he asked her. "Yes, my King. Candle, my black cat, is my familiar. Obviously he's part of me. And I am sure that I will have supernatural powers as I grow older", she answered. She bowed in front of the King, leaving Edward to bow as well. "May we leave the Court, my King?", Ellie said. "Very well. But I want you to serve me", the Elf King said. And Ellie bowed, and nodded.


Edward smiled.

"We have to leave", he said.

"Fine, I don't want to go back to New York thinking that nothing bad has happened", Ellie said. Edward clapped his hands. A puff of black smoke caused them to cough. Then, seconds later, they headed back to Ellie's if nothing had ever happened.



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