The Witch of New York A novel

Ellie Davies is a ten year old girl who lives with her parents in New York. When she finds out she's a witch, her own life is changed forever.


16. Ellie-Part Sixteen


Ellie stared at the servant-girl. 

"May I have some mushroom soup? And buttered bread, please?", she asked her. Edward stared at her. "Here's three gold coins", the elf answered. She nodded. Once she was paid, she walked towards the arched walls that led towards the dim chambers. Suddenly she heard a creaking sound. Seconds later, she noticed the back door was open. As she sipped her soup with a grey spoon, she saw a group of black hooded assassins arrive. They were staring at the group of sleepers near the fireplace. Ellie shivered. She stared at them. There was something sinister about them. When she was finished eating, she watched Edward. He gazed at them. Then she noticed a female assassin carrying a large gold bag in her small left hand. "Servant-girl, we'd like a room for the night", she ordered in a strong voice. "Yes, Ma'am", she said. Ellie ignored her, and headed towards the old bookcase. She picked one of them up in her left hand; she then read it just as the assassin focused her attention on her.

"I haven't seen you, child before", she said.

"I'm Ellie, a witch", she said.

"A witch! No many witches are as young as you, child. I'm Martine". Ellie nodded. She knew she wasn't going to be harmed by her...yet; she was determined not to be afraid of the assassins. Ellie grabbed her book. It was called '​A History of Old Houses in New York​', by R. Lee Kane, III. "Are you alone, Ellie?", Martine asked. "No, I'm with Edward, the elf", she answered her. "Ah, elves are magical creatures. They don't like humans". Ellie frowned. "Edward likes me", she said. And she watched her nod, as she resumed reading her book.


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