The Witch of New York A novel

Ellie Davies is a ten year old girl who lives with her parents in New York. When she finds out she's a witch, her own life is changed forever.


6. Ellie-Part Six


It was as if it became a dream. 

Ellie was asleep for hours. Time stood still. By Midnight, the long shadows that had descended on the city of New York, was stilted by the magical happenings of the fog. She dreamed of Lords, Ladies, magicians, and warlocks; she dreamed of hidden places in the dark. Suddenly she heard another sound. She glanced at the white walls, and shivered.


Suddenly Ellie stared at the brown closet. 

She watched a tapping noise that was coming from inside there.

Ellie gazed at the lamps. They still illuminated the whole room. ​I hope Mother doesn't come to my bedroom, ​she thought to herself; she opened the closet. Inside, she saw an elf. It was three meters tall; it had short, pointy ears. And wore a green suit on. Its red shoes was festive looking. "Oh, my! I was in there for thirty years. I'm Edward H. Lowe". Ellie grinned at it. "Ellie. I'm a witch". Edward bowed. "A good witch", Edward said. Ellie nodded. "Indeed. I am looking forward to sleep once I meet everyone who has come here at night time. It's awfully dark outside". She saw Candle snoring on her chair. "Is that a familiar?", Edward asked her. "Yes; yes, my familiar", Ellie answered her. She stared at it. "Would you like some tea?", Edward said. "Yes, please. Mother and father won't let me drink it", Ellie said. She patted her cat with her hands; she watched the elf smile. "You're a witch; you're strong magically", he said. Ellie didn't believe that. "If I am a witch, I'd have powers". And she sighed, as thunder boomed outside. Thunder flashed along the gloomy night sky, while the children who celebrated Halloween, were asleep in their own beds hours' before. Ellie imagined she was in her own world. And not this world. She sipped her warm English tea; she watched Edward sipping his own tea, as the banging inside the closet stopped.


Candle hissed. 

"Quiet!", Ellie said. She opened her eyes. She wasn't sure that she was a witch. By 1:00 AM, she was eager to dream of a better future, as Edward slept in one of the chairs.

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