The Witch of New York A novel

Ellie Davies is a ten year old girl who lives with her parents in New York. When she finds out she's a witch, her own life is changed forever.


1. Ellie-Part One


The strange thing that happened to Ellie was the meowing of a black cat. She was reading a book when her mother spoke to her. "Clean your bedroom", she ordered. Ellie, who was a quiet, unassuming girl, sighed. She glanced out of her glass window. "Okay, Mom". She grabbed several red towels with her small hands. She walked to the laundry room. By nine o'clock in the morning, Halloween had arrived. It was October 31, 2017. The ghosts and ghouls were on the loose; the ghosts always cast an ominous shadow over the events that happened before the Witching Hour occurred in the long evening. After she placed everything away, Ellie heard more meowing. She frowned. Then she saw three cats scratching on the window with their sharp claws. "I'm coming!", she said. And, as she did so, she opened the door. The cats raced inside the house. She closed the window. Then she stared at them. "I don't see your mom and dad cat", she said. The cats purred. They wrapped their long, black, tails around her short legs; she smiled at them knowing that she was their mother. Ellie was about to go back to her book that she was reading when she her mom gazed at her. "Cats! Where did you get them, Ellie?", she asked her. "They found me, Mom", Ellie answered her. And she grabbed one of them, and patted its belly with her left hand. "Come on Candle". The cat stared at her. Then she let the female cat sleep on her bed that was in the middle of the spacious bedroom, while the other cats also fell asleep near the cold window.


Ellie was hungry.

"I expect you will be having something to eat, and drink, Candle". The cat meowed. It was intent on lying still; it was used to laying idle. But, to Ellie, she expected something to happen; something horrible. Tonight, she heard the sound of trick r' treat children holding bags of candies in their hands. Ellie, who was wearing black pyjamas, ate her steak pie and vegetables in the medium-sized Dining Room. She saw her mother, Annie, was dressed up; she glanced at her silver necklace that was shining across her neck. "Dad's away on business. He'll be away until tomorrow". Ellie nodded. She ate slowly. Suddenly, and without any kind of reason, she saw Candle hop onto her lap. "Are you hungry? I'll feed you". She let the cat eat some of the pie. "There, see! There's something to do while we have finish dinner". And Candle meowed. Then, after dinner was finished, Ellie helped her mother to clean up in the small kitchen.


By seven o'clock in the evening, Ellie kissed her mother. Candle jumped from her lap. Then the front door bell rang twice. Ellie opened the door. Traci Gorman smiled at her. "Trick r' treat!", she said.

"Here's your candies", she said.

"Thank you, Ellie. Nice cat". She said. 

"She's called Candle because she lights up the house. She and the other cats will be roaming the house. They won't do anything bad. Happy Halloween". And Traci smiled. Then she closed the door, and walked down the dim looking hallway towards her bedroom. When she opened it with her hands, she patted Candle again. Candle walked towards her bedroom. She gripped her book again, then flicked on the bright lamp. Then she read her book before she went to bed at eight o'clock.


Ellie opened her eyes. 

Candle yawned. 

"What is it, Candle?", she asked her. The cat was purring. Then she heard it: the creaking of the back door. She rubbed her tired eyes with her hands. Before she could do anything, Ellie saw a dull, grey, mist across Sharp Road that was outside her apartment; she couldn't shake the notion that there were monsters across the road. Candle hissed.

"What's the matter?", she asked the cat. The cat scratched at the glass window with its claws.

"Don't do that, Candle", she answered.

The cat ignored her. 

Then she sighed, and waited for evil to come to her.

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