The Witch of New York A novel

Ellie Davies is a ten year old girl who lives with her parents in New York. When she finds out she's a witch, her own life is changed forever.


14. Ellie-Part Fourteen


Suddenly Ellie saw Edward. 

The elf bowed at her. 

"Ah, you're a true witch aren't you". 

"I am one, yes. I was shopping with Daddy in the human world. I met a witch named Margot. She was most helpful when I bought a black witch's hat". The elf nodded. It gazed at the door; it was a portal to the Other World of fantasy. 

"I had to attend a meeting in the Elf Council. They're rather particularly angry about the rise of the Dark Elves of New York", Edward said. Ellie nodded. She looked at the elf. ​Did elves have councils? Obviously they had because Edward was there​, she thought to herself. Ellie patted Candle with her small hands. The cat didn't hiss at the elf. It was as if the cat knew that it wasn't an enemy. "I must deal with everything", Ellie said. Candle jumped onto the bed, and snoozed soundly, leaving them to deal with the news that the Dark Elves were planning attacks in the Kingdom.


"Follow me, Ellie", Edward said. 

As Ellie woke up Candle, the elf clapped its hands. Then, seconds later, a whiff of heavy smoke appeared. Then, as they were transported to the Elven Kingdom, where elves, dwarves, trolls, and orcs, lived. Ellie knew she was back to a place that was familiar to her. And she stared at the Black Gates, they saw three goblins snoring loudly near the iron doors, Ellie knew she would be in trouble. "Get up, Rhodes!", Edward shouted. The goblin leader opened its green eyes. "How dare you wake us up elf! We were asleep...and not on patrol", Rhodes said. It eyed Candle. The cat hissed at it. "Oh, very nice of you, witch, to bother us at this time of the early morning". Ellie smiled. "We were concerned about the Elf Council", Ellie said. "So; so what! King Andreas, the Goblin King, isn't bothered by the news of elves. Why should we need your views on the matter?". Ellie smiled. She patted Candle. Then Edward spoke. "King Andreas takes a liking for arresting traitors". Rhodes shook its head. "Traitors! We're not traitors! Besides, I'm not going to let Ellie be arrested either. She seeks freedom of movement inside the Kingdom of Goblins". Rhodes gripped its sharp dagger in its right, clawed, hand. "I'll let you pass. If there's any trouble, Lore, the Keeper of the Dungeons, will be glad to take you into the black, dingy, cells". Ellie followed Edward towards the Iron Gates. Once they were walking along the Stone Road, both of them headed to the Village of Grim Tidings...where darkness arrived to claim their souls. 


"It's not fair", Randle said. He smoked a pipe. Then he watched Ellie, Edward, and Candle the cat. "What's the matter?", Edward asked him. "Oh, none of your concern", Randle answered him. Candle walked towards the garden stalls. "We have to eat, Ellie", Edward stated. "Fine. I'll be getting some vegetables, and meat", Ellie said. She watched Candle hiss at a woman. "Get out, cat!", she said. Candle ignored her. "It's alright", Ellie said. And she watched a tall man smiling at her. "What do you like, witch?", he asked her. "Some eggs, bread, and steak please", she answered him. "Three gold coins", the man said. Edward flicked his hands. "Here's one hundred gold coins, Ellie". She took out ten gold coins. She paid for the food, and gave Edward the change. Edward placed them in two huge bags. Ellie then walked towards ​The Regal Tavern...and they went inside.


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