The Witch of New York A novel

Ellie Davies is a ten year old girl who lives with her parents in New York. When she finds out she's a witch, her own life is changed forever.


4. Ellie-Part Four


Ellie was asleep for an hour when Todd opened his eyes. 

"Lord Westwood is here, Miss", he said.

"What! Who?", Ellie asked him.

"Lord Westwood, my father", he answered.

"Here in New York", Ellie said.

"Yes. He's a warlock".

"A warlock. And he's after you because you're his son?".

"Yes, he has a temper", Todd stated.

"My mother has one, too. But she vents at my father. They're on the verge of divorce". Todd nodded.

"What's divorce?".

"It's when your mother and father don't love each other...and they separate". Todd nodded. "I don't like this 'divorce'-speak", he said.

"It's not good in the modern world of the 21st century", Ellie said. Todd, who wore a black servant's shirt, was also wearing brown breeches, and black boots on his small feet. He stayed near the glass window. "I don't belong here. I belong in the 17th century". Ellie nodded. She saw the fog was thick as before. Candle purred. Then it saw several shadows nearby...and it hissed at them.



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