The Witch of New York A novel

Ellie Davies is a ten year old girl who lives with her parents in New York. When she finds out she's a witch, her own life is changed forever.


5. Ellie-Part Five


Ellie awoke. 

By ten o'clock PM, she yawned. A darkness consumed her. Todd was awake. "They're coming, Miss", he said. 

"Who is coming? The warlocks and witches?".

"Yes; the warlocks", Todd said.

"Let them come to me", Ellie stated. 

"It's awfully dangerous, Miss. I'll be here to take care of you". Ellie stared at Todd. She grinned, and waited for him to seek out the threat before they could do anything about their situation.


Ellie opened the front window.

She felt the cold breeze hit her face.

She was shivering as the dark clouds hovered above her head. 

"It's raining, Miss", Todd said.

"I know that", Ellie said.

And then they saw figures walking along the stone steps. Three white carriages were near the house. The lamps continued to glow. "It's Lord Abrahamson's carriage. He's after me", Todd said, unhappily. "Why? He's not your father?", Ellie asked him. "He works for father. He is dangerous", Todd answered her. "I'm sorry", Ellie said. And she watched the other two cats were hissing, while the carriage stopped near the bedroom. Lord Abrahamson, a tall, elegant-looking man, got out of the carriage. He ducked his head. Then, as he grabbed his grey coat, he looked at the house. "Come out, Todd! Mother is waiting to get you to bed this dreary night". Todd sighed. "I must go, Miss. Sorry. Until we meet again. Good night! And good-bye!". He walked to the bedroom window. He climbed down the silvery pipe. Once he reached the stone steps, he walked towards the carriage. "Now, why were you here with a girl witch?", Lord Abrahamson asked his son. "She is powerful", Todd answered him. His father's grey hair was wet; his blue eyes focused on the road ahead. "She is here, boy! She is awaiting for your return", he said.

And, as Todd sighed, he sat down on the black seats, while Carter Harrison, the driver, gripped the reigns of the horses, and rode back to the house in the darkness.

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