The Witch of New York A novel

Ellie Davies is a ten year old girl who lives with her parents in New York. When she finds out she's a witch, her own life is changed forever.


15. Ellie-Part Fifteen


The Regal Tavern ​was a dark place where humans, orcs, goblins, elves, and dwarves, all gathered around the gambling tables in the middle of the spacious brown halls. Ellie glanced at a servant-girl who was serving ale to the regulars. She was twenty years old. Her long, black hair was tied back around her back; her blue eyes focused on the girl. "Help you, Miss?", she asked her. "Yes, I'd like some stew. And a room for the evening, please", Ellie answered her. "Fine, I'll serve these dwarves, then you can sit down on a seat". Ellie smiled. "I'll take care of the other food, witch", Edward said. She smiled. Suddenly she felt cold eyes on her. "I won't use magic against anyone unless they attack me", she said. And she took a long, deep, breath...and awaited service.


Lore, the Keeper of Dungeons, arrived at the Tavern. He had stared at Ellie. In his left hand was a sharp dagger. "I dare say, witch, you're most unwelcome a sight in this Godforsaken place", he said. Ellie nodded. "I'm sure no child shall deal with matters of the criminal nature", she said. "And you're a witch who has special powers of the supernatural?". Ellie shook her head. "My powers are yet to reach my potential", she said. She waited for her stew to arrive; she was a patient girl who hadn't believed that her own parents would cook for her. It was something that was wrong; something that hadn't bothered her...yet. Edward sat down near her. "It's going to be a long night, Ellie", he said. And Ellie enjoyed her meal, as Edward smiled.


Ellie noticed the warm fireplace. Three travellers were warming their cold hands near the red carpet; their eyes were focused on the young witch. A tall man stared at her. He wore a black hat on his head, a grey coat, black breeches, and red boots on his feet. "Ah, child of the dark, how are you this evening? I'm Lord Thomas Anderson", he said. Ellie sighed. "I'm Ellie. I'm a new witch", she answered him. "This is Lady Anderson, my wife. And Lord Zachariah", he said. Ellie nodded. She saw a fourth grey seat, she slept soundly for several hours...and relaxed for the first time since her arrival.


The silver bell tolled eight times. 

Ellie opened her eyes. 

"My God! It's not...No, it can't be! No!", Lady Anderson sighed. She had long, grey hair, blue eyes, and petite. She was wearing a red gown...and black boots on her small feet. On her right, middle, finger was a sparkling diamond wedding ring. She saw Ellie staring at her like a madwoman. "What's the matter, my Lady?", she asked her. "Oh, dear me, child! I was dreaming of disaster in New York", she answered her. "Disaster! Nothing can be that bad. Please call me 'Ellie'", she said. "Well, Ellie, you've met Lore! He is a ruthless man. He puts all of the criminals away...even royal members of the Court". She shivered. "There's no reason to be afraid, my Lady. I'll protect you. I'm a witch, you know". And Lady Anderson grinned, then hugged her.


Ellie awoke.

She saw Edward. 

The elf smiled at the witch.

He yawned, then fell asleep on the last chair by the warm fireplace.


Lord Zachariah opened his eyes.

He got out of the chair. He hadn't thought of any kind of witch was in the Village. His long, red hair was hellish; his hazel eyes seared into anyone's eyes. He was dressed in a red coat, black breeches, and black boots on his huge feet. On his left hand was a sharp scythe. He sneaked away towards the back door where two night elves were asleep. "May I pass?", he asked them. The elves nodded. "Of course, Master", they answered him. And, as he put on his black gloves on his scarred hands, and crept away in the blackness of the burned city.


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