Army Tanks - Lashton

''This is no girl scout camp, Private.''

''Sir, No, sir.''


Luke is the scrawny new guy in the army, where no one think he belongs.

Ashton is the sir in Luke's tent, and not going easy on any of the boys.


This story is partly inspired by 'The Load' by ali (dancinginthestreet) and partly by PE in my school. This story is also on Wattpad.


23. ''What are you thinking about?''

I placed a kiss on Elliot's forehead, before I walked into the living room, laying down on the couch.

I then felt a hand run through my hair, as Ashton's scent filled my nose.

I let out a content sigh, just wishing that everything wasn't so messed up.

I slowly sat up, before cuddling into Ashton.

I closed my eyes, just wanting to sleep forever.

I don't wanna live forever though. (the fact that I wrote this before the song came out is like)



For a very long time.


That sounds nice.

''Let's bake something.'' I found myself suddenly saying, before getting up from the sofa, and walking to the kitchen.

I duck around the cabinets, until I finally found my old cooking book.

''This should be easy.'' I mumbled to myself, before I began looking for something to bake.


An hour later I found myself baking cookies, with Ashton watching me in concern.

''Luke are you sure you're okay...?'' He asked, the concern easy to hear in his voice.

''I'm fine. I'm making cookies. Cookies makes everyone happy.'' I said desperately, before taking the next portion of baked cookies out of the owen, and putting the next portion in.

I sat the cookies to cool, seeing that I already filled five tin boxes.

I shrugged it off, before begining to make the next portion.

Suddenly the stuff were taken out of my hands, before a pair of hands grabbed my wrists, holding them in front of me.

''You're not okay Luke. You have no one here that you need to be brave for. I'm here to take care of you. So stop what you're doing. No more cookies after that portion is out of the owen.''Ashton said, kissing my forehead, before he took the big bowl filled with cookie dough, and putting it in the fridge.

He then walked over, and pulled me to his chest, kissing my forehead.


I woke up in my bed, when Elliot began crying.

I was about to get up from the warm bed, when suddenly something behind me moved.

I turned my head, only seeing the silhouette of the person, but I instantly recognized it to be Ashton.

He walked over to the crib, lifting Elliot up into his arms, holding him close.

The moon made me able to half of their faces, and Elliot had his cheek pressed to Ashton's chest.

Ashton then dipped his head down, placing a light kiss on the top of Elliot's head, making him let out a cute little noise, making me smile fondly.

I slowly got up from the bed, before walking over to them, placing my arms around Ashton.

''Hey... Did I wake you up...?'' Ashton asked, looking at me, before placing a light kiss on my forehead.

''No... This little bundle of joy did'' I whispered, pressing a kiss to the top of Elliot's head, where Ashton previously had done the same.

''I think he wants a lullaby.'' I said, looking down at Elliot, rubbing the top of his head.

''I'm not a singer...'' Ashton said, rubbing Elliot's back.

''Well. Then I'll do alone.'' I said, before gently grabbing Elliot, and sitting down on the bed.

''Baby mine don't you cry

Baby mine dry your eyes

Rest your head close to my heart

Never to part baby of mine.'' I sang softly, seeing how Elliot already began relaxing.

Ashton then sat behind me, his legs on each side of me, as his arms went around my waist.

''Little one, when you play

Pay no heed what they say

Let your eyes sparkle and shine,

Never a tear baby of mine.'' I sang, as Ashton suddenly joined me.

He had such a beautiful and raspy voice, and I wished I could listen to it forever

''If they knew all about you

They'd end up loving you too

All those same people who scold you

What they'd give just for the right to hold you.'' We sang together, and I leaned my head back, letting it rest against Ashton's shoulder, as he drew small patterns on my hips.

''From your head down to your toes

You're not much goodness knows

But you're so precious to me

Sweet as can be baby of mine.'' I sang softly, alone this time, as Ashton pressed small kises to the side of my head.

And for just those few minutes.

I felt complete. 

I felt whole.

I felt happy.

I looked down at Elliot, seeing he was already asleep.

He looked so sweet, and peaceful.

As if nothing would ever hurt him.

And I would do my best to make sure of that.

''Let's get some sleep baby...'' Ashton whispered, before he pulled away from me, and laying down.

I stood up, and laid Elliot back in the crib, but pulling it a little closer to the bed.

I then laid down in the bed, feeling Ashton pull me close to his body.

It felt as if I belonged in his arms, and it felt so right, laying here with him.

If I could, I would probably want to be like this forever.

To lay here in Ashton's strong, protective arms, hearing his soothing breathing, mixed with the small snores coming from Elliot.

I would like to stay like this for a long time.

Just like this.

''What are you thinking about...?'' He whispered, kissing the side of my head.

I loved these small kisses Ashton would give every now and then.

''Us... About how I wouldn't mind staying like this for a long time, listening to Elliot, out son's soft snores, your soft breathing, your arms around me, as I feel safe in your arms...'' I whispered back, laying my hand on top of Ashton's on my hip.

''And about how I love you.''

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