Army Tanks - Lashton

''This is no girl scout camp, Private.''

''Sir, No, sir.''


Luke is the scrawny new guy in the army, where no one think he belongs.

Ashton is the sir in Luke's tent, and not going easy on any of the boys.


This story is partly inspired by 'The Load' by ali (dancinginthestreet) and partly by PE in my school. This story is also on Wattpad.


14. ''We Thought You Were Dead.''

''Forget it Luke! We're lost! Get that through your thick head!'' Sir Irwin yelled.

''No we're not! We just have to follow the sun, and we'll eventually get out!'' I yelled back, looking away from him.

''And we have been doing that for hours now! We would have been out by now, if we were actually following the sun!'' He yelled, and I rolled my eyes, just continuing to walk.

We walked for few minutes longer, until I stopped.

''If we were lost, explain, how I can see, not only the end of this jungle, but also the camp.'' I growled, before I began running, not caring about Sir Irwin at the moment.

He treated me like shit, for no fucking reason.

And if it's about the thing with Josepf, he has no  fucking reason to be mad.

Sir Irwin and I aren't even together.

And since he is the dominant one, I would like him to actually be the one to ask me out.

But no.

I'm just good fuck, and that's it.

I rolled my eyes, but kept on running.

I could hear Sir Irwin behind me, which only made me run faster.

When I finally got to the gate of the camp, I felt like my lungs had been ripped out of my chest, stabbed a thousand times, burned, and then placed back into my chest, while they were still burning.

But I ignored the pain.

I just wanna get back to my life from before all this.

Just without James in my life.

Not that I care anyway.

The little hatch on the door, was then opened.

''Sir Irwin, and Private Hemmings! We thought you were dead.'' The guy said, before yelling to the others that they had to open the gate as fast as possible.

The air around Sir Irwin and I, was awkward and tense.

The big gate then opened, making me rush inside.

''Where is Private Ruso?'' I asked quickly, dropping my bags.

The man from the hatch pointed towards the small medic tent, that I spent my first two weeks here in.

I quickly ran to the tent, slowing down, and walking inside.

I looked around, noticing Ruso right away.

I walked over to him and sat beside him.

He opened his, eyes, and looked over at me, his eyes lighting up, a bright smile forming on his lips.

''Hemmings! Thought you would have been trapped back there.'' He said, a short laugh leaving him.

I smiled softly, looking at him.

''I'm happy that you're okay.'' I said, looking at him.

''All because of you. I owe you my life kiddo. You gave me a chance to survive, and live with my wonderful husband.'' He said, smiling even bigger and brighter and the mention of his husband.

''Well, I am a nurse after all... I just did my job...'' I said, smiling lightly at him.

''Speaking of my husband. I was allowed to talk to him over the phone... He's seven months pregnant. With a little boy.'' Ruso said, smiling the brightest smile I had ever seen.

''Congratulations! I'm so happy for you Ruso. You really deserve living and being happy with your family.'' I said, smiling at him.

''Oh but there's more. I told Daniel, my husband, about you being the one who saved my life. And we agreed on a name for our little son.'' He said, looking excited.

''What's the name?'' I asked, really feeling happy for Ruso.

Yeah, he treated me like shit in the beginning, but he helped me become who I am today.

I know it sound cheesy, but it's true.

''We're naming him Luke.'' Ruso said, looking at me, waiting for me to react.

Tears filled my eyes, as probably the biggest smile ever formed on my face.

''Oh my god. You're joking right? Are you seriously naming him after me?'' I asked, as a few happy tears trailed down my face.

''Well. You did save one of the kid's dads, from dying a miserable death.'' He said, wiping away some of my tears.

I smiled at him, before getting up.

''I should go pack my stuff...'' I said, looking at Ruso shortly.

''Why...? Are you going home...?'' He asked. I don't know what he meant by home.

If it was the army, or my actual home with my family.

''I'm going back to my parents. I'm gonna try and clean things up between James and I. Probably not get back together with him. But at least wash the slate clean. I'm done with the army for now.'' I said, smiling shortly at Ruso.

''Oh... Okay. Good luck.'' Ruso said, and smiled at him shortly, before walking out.

Just as I was about to walk out of the tent, Sir Irwin came in, with one of the nurses already looking at his wound, and begining to peel off the temporary bandage I had made.

''Uhm excuse me. But you remove the bandage, when he is laying down. If you do it while he is standing, too much blood will flow down to his hip, and he could end up bleeding to death.'' I said, seeing the nurse's face reddening.

I smiled at her lightly, letting her know that it was okay, before I walked out.

I went over to where all my personal stuff were, and began packing.

I sipped up my bag, and then walking to the office.

I knocked on the door, hearing a small 'come in'.

I carefully opened the door, and stepped in.

''Ahh... Private Hemmings. I see you and Sir Irwin came back. What can I do for you?'' The general asked, looking at me.

''General. I uh... I wanted to ask for permission to go back home. I uhm... I find the past events rather traumatizing uhm... And I just really wanted to go home, like completely home, not only back to the army... But completely home to my family. If that is okay with you, General.'' I said, just really wanting to go home.

''I can't see anything wrong in that Hemmings. After all. You did save 10 of my people. I couldn't be in more debt to anyone, than I am to you. I will arrange something for you, and contact you as soon, as I have a driver for you.'' He said, and smiled at me lightly, before excusing me.

I thanked him, before I walked out, and back to the tent I was staying at, sitting down on my bed beside my bags.

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