Army Tanks - Lashton

''This is no girl scout camp, Private.''

''Sir, No, sir.''


Luke is the scrawny new guy in the army, where no one think he belongs.

Ashton is the sir in Luke's tent, and not going easy on any of the boys.


This story is partly inspired by 'The Load' by ali (dancinginthestreet) and partly by PE in my school. This story is also on Wattpad.


4. Nurse Luke

''So Luke. How is the army treating you?'' Hans, James' dad made everyone turn their heads, to look at me.

''Pretty well, sir. I am for sure better than I was when I first joined. I have grown a lot of muscles, and I feel like the army, has done me good.'' I saw him nod approving, before dinner continued.

I felt James' hand carefully slide over, and rub my leg.

He always did this when we were at family dinners, trying to make me hard, so we could have a quicky in the bathroom.

I swallowed the lump in my throat, thinking back to all the training I had gotten through the months. 

After a few minutes, I heard James let out an annoyed sigh, before his hand went back to holding his knife.

I looked down at my plate, feeling slightly disgusted by the food.

Usually I wouldn't have a problem with this type of food.

But that was before the army.

Don't get me wrong, some of the food there really sucks, but you get used to it, and then suddenly going back to this.

My stomach will complain.

I stood up, excusing myself, before going to the bathroom, and into the male one.

I saw no one was in there, and went into a stall before getting down on my knees in front of the toilet.

I leaned over, making myself gag, a few times, before I threw up, all the food I just ate, now lying in the toilet.

I stood up and flushed, before walking out of the stall, and washing my hands, and mouth.

I felt something in my pocket buss, and when I looked, I saw my alarm was blinking, signalling, that I had to go back to camp, since there was an emergency.

I quickly ran out of the bathroom, and to the table, where I grabbed my jacket, quickly tugging it on.

''I have to go. There has been an emergency at the camp. I'll see you next month.'' I quickly kissed James, before rushing out, and running off to the car I came here in.




''What's the emergency, Sir?'' I saw the stressed look on Sir Irwin's face.

''Half of the crew, that was going to Irac, has canceled, since they got the flu. Now I don't have any medics.'' I saw how he walked around in circles, looking more and more worried, by the minute.

''I... Sir... I'm a nurse, Sir.'' I swallowed the lump in my throat, seeing him turn to look at me.

''What? Is this some joke, Private.'' 

''By no mean, Sir. I was about to start working as a nurse at Sydney Hospital, but then I got send here, Sir.'' I saw how conflicted he looked, as he was in deep thought.

''Are you sure? We will be gone for 5 weeks Private. That means no wedding for you.'' I couldn't read his emotions in his eyes anymore. 

But.. They looked...


''I'm sure I will be able to push the wedding a few weeks, Sir. James will understand. He loves me, and after all, it was his dad who sent me here, Sir.'' I heard him let out a sigh, before he nodded.

''We're leaving tomorrow at 4. Go to the office, where you came in a few months ago, tell them that Fletcher said you could make a call.'' And with that said, he walked off.




''James. This is a life, or death moment. Our wedding isn't.'' I shouldn't have said that.

I realised that, the moment the words left my mouth.

''Oh so you don't want to marry me is that it!? Is it because you're cheating on me with that general of yours!? I've seen the looks he gives you!! First you leave the dinner with my family, and then you want us to push the wedding!??!'' I could hear him crying, small sobs leaving him occasionally.

''What?! No! I'm not cheating on you with Sir Irwin, James! I love you, and you only! And even if I did cheat, you shouldn't complain! Because I wasn't the one who cheated on you 3 years ago! Yes that's true! I fucking know you cheated on me!'' I felt the anger inside built more and more, as the minutes ticked by.

''Cheated!? Don't you mean that I still fucking am! I hate you Luke Hemmings, and I never want to see you again!'' And then the line went dead.

What have I done.

I put the phone back, seeing the sympathetic look, the red haired guy behind the counter was giving me.

''Save it.'' I snarled, heading towards the door.

''Hey... I understand you're mad... But don't let it affect your work. You'll just end up sitting here, behind this desk, day in, and day out. Believe me. I know from experience.'' I saw him smile sadly, and I don't know why, but I had to ask.

''What do you mean...?'' I walked back over to the desk, looking at him.

''Do you know General Hood? Yeah, we were getting married. Two days before the wedding, I found him fucking Sir Irwin in the locker rooms. Found out they had been sleeping around, behind my back for about 2 years. I got mad, and ended up, sitting here, the job that had the smallest chance of me having to talk to either of them. They didn't fire me, because one. They don't have the power to do that, Two, I'm the head general's son, and three, if they could fire people, they can't fire people from personal reasons.'' I was shocked, as those words left the guy's mouth.

Sir Irwin, have tried to kiss me once, and has been touching me, for no apparent reason.

''Are... Are they still together?'' I bit my lip, seeing him shake his head, making me sigh.

''O-okay.. I should go pack my stuff...'' I then left the room, walking to my tent.

I walked over to my bunk, starting to pack my stuff, when I suddenly felt arms around me, as the room went dark.

I felt pain shoot through me, as more and more punches and kicks were thrown at me.

I heard insults like 'freak', 'gay', 'faggot' and all the stuff I already had been told in high school.

It's not like the words hurt anymore.

After what felt like hours, they left, throwing me to the floor.

I pulled my body to my bed, carefully lying down, falling asleep.





I filled my hands with water, before splashing it over my head, letting my hands run through my hair.

I saw how the water turned red, from the dried blood in my hair.

I washed my face from the blood, hoping that there wouldn't be too bad bruises. 

I looked down at my body, seeing the bruises and cuts all over my stomach and chest.

I heard someone clear their throat, and when I turned around, I saw the silhouette of Sir Irwin, from the moon light.

I turned my back to him again, looking down at the water.

''Who beat you up private.'' I heard him pull off his clothes, before he walked into the water, walking closer to me, who had water to my waist.

''I never said anyone beat me up, Sir.'' My voice came out as a whisper, as chills ran down my naked body.

I heard the sound of water dripping, before I felt water running down my back, and hands rubbing my back.

''Your bruises are saying something else...'' His breath fanned over my neck, sending shivers down my spine.

I started to feel a little cold, but didn't say anything.

I just focused on getting the blood off my body.

''You're freezing, Private...'' I felt his arms carefully wrap around me, as he pulled my closer to his warm chest.

I realised how cold my body was, and leaned into his touch.

''How long have you been in the water Luke...?'' That was the first time he said my actual name, instead of Private.

''I don't know... Since I woke up.. Probably about two hours, Sir...'' I leaned my head back against his chest, and I felt one of his hands go up to my hair, carefully running through my hair.

I closed my eyes, letting my arm lay on top of Sir Irwin's, around my waist.

I felt his short hair tickle my cheek, before I felt a pair of lips against my exposed neck.

I swallowed the lump in my throat, not even wanting to push him away.

I carefully turned around, so out chests were pressed together, and I carefully leaned up, making our lips meet.

My arms wrapped around his neck, as his went around my waist, our lips dancing to a sweet melody inside of our heads.

I felt his hands grab my thighs, lifting me up, as a feather, before he carefully walked to some of the rocks, where he held me against it, our lips not parting once.

I carefully stood on my own, but keeping one of my legs up, since he was still holding it.

I felt the way his hand ran up my thigh, before cupping my ass, making me moan into his mouth.

He broke the kiss, begining to kiss down my neck

I felt one of his fingers run over my hole, before it slowly entered me, making me tighten my grip on his shoulders.

I tilted my head back, making it lay against the rock behind me.

I bit my lip, as I felt him insert another finger, making me hiss out.

''Please, Sir...'' I felt him bite lightly on my neck, and I moaned as he hit my prostate with his fingers.

''Please what, baby boy...?'' I felt him lick over my neck, making my moan loudly.

''Please... Sir... Please... Fuck me, Sir.'' The confidence in that sentence, completely surprised me.

''Patience baby..'' His voice was hoarse, only turning me even more on.

I felt his third finger enter me, and I moaned out, my nails digging slightly into his shoulders.

When his fingers left me, I felt slightly empty, and whined shortly, as he lifted his head, looking at me.

He slowly leaned in, kissing me softly, making me forget everything, but his lips against mine.

I felt him line himself up, so he could enter me, but he then pulled away from the kiss, looking deeply into my eyes.

''Are you sure about this...'' His hand caressed my cheek, and his eyes looked sincere.

''I'm sure...'' I then leaned in, making our lips connect, as he slowly entered me.

I closed my eyes tightly shut, , biting my lip, as a tear streamed down my face.

''Hey... It's okay... It's not gonna hurt for that long.'' I felt him kiss my cheek, making the tear disappear from my face.

''You... You can move...'' I felt him starting to thrust his hips, making him move in and out of me, a ton of pleasure running through me.

I moaned out, as he started sucking on my neck, making yet another hickey.

I felt my climax nearing, and I could see Sir Irwin was almost coming too.

Soon after I felt him come, filling me up, pushing me over the edge, as I came all over our chests.

I felt Sir Irwin pull out of me, letting me stand on my own again.

The sun was starting to rise in the horizont, making Sir Irwin's face a bit clearer.

I carefully wrapped my arms around his neck again, pulling him down and kissing him.

He kissed me back, but it felt like he didn't really enjoy it, like before.

''What's wrong...?'' My voice was fragile, and my hands played with the small hairs in his neck.

''You... You do realise what we just did right...?'' Oh god... He already regretted it.

I looked down, only to have him lift my face again, looking into my eyes.

''I don't mean to hurt you Luke but... What about James...?'' As that name left his mouth, I pulled my face away from his hands.

''James and I are over... He... He promised he would stop, but he still did it...'' I felt tears fill my eyes, and suddenly a pair of arms were wrapped around me.

''What do you mean...? What did he do...?'' His hand rubbed my back, and I looke dup, our eyes meeting.

''Yesterday when I called him, to ask him to push the wedding... He got mad, yelling about me cheating on him with you, since he had seen the way you looked at me... I told him that he shouldn't worry, because I loved him, and him only... But he kept on yelling, and I ended up telling him that I saw him with someone else, three years ago... He then told me that it wasnt the last time he slept with someone else... He told me he had cheated on me for years now, and that he hated me, and never wanted to see me again.'' And with that said, I broke down.

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