Army Tanks - Lashton

''This is no girl scout camp, Private.''

''Sir, No, sir.''


Luke is the scrawny new guy in the army, where no one think he belongs.

Ashton is the sir in Luke's tent, and not going easy on any of the boys.


This story is partly inspired by 'The Load' by ali (dancinginthestreet) and partly by PE in my school. This story is also on Wattpad.


16. *kiss* *slap*

I let out a deep sigh, as I layed in bed, curled into James' warm chest.

I had been home for around a week, and James and I, had only grown stronger.

''I need to go back to the army today, to get the rest of my stuff, and sign all the papers...'' I mumbled, as I snuggled closer to James.

I looked down at the ring on my finger smiling lightly.

We had decided that we wanted to get married, but instead of the whole big party, it was just a small one with the family, in his parents' garden.

''Want me to go with you...? I could take the day off from work.''James said, looking at me, with loving eyes.

''If you really want to. But if you have some important meeting, that you need to attend, then I don't want you to skip.'' I said, drawing small patterns on his chest.

I heard him let out a chuckle, at the memory from when he decided to take me out on a date instead of going to a meeting.

But it just showed how much he really cares about me.




''Can you take this to the car? I'll just get the bed done, and go to the office. I need to say goodbye to Michael.'' I said, giving James the bag, kissing his cheek, and then pushing him out of the door.

I then proceeded to make the bed perfectly.

I smiled slightly to myself.

I looked up at the bunk above, seeing that there finally was something on the wall.

It was a small picture, but it was still there.

I walked over and looked at it, realising it was me, from the day I sat on the beach.

I gulped, before quickly walking out from the room, and heading towards the office.

I knocked on the door, before walking in.

''Aaahhh. Hemmings. Back here again are we?'' Michael asked behind the desk, making me laugh lightly.

''I'm a Bleigh now.'' I said, raising my hand, showing the ring on my finger.

''No way. Please don't tell me you forgave him. I bet he's still cheating. No offense.'' He said, making me giggle lightly.

''No offense taken. and yes. I'm back with James, but he has changed. Right after we broke up, he cut off all contact to the dude he had been sleeping with. He even showed me the texts and mails he sent. He is no longer cheating.'' I said, smiling proudly of my husband.

''Awww... That's so cute. I'm happy for you.'' He said, before he stood up, and hugged me.

I hugged him back, smiling lightly.

I looked at the clock, seeing that James had already been waiting for 15 minutes.

I noticed that Michael was currently looking through all the papers I had to sign earlier.

''So uh... How's it going with you...?'' I asked, seeing how his eyes lit up.

''Well... I got a kitten recently. He is soooo cute. You should meet him someday. Things here got really boring, without you visiting every once in a while. It's been almost two months you dick.'' He said, hitting my shoulder lightly, making me laugh.

''Well. I should get going now. You can just copy my number from the papers. Hit me up, and we can arrange something. Lunch or something someday.'' I said, smiling at Michael, who hugged me again.

''I will miss you.'' He said, giving me a short squeeze.

''I'll miss you too Mike.'' I said, kissing the top of his head in a friendly manner.

And it's obvious that he saw it the same way.

I smiled and him, saying my last goodbyes, before walking out.

Suddenly someone grabbed my arm, dragging my behind one of the buildings, pressing me against it.

My eyes then met those way too familiar hazel orbs, making me groan.

''Let me go.'' I growled, trying to get out of his grip, but he only tightened it.

''No. Not until you talk to me.'' Ashton said, making me roll my eyes.

''What is there to talk about Ashton. The fact that you called me a slut? Because I'm over that. I'm over you. What we had, was only a one time thing.'' I said, seeing the broken expression on his face.

Suddenly he leaned in, so out lips met.

I stood there shocked for a moment, before I kissed him back, our lips moving, as if made for each other.

It felt so right but so wrong.

Right, because of the way our lips matched, and wrong because of James, and the fact that I'm-


I'm back with James. 

And we're married.

I shouldn't be doing this.

But it feels so good.

But it's so wrong.

And I love James so damn much.

I dont know how, but somehow I got the strength to push Ashton away.

And then I slapped him.

The sound echoed around us for a bit, as his face was snapped to the side, a mark already visible on his cheek.

''Ashton we can't do this. I'm married with someone else.'' I said, touching my ring in nervousness.

I saw the anger spread across his face, making me scared.

I looked at him shortly, before I started to run back to James' car.

I quickly got into the car, sitting and catching my breath for a little.

''Hey. You okay baby?'' James asked, laying a hand softly on my back.

''I'm fine.'' I said, and smiled at James lightly.

I could see Ashton out of the corner of my eye, looking at us.

I leaned over the console, placing a sweet kiss on James' lips, feeling him smile against my lips.

''I love you.'' He whispered, making butterflies fly in my stomach.

''But I love you more..'' I whispered back, knowing that James was the one for me.

And that he always would be.

And I was happy in that moment.




Maybe '*kiss* *slap*' will be Lashton's always?

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