Army Tanks - Lashton

''This is no girl scout camp, Private.''

''Sir, No, sir.''


Luke is the scrawny new guy in the army, where no one think he belongs.

Ashton is the sir in Luke's tent, and not going easy on any of the boys.


This story is partly inspired by 'The Load' by ali (dancinginthestreet) and partly by PE in my school. This story is also on Wattpad.


15. ''I Love You''

''Hemmings. General wants to see you.'' One of the other boys said, making me stand up, and walk to the office.

I knock on the door, and slowly walked in, seeing that Sir Irwin was also sitting in there.

''Nice of you to join Hemmings.'' The general said, smiling at me shortly.

I nodded and sat down on the other chair, looking at the general.

''So Hemmings. As you requested, I have found a driver, to drive you back to the army. Sir Irwin will drive with you, since he has been dismissed from duty for two month, because of his injury.  The driver will be ready in an hour, so be ready by the gate by then. You're dismissed.'' The general said, not letting me say anything, before he pushed us out of the room.

''Luke... Can I please talk to you.'' Sir Irwin asked, his voice sounding regretful.

''Why. It's not like I'm gonna understand anything, with my thick skull, Sir.'' I said, before walking down the stairs, and walking over to the tent, grabbing my bags, and heading towards the gate.

I sat down beside it, getting out my book from my bag, and beginning to read.




I looked out of the window, sitting as close to the door as possible.

''Luke... I'm sorry okay? I didn't mean what I said... You're not stupid or anything. I'm... I said some stupid things out of jealousy. I will admit that.'' Ashton suddenly said, looking at me.

''You hurt me. Okay. You really hurt me, when you said those words to me. And why would you even be jealous. It's not even like I'm your boyfriend. Yes, I slept with Josepf, but so fucking what. The first time I was drunk, and the second time, I had to get his mind off of me being gone for so long.'' I replied back, not really wanting to be in this car anymore.

''So you slept with him twice!? So that's how it is!? You just run around and sleep with guys, and then you leave them!? You're a fucking slut. A disgusting slut, that I don't even know why I even fell for!'' He said, his tone angry.

I looked at him, tears forming in my eyes, as my heart scattered.

And then I slapped him.

''I am not a slut. You can call me so many things, and at some point they are probably true. But a slut, I am not. When we get back, don't even try to stop me. I have a relationship to save, that you ruined!'' I said through my tears, before grabbing my headphones and Ipod, and blocking out the world.

Tears were streaming down my face, and I looked out the window, seeing how the sand turned to grass, and the sunny skies, turned grey, small drops of water falling.

How truly ironic.




''Private Hemmings, Sir Irwin. Good to have you back.'' The guy at the gate said, giving us a smile.

I smiled a forced smile, my eyes still puffy and red from all my crying.

Once we got inside, I went to our 'tent', and walked inside, seeing everything as it was before.

I walked over to the bunk bed, Sir Irwin and I shared, looking at the pictures I still had on the wall of James.

I smiled sadly.

I then noticed the letter on the pillow, and picked it up, opening it, and reading it.


Dear Luke

I truly am sorry. I really am. I love you, I really do. I never meant to hurt you. I still love you so much, and I realised that just after I hung up the phone. Please take me back. I can't live without you. I've been sleeping with your sweaters beside me, imagining that you were still here with me. The apartment is empty without you, and your amazing personality. I love you, and I just wish that you will come back to me. Though I understand if you don't want to. But I've cut off all contact with Liam. I just want you back baby.

James xx


I gulped.

Something inside of me, told me to take him back.

I need James.

He is the one for me.




I knocked on the door, just hoping that someone would answer the door.

It was really cold outside.

I pulled the bag longer onto my broad shoulders, hearing footsteps on the other side of the door.

The door then opened, showing a boxer wearing James.

I've never seen him like this.

He honestly would've looked like shit, if it wasn't for him being so damn beautiful.

''I love you.'' I whispered, before smashing my lips onto his, feeling him instantly kiss me back.

It wasn't one of those sexual kisses, but a loving and caring one.

I felt James pull me closer to him, making me smile slightly into the kiss.

''I love you so much baby. I am so, so sorry. I don't want to lose you. Youre my one and only, and you will always be just that.'' He whispered, as our foreheads were pushed against each other, our breath fanning over each other's chapped and dry lips.

''I forgive you James. You are the only one for me. The only one I'll ever love. The only one I've ever loved. You will always be in my heart.'' I whispered back, seeing the smile on his face.

''Come inside... You're freezing.'' He said, pulling me into our shared apartment.

I smiled, dropping my bag on the floor, taking off my shoes and my jacket.

''I have an idea how I'll get warm.'' I said seductively, wrapping my arms around James' torso, letting my lips attack his shoulder and neck.

''I think I'm in on that.'' He replied, turning around in my hold, before our lips attacked each other.

I felt him pick me up, carrying me to the bathroom, sitting me on the sink, as his lips attacked my neck, as I leaned my head back, moaning.

He then pulled away, walking over and turning on the shower, as I pulled off my shirt, and standing on my feet, kissing his neck

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