Army Tanks - Lashton

''This is no girl scout camp, Private.''

''Sir, No, sir.''


Luke is the scrawny new guy in the army, where no one think he belongs.

Ashton is the sir in Luke's tent, and not going easy on any of the boys.


This story is partly inspired by 'The Load' by ali (dancinginthestreet) and partly by PE in my school. This story is also on Wattpad.


7. After Two Weeks Of Hell

The two weeks felt like years.

It was as if they were just dragging by, to taunt me.

Sir Irwin would sometimes come and see how I was doing, and at night, he would come and carry me outside, a bit away from camp, where we would watch the stars.

I sat up in the bed, not feeling any pain in my leg anymore, though I would have to train my leg a little more, before I was allowed back.

I carefully stood up, slowly walking around my bed, biting my lip.

When I walked back around, I noticed Sir Irwin watching me.

I slowly sat down on the bed

''How are you doing Hemmings?'' He asked, as he walked over and sat beside me on the bed.

''I'm getting better, Sir.'' I said, looking down at my leg.

''That's good.'' He said, as he looked over at me.

I still didn't look at him, knowing that there were other people.

I suddenly felt a hand on top of mine, and when I looked, Sir Irwin had placed his hand on top of mine.

I smiled shortly and blushed deeply, before looking away from our hands, that were hidden from everyone else.


''Okay everyone, gather up. We're going out to check on how things are going in the village 20 miles from here. Pair up everyone, the person you pair with, you ride with. You ride, you die together. Meaning if the other person gets wounded, you will help them. Don't run from them. Understood. Go get your stuff.'' Sir Irwin yelled through the tent, before walking out again.

Everyone was immediately paired up, leaving me the only one without a partner for this.

I sighed in annoyance, before grabbing my medic stuff, and heading outside.

''Hemmings, where is your partner.'' Sir Irwin asked, as he threw a couple bags into one of the cars.

''I dont have one Sir. We're an uneven number, making one of us having to be alone in these paired stuff...'' I said, as I looked a little unsure.

''Well. We can't go without our medic. You ride with me. Get your bags in.'' He said, as he took some of my stuff for me, laying it in the car.

I laid the few stuff that I was still holding in the back of the car, but stopped myself, when I saw the mess.

''We need to take everything out of the car again, and put it in, in a better way, so it won't fall off, or get damaged when we drive, Sir.'' I said, as I began to carefully take everything out, and once everything was out, put it in, in a better order, that was secure.

''How can you be sure that it would get damaged?'' Sir Irwin asked, as he watched me.

''I lived in an orphanage the first eight years of my life, so I know a thing or two about how you should place your stuff, without taking too much space, and without everything falling apart. And yeah...'' I said, and shrugged my shoulders, thinking back to how the other kids treated me at the orphanage.

I gulped, and shook the thought away, putting the rest of the bags inside, and closing the trunk.

5 minutes after everyone was in their own car, ready to go.

I sat in the passenger seat, waiting for Sir Irwin 

I looked out the window, my eyes meeting Ruso's.

He looked me dead in the eye, as he slid a finger across  his neck, before pointing to me with the knife in his other hand, before he rolled up his tinted window.

I gulped, and quickly looked away, just hoping that my mind was messing with me.

I quickly closed my window, not wanting to have him look at me anymore.  

Sir Irwin got in the car, letting all the others drive.

He didn't drive for a while, and just let the car be parked there.

The people on the outside wouldn't be able to see what we were doing in here, but we could easily see them.

I felt Sir Irwin grab my hand, as he carefully turned my face, and leaning in to kiss me.

I kissed him back softly, before he pulled away again.

''Let's get going, Sir...'' I whispered, as I saw that he was still looking at me, with concern in his eyes.

''You are seeming distant, ever since you talked about the whole orphanage thing. Are you sure you're okay?'' He asked, as his hand went up and rubbed my cheek.

''Can you start driving, before anyone comes over and question us...? I'll explain on the way...'' I said, as I turned my face, making Sir Irwin's hand fall from my face.

I heard him sigh, before the car turned on, and he began driving.

The first few minutes were completely silent, as I was thinking about how to tell him everything, without having him feel bad for me.

''I... I was left on the front steps of the orphanage when I was only a few days old... The orphanage wasn't the greatest... We were forced to do all kinds of stuff. We were more like small servants, than we were actual kids... Uhm... Because oh me being one of the youngest... I was not only abused by the workers but... By the older kids too... They would uhm... Perform sexual acts on me... Boys at the age of 15 to 17, used me, saying I was such an innocent, pretty little boy... They... They never had sex with me. As in they never... Stuck their dick inside of me... They just... They made me suck and jerk them off, whenever they felt like they needed it... They said that they would have a special gift for me, for when I turned 10... Back then, I didn't understand what they meant... I was only 5... It was later in life, that I realised what they meant. They wanted to take my virginity. I'm so lucky that I was adopted when I was eight, but I still have scars both physical and mental. I never think I'll be able to get over it completely... I still have nightmares... They are the reason for my insomnia... I would fear going to sleep, and would end up being stressed... And because of me not doing anything about it, I ended up getting insomnia. And it fucking sucks. I've never in my life been able to have a full night of sleep... Not a single night. I've had very few times, that I've felt refreshed after sleeping, but It's really rare... I never slept with James because I was honestly scared shitless about only the thought. James didn't even know about this... He just thought that I developed insomnia because I was stressed from school. And it sucks. It fucking sucks, that he never asked me about it. And after we broke up... It's as if I'm finally realising that he didn't even love me , like I thought he did... And that I didn't love him in that way...'' In the end, my voice was just above a whisper, as tears had filled my eyes.

I looked out of the window, suddenly seeing all of the other cars, just holding there, in the middle of nothing. 

But that wasn't the thing that mostly caught my attention.

It was the fact that there were more cars then before.

''Sir. I think the others are in danger.'' I said, as I wiped my eyes, no more tears forming.

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