Army Tanks - Lashton

''This is no girl scout camp, Private.''

''Sir, No, sir.''


Luke is the scrawny new guy in the army, where no one think he belongs.

Ashton is the sir in Luke's tent, and not going easy on any of the boys.


This story is partly inspired by 'The Load' by ali (dancinginthestreet) and partly by PE in my school. This story is also on Wattpad.


6. A Torn Muscle

I woke up when the moon was up high on the sky, and the stars were shining brightly.

I noticed that I was laying on a jacket.

''Good morning...'' A voice whispered beside me, and when I turned my head, I was suddenly looking into the hazel eyes of Sir Irwin.

Our faces were so close, that our noses and foreheads were touching.

I looked into his eyes, forgetting everything around us.

I then leaned in, connecting our lips, feeling him kiss me back immediately.

I rolled over, so I was ontop of him, straddling his lap, as my hands went to his neck.

His hands went to my waist, moving my hips, so I was grinding on him.

I started unbuckling his belt, as I continued to grind down on him, his hands now going to my thighs.

Suddenly my back was pressed against the sand, as Sir Irwin was hovering above me.

His lips started attacking my neck, and I quickly pulled off his shirt, running my hands over his hot body.

His lips connected back onto mine, and I felt one of his hands run down my body, and into my pants, where he started palming me on the outside of my boxers.

I threw back my head, as moans escaped my mouth.

He pulled off my shirt, and I leaned into his touch, just wanting his body close to mine.

I pulled his face back to mine, kissing him hungrily, as he pulled off our pants.

He got in between my legs, and started grinding down on me, making both us moan.

''Fuck... Sir. Please fuck me...'' I moaned out, as he kept on grinding on me.

''God. I love it when you call me Sir.'' He said on a sexy growl, as he licked over my nipple.

He pulled off our boxers, before he connected our lips, and then slowly entered me.

I scrunched up my nose, from the pain that ran up my spine.

I carefully wrapped my legs around his waist, making the pain lessen a

''Move... Please...'' I mumbled, as he kissed down my neck and chest.

I felt him start thrusting his hips, and I felt the pleasure begin to shoot through me.

I threw my head back, as moans escaped my throat.

I short nails scratched down Sir Irwin's back, as he thrusted into me, hitting my prostate with every single thrust.

I moaned loudly, as Sir Irwin kissed my neck, and I felt my climax nearing.

''I-I'm close...'' I whispered, since I couldn't do much more than that, as another moan escaped my mouth.

I soon felt Sir Irwin come, filling me up, sending me over the edge, and making me reach my climax, as I came all over our sweaty chests.




Walking through the desert, with heavy backpacks, was not my biggest wish, with a sore ass and back, from this morning.

But at least Sir Irwin wasn't ignoring me anymore.

I took a small sip of my water, as I continued to walk with all the groaning men, by my sides.

I looked over the horizon, hoping that we would soon be able to find the camp.

Cause this was getting heavy.

And since I was the only one with a doctor degree on this team, I had to carry a lot more than the others.

I had gear for five doctors here, while everyone else was down on about three quarters of a man, since there were more fighters than the equipment could do.

I sighed softly, and continued to walk, ignoring all of the pain.

Suddenly a big pain went through my leg, and I fell to the ground, my leg completely giving up on me.

''Told you the faggot would break.'' I heard someone mumble, but I choose to ignore them.

''Everyone stop. We can't afford to lose our only doctor on this team.'' I heard Sir Irwin say, as I was just laying in the sand, looking up at the blue skies, that matched my eyes.

Sir Irwin walked over, and kneeled beside me, asking me where the pain was.

''My leg... It's my fucking muscle. Torn a muscle, Sir.'' I said, trying to not let the pain I was feeling show in my voice.

''How can you be sure about it being a torn muscle? It would take x-rays to know it's a torn muscle.'' Sir Irwin said, as he tried to squeeze my leg, to see how bad it was.

''Stop pressing my leg, you're making it worse... And I've had more than my fair share of torn muscles throughout my life, Sir.'' I said, as I carefully sat up, pushing some of the bags away.

''Why do we need to wait for the faggot. If he's a doctor, then he can handle it himself, and catch up later.'' I heard someone said, and I was about to come with a good comeback, which Sir Irwin must've noticed, since he held a hand against my mouth.

''Thanks for the comment Ruso. You now get to carry the rest of Hemmings' bags, the rest of the way to the camp. Shouldn't be much of a problem, since you apparently have carried bags of flour your whole life right?'' Sir Irwin bit back, before he opened one of the bag, getting out some morphine, before pressing the needle into my leg, and squeezing the liquid out, and into my body.

I was about to stand up, but Sir Irwin had other plans, since he instead lifted me bridal style, and took his own bags, before he began walking.

''Everyone move. Ruso, get Hemmings' bags.'' Sir Irwin commanded, as he continued walking.

''But then you will get way ahead of me, Sir.'' Ruso complained, aking Sir Irwin sigh and roll his eyes.

''Well, you can catch up can't you Ruso.'' Sir Irwin said, and not a word was said for the rest of the walk to the camp.

We actually weren't that far from camp.

Only about an hours walk.

When we got to camp, Sir Irwin threw his bags, before walking over to the nurse tent, where he laid me on one of the beds.

Every other bed was empty.

He leaned down beside me, kissing my forehead lightly.

''How is your leg feeling...?'' He asked, concern obvious on his features.

''It hurts a little, but nothing too bad, Sir...'' I whispered, closing my eyes, since the pain was actually, as a matter of fact, becoming way too much for me to take.

''Baby... Don't lie to me...'' He whispered, rubbing my hand, as he took it in his.

''It hurts Ash... It fucking hurts...'' I said, as tears filled my eyes, and I looked into his eyes.

''Hey... It's gonna be okay baby... You will just have to be on bed rest for the next two weeks... But it won't hurt for much lunger, if you just relax your leg okay...? Can you do that for me baby...?'' He asked, as he looked really concerned.

I gulped and nodded, biting my lip slightly.

''I'll go get one of the doctors for you...'' He said, before he kissed me shortly, and then ran out of the tent, leaving me speechless.

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