Lost and Found

Scores of demigods have been slaughtered by a boy that should have died centuries ago, and as a result, the remaining demigods are forced out of society by the humans. But when Midnight and Melody try to investigate the murders, tragedy strikes, leaving one broken and the other dead. Recovery is already hard enough without having to track down the killer, and she is about to find out the hard way.


1. Prologue

A/N: Hello, hello! I present to you the prologue of my latest fanfic! It used to be a Pokémon and Fnaf crossover, but now the Fnaf part was (mostly) scrapped. Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy it!



This was amazing.

This was thrilling.

This was freedom.

A boy no older than twelve raced through a forest of luscious, emerald-green trees and brilliantly colored fruits, jumping over roots and ducking under branches with the grace of an autumn leaf in a gentle breeze, drifting, twirling and dancing weightlessly. His tanned skin was shining with sweat, his hair matted against his forehead.

The wild Pokémon scampered out of the way as bare feet came thundering down their path, leaving behind a destruction of broken twigs and crushed leaves in their wake. Oro wasn't usually this careless, especially since his people were on friendly terms with the wild Pokémon in the forest that his village was situated in, but he just couldn't contain his excitement any longer! Today was the day; the day of his thirteenth birthday!

Normally, a child's thirteenth birthday would signify the change from young child to teenager, the first stages of independence and puberty. However, it was different for the members of the Nightmare Clan. Reaching the age of thirteen meant that the birthday child could begin his first descent into the mystical realm of dreams and nightmares.

No one under the age of thirteen really knew what was in that realm, or how one would enter it. Parents forbade the graduates from telling them about the ritual, for it would ruin the surprise and mystic of it. Still, with the right connections, bribes and blackmail, the young ones get smudges and smears of the graduates' experiences. A void of only blackness, in which peoples' dreams flitted around in like Woobats. Flying and chittering in an unknown language, and if one listened and looked closely, they could make out vague impressions of a person's dream; an echo of what they were seeing. The job of a member of the Nightmare Clan was to guard the dream realm, alongside the Crescent Clan.

At least, that was what they were told. Of course, there was the fact that these graduates like to prank them to take into consideration. For all they knew, there might be nothing but an empty space. Dreams that flowed by like water around stones in a river, eventually ending up in a pool of people's dreams and nightmares. That was what he envisioned it to be.

But again, all speculation.

This was why Oro was so unbelievably excited for tonight! Once everybody has retired to bed, his parents would guide him through the dream realm, with them doing all of the actual patrolling while he was shown the ropes of the job. Every day leading up to this day, he would let his mind construct a mental castle filled with snippets of information and imaginations about the ritual, then deconstruct it to rebuilt it with new information he had obtained. Every nerve in his body had tremors of excitement running up and down whenever one of his friends mentioned it.

But before the big event could happen, he had an unpleasant task to accomplish first. He had to find his brother, Azame.

Azame wasn't really their brother, but an orphan that they had found digging through their trash, bearing the mark of Mew.

They immediately knew he was bad news the moment they saw that Mark burned on his neck. Only people from the Chalfon Clan had marks like that, and they were supposedly wiped out many months ago.

The gruesome tale was retold for many days. The Chalfon Clan had housed a great number of Mew's children and descendants, and most, if not all, had the ability to change shape. The thought alone was enough to unnerve many clans, but they had never dared to drive them away, lest they invoked Mew's rage.

But one day, the entire Chalfon Clan vanished. The children, including himself, didn't know what had happened, and the adults were careful not to divulge even the slightest hint. Nevertheless, the Chalfon Clan became a thing of the past. Or so they thought.

Nobody had been comfortable with it when the clan leaders announced their adoption of that Mew boy, nor were his parents happy when it turned out that they were the ones tasked with taking care of Azame. But arguing with the clan leaders was like a child arguing with their parents (AKA a very, very bad idea), so they grudgingly accepted him into their family. The extra supplies given to help them take care of the unexpected addition didn't hurt, though.

Over the next five years, mostly everybody had more or less grown accustomed to the brooding little boy skulking around the village, but he remained suspicious.

Of what exactly, Oro wasn't sure of. But there was something in those green eyes that struck him as odd, like a gear missing in a machine, or that look an Arbok had before it struck down on its prey. Plus, there was that massacre. If whatever had happened to the Chalfon Clan was like a disease, who was to say that it wouldn't happen to him too? And what if it spread to them?

Unfortunately, he couldn't share his thoughts without sounding insane, but at least his mother seemed to share his sentiment. Her mouth always twitched into a sneer whenever she laid her eyes on him, and her demeanor towards him was usually as cold as ice. Unsurprisingly, he had mutual feelings towards her.

But that didn't mean that Azame was excluded from his brother's birthday. A child's thirteenth birthday was a momentous occasion for their clan, and his absence would be most conspicuous. Which was why he was here, running through the forest searching for his brother's favorite hang out spot: the Nozama Lake.

'I should be getting closer...' Oro thought. 'Just need to find that Pecha tree.'

That was one of the reasons that his brother kept coming back here (most likely to sulk), as far as he knew. But that didn't matter to Oro. He just needs to find him.

Turning his head, a flash of sparkly blue caught his eye, followed by the refreshing scent of freshwater. He skidded to a halt. 'Aha!'

He took broad strides in that direction, taking satisfaction in the sudden rustling of grass. 'Little brat probably came here without Ma's permission again.'

There was no particular reason not to visit the lake, except that his Ma didn't like him disappearing for hours on end. Personally, he didn't care what his adopted brother did during his spare time, but it was kind of fun to boss him around.

Still... He guess it was alright to check up on him once in a while. It may be true that most had gotten used to him, but there were a few who had been against his inclusion, and they had voiced their displeasure whenever he had crossed their paths. So far, they hadn't done anything to him physically, but he figured it was only a matter of time.

He stepped around a tree, his eyes busy searching for the familiar mop of black hair. His singlet was practically soaked in his sweat, with the sun's rays beating down on his neck. His stomach was now growling ferociously, and his mind kept straying back to the promised ritual waiting for him.

In short, he wanted nothing more than to go home.

Soon, it was quite obvious that he was nowhere to be seen. Probably went to hide when he heard him approaching. "Hey, Azame!" he called out through cupped hands. "Come on, stop hiding already! Ma wants us back to help out!"

No response.

A soft growl of irritation escaped his lips. This wasn't the time to play hide-and-seek! He stalked forward, towards a suspicious-looking clump of bushes, and with one swing of his arm, the bush parted to reveal a scrawny boy with damp black hair, his hands clutching a-

The stench hit him there and then. His mind flew to the time when his group were playing in the forest, and they had stumbled across a rotting Pidgey corpse. The smell was horrendous, and the group had generally cried and wailed until someone came running to take it away. It had been five years, but the memory came back as strongly as the smell now.

He staggered back, his hand clasped over his gaping mouth. "What the hell, Azame?!" he screeched. "Where did you get that?!"

"I found him like this!" his adopted brother wailed, clutching the Deino corpse like a lifeline. "He was all covered in blood, a-and-!"

His mind stalled. Taking a closer look at it, he noticed that it was absolutely slathered in blood. It shouldn't be smelling like it was decomposing, so...

"A-and when I found him, I also found the others," Azame said lowly.

His mind had already came to the horrible conclusion, but the words came out before he could stop them. "What do you mean, 'others'?" he asked cautiously.

Azame pointed to the base of a tree, his gaze fixed on the ground. He crept towards the hole and peered into it.

His breakfast nearly came up.

Inside was a pile of corpses, all Deinos, which were in various stages of decomposition.

He couldn't take it anymore; rushing away, he threw up at a tree, reaching and gasping for breath. The next moment, he felt a small hand rub his back comfortingly. "You'll be okay," Azame whispered. "Everything will be over soon, okay?"

He shrugged off the hand. He didn't want him touching him like that. "Y-yeah," he gasped. "C-c'mon, we have to go back home. Before somebody sees us with...with that."

"What? But we can't leave him here!" he protested.

"We can, and we will!" he snarled, patience rapidly running low. He whirled around to stare him down. "I want to go home and clean up before the party, just put that back with the others!"

"No, I won't! And if you try to drag me back, I'll- I'll... I'll bring him back with us!" he said, glaring at him through the tears in his eyes.

Azame grimaced. His adopted brother may be tiny, but he could be extremely stubborn at times. At very inconvenient times, especially. He hadn't found a way around them yet, so he had no choice but to give in. "Fine, fine. Let's just make it quick!"

Thankfully, the brat seemed mollified by this. They searched for a burial spot, and settled for the base of a Pecha Tree (Azame insisted the poor Deino had to be at a good tree). He himself dug a decent-sized hole with his bare hands, and Azame carefully placed the body inside and covered it up with dirt. He could here sounds that sounded suspiciously like sniveling, and he huffed. 'They don't pay us enough to keep him,' he thought darkly.

"Come on, we have to go," he said aloud, standing and brushing his hand against his pants. Streaks of dirt stood out prominently against his white singlet and pants, despite his best attempts to clean up. "Aw man, Ma's gonna throw a fit..."

Turning around, he saw bloodshot eyes and tear tracks running down Azame's face. "Hey hey hey, no more crying. Or else Ma'll think that I beat you up or something..."

'Not that she'd mind,' he thought privately.

"O-okay," he hiccuped, messily wiping his face. "B-but what do you think happened to the poor D-Deino?"

He did his best to show as much indifference as possible. "Who knows? Maybe something tried to eat it, and if we don't get out of here quick, it'll come eat us up too!" He bared his teeth and faked a lunge at him. Azame squeaked in surprise, and he snorted. "Scaredy-Meowth."

Azame tried to hold his hand, but he jerked away in time. "Hey!" His hand hovered in the air for a moment, then fell to his side uselessly. "No time for that, let's go!"

Azame's hands were practically caked in dried blood and suspiciously lumpy bits, so he took him by the upper arm and started dragging him away.

Then came trouble.

Tremors ripped through the earth. His knees knocked against each other. Azame shrieked shrilly.


But he proved to be wrong a second later; the tremors receded. His relief was short-lived, however, when it was replaced with a strangely horrifying sound: snapping and growling. Too late he realized, and Azame's terrified yell finally got him to turn.

He nearly turned again to run.

A fully-grown Hydreigon stood before them, the two brainless heads roaring and snapping blindly. But it was the middle one, the one that was glaring at them both, that had his attention.

He had never seen something with so much...hatred in its eyes. Not even the opposing clans held that much malevolence for each other. This one had a look that wished the most painful death on them, but for whatever reason, he could not fathom.

"Big brother...?" he whimpered.

He cursed. The Deino that he had found must have been this Hydreigon's child. After all, not many Hydreigon's lived near their village. Looking at the beast's monstrous size, larger than any illustration he has ever seen, he could conclude rather easily that both of them couldn't hope to subdue it, nor outrun it. The blood on Azame's hands wouldn't help matters too.

As much as he detested his brother, he didn't want to see Azame torn apart. He had already seen enough of that in his old home. "Azame, get behind me!"

"Where are they?"

His eyes snapped to the beast, his frightened mind scrabbling to comprehend her words. Everything clicked together, and he frowned. "W-what do you mean? Who's 'they'?" He was amazed that his voice came out calmer than he was feeling.

"Where are they?!" the Hydreigon (A female, judging by her voice) roared in frustration. Azame wailed again. "Where are my CHILDREN?!"

"I'm scared!" he sobbed.

'How do you think I'm feeling?!' he wanted to scream at him; fear had his heart in its unforgiving grip, and uncontrollable tremors assaulted his clammy palms. His stomach was twisted into knots.

But he was the older one. He had to get his brother to safety.

"When I tell you to run, get out of here," he breathed to Azame. His eyes widened, but he quickly stood up straight again. "I know where your kids are," he said in a level voice.

Her eyes narrowed. "Where are they?!" she growled.

"I found them there," he said, pointing to where the corpses were.

He had half-expected her to call him a liar, to eat him up right there and then. But amazingly, miraculously, she rose into the air and shot off in the direction he had indicated.

They wasted precious seconds staring at the vacant space in amazement. He blinked, then realized their opportunity. "Azame, run!" He stared up at him uncertainly. "Run!! RUN!!"

He finally got the message. Azame shot off and bolted towards the village. He looked back to make sure that she wasn't going to give chase, then followed suit.

"Hurry! Hurry!" Azame panted.

He paid him no mind. His only goal was to reach the village, reach the adults, reach the safety. They'll help them, they'll know what to do, please please please let them reach-


A dark blur shot out from the trees and collided with him. Legs pressed down on his body, hot breath blowing his hair like strong wind, they went tumbling a few feet before he became hopelessly trapped underneath the Hydreigon. His vision comprised only of scales, and little else registered in his head except for the words hissed into his ear.

"They're all dead."

He felt robbed of breath. 'This is stupid, we haven't even ran that far! Azame! Where's he?'

"I-I'm sorry! I don't know who killed them!" A horrible thought then struck him. "It wasn't us! I swear!"


That was the last thing he heard before he felt razor sharp teeth sink into his arm. Pain shot through his flesh like hot knives. The scream that was glued to his throats ripped free, a deep, guttural sound echoing around the forest. His other hand feebly tried to bat away the head, but the other one grabbed it in its jaws. Agony sparked across his vision, and he struggled harder.

It was worse than anything he had ever experienced; the furious Hydreigon was pulling him closer and closer to his death, and nobody could help him-

Azame! His eyes flew open at the new sliver of hope. For one ridiculous moment, his mind was filled with the images of his brother heroically saving him from the beast, returning him safely to the village...

But of course, when he turned his head, Azame was nowhere to be found. His heart was filled with disappointment, anger, then hope. Hope that his brother was running back to the village to find help, that he was going to be okay...

Her teeth dug further into his flesh, and he found he couldn't feel his arms at all. They must have been bitten clean off, but then why can he still feel the horrible, burning pain...?

"THIS IS FOR MY CHILDREN, HUMAN!" she thundered, and her gaping maw lunged towards his forehead. Time seemed to slow down as he stared into the inky black void helplessly before him, paralyzed.

Somebody... Anybody... Help...


Pain seemed to explode in his head. His body froze, then fell limp like a rag doll. His eyes were frozen in terror and agony, his mouth open in a silent scream that would never come. The pain... No, it wasn't just pain... It was excruciating. It was agony. It was torture. The sounds of her teeth scraping against his skull bounced around hauntingly, and he could feel his hot blood run down his face and splatter against the grass in great quantities, the bright red prominent against the dull green. But it couldn't be possible that that much blood was pouring out of him... They seemed to be getting everywhere, staining his clothes and coating his hand...

He felt so cold...




With one final jerk, everything went black.


A/N: If you liked it, please leave a comment on how I can improve the story from here on out. In the meantime, I'll leave this out for you.

Chapter 1

In which two sisters are charged with chasing down an elusive kidnapper.

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