Lost and Found

Scores of demigods have been slaughtered by a boy that should have died centuries ago, and as a result, the remaining demigods are forced out of society by the humans. But when Midnight and Melody try to investigate the murders, tragedy strikes, leaving one broken and the other dead. Recovery is already hard enough without having to track down the killer, and she is about to find out the hard way.


2. Lost and Found Chapter 1

A/N: Hello, hello again! I'm sorry if the prologue leaves you with questions, you are free to ask questions if you wish to do so. :)

Now, to give you a gist of who demigods are: they are the children of humans and the Pokémon gods. In this story, the Pokémon gods have the ability to take on human forms.


Chapter 1: New Task

[August 10, 2016]

Midnight woke up with a start.

It took a few moments for her racing heart to slow down. Taking in rattling breaths, she rolled over to her side, and the sights of her sister sleeping next to her managed to soothe her somewhat. She clasped her sister's soft hand, snuggling up to her.

Now that she had calmed down sufficiently, her eyes became unfocused as her mind flew back to the dream. The dream that she had... It wasn't new, she had been having the same dream for a few months already, but it was becoming more and more frequent. It always ended the same way: the boy's life ending as he clung onto the hope of someone coming to save him. And on his birthday, no less. Each time the Hydreigon's jaws connected with his head, the sensation of his frontal lobe being torn away becoming more vivid.

Of course, she would know, since it had happened to her before.

The scene of his blood staining the ground flashed before her eyes, and her stomach churned dangerously. In a blink of the eye, Midnight was on her feet and running to the bathroom. She stuck her head over the toilet and began to heave.


A small hand pressed itself against her back, helping Midnight ease herself back up once the contents of her stomach left her body. "Do you still feel like vomiting?" her sister asked, rubbing her back.

"N-no, I... I'm fine," she coughed, trying her best to ignore how the action of comfort resembled Azame's to his brother. Telling him that everything would be alright.

"Are you sure?" Twin hands held her head, forcing Midnight to make eye contact with her sister. Her eyes raked across her face, as if trying to find the source of her discomfort. "You're still very pale." She wiped her forehead, which Midnight didn't realize until now was covered in sweat.

"Yeah." Her eyes narrowed knowingly. "Yeah, I'm fine," she repeatedly firmly. Jerking her head out of her grip, Midnight bent over the sink and began washing out her mouth.

"Was it that dream again?" Melody asked in a shrewd sort of voice.

Midnight didn't immediately reply. She kept rinsing get her mouth until the rancid taste was gone, then she rinsed a few more times just to avoid talking to her.

"Well?" she said impatiently.

Eventually, she straightened to meet Melody's worried eyes when she couldn't pretend that she was still washing out her mouth. "Well... Yeah, it was," she admitted.

Melody sighed. "Midnight..."

For some reason, her tone rubbed Midnight the wrong way. "Don't!" she snapped. "I'm fine, how many times must I say?"

"You threw up in the toilet," Melody deadpanned. "That's not what I would call 'fine'."

Midnight huffed again, annoyed at the mixture of warmth and irritation that her sister's words brought. She was immensely happy that Melody was this concerned about her, but she wasn't a child anymore , goddamnit! "Well, now I'm fine. In fact, I need some time alone, if you don't mind." As she spoke, she tried to discreetly step around her to leave the bathroom and, hopefully, any more awkward questions.

No such luck. Melody sidestepped her, crossing her arms across her chest. "Actually, I do mind. I mind that my sister is having night terrors almost all the time. I mind that my sister is refusing any sort of help from Psychics or psychiatrists." She then took hold of her ear firmly, electing an involuntary squeak from Midnight. "I mind that my sister is putting her health at risk unnecessarily."

"My health is completely fine," she huffed. "Do you think that I'm going to let a stupid dream hurt me?"

Melody let go of her ear and took a step back, surveying her like a disappointed parent. "I don't think you're 'letting' anyone hurt you," she said lowly. "But this isn't a normal reaction to a nightmare. It's making you ill, and we don't know why."

"Um... Oh, look at the time! I need to take a shower, so I'll talk to you later, okay?" She shoved Melody out of the toilet none too gently, and she locked the door behind her.

She sighed. 'Alone at last...'


Melody was left standing there, silently trying to process the events that had transpired, before realizing what Midnight had did.

"Midnight Willows, I'm not done with you!" she howled, pounding on the door. "Get out here!"

"Later!" came the muffled response.

Melody frowned. She knew that her sister didn't like to put her problems oh her, but this was getting ridiculous! It had been a few months since it first happened, and the most she could get out of Midnight was that it involved some poor sap getting his brain torn out. If only she knew what was the cause...

Oh, if only she wasn't so against having her mind checked over! It hurt her immensely to see Midnight flinch at the mere mention of a psychic, especially after what she went through at the hands of Team Rocket, but she couldn't think of any other way to help her.

Well, she is having a nightmare, perhaps a Lunar Wing...

No no no, that wouldn't work. Lunar Wings were about as common as its creator, and she wasn't talking about cheap knock-offs at festivals.

So that was out of the question, and now it looked like having a psychic over was the only option. Of course she wasn't happy about this, and she had no doubt that Midnight would make her displeasure loud and clear, but what else could they do?

'Maybe I could soften her up with Pecha cake,' she thought glumly, making her way to their bed. 'Or maybe I could soften her up with some coconut pie...'

Just as she took hold of the soaked sheet, however, the doorbell rang.


'Who could be up at this time of the day?' Melody wondered. It wasn't like they were early risers, but they hardly got any visitors at where they stayed, the only ones being Charles and, occasionally, Captain Grigory.

Although, to be fair, they didn't have any close friends- No, scratch that. They didn't have any friends at all, except for Charles. Captain Grigory and them had more of an employer-and-employee kind of relationship.

When she reached the door, a familiar voice called out. "Melody? Midnight? Are you guys awake?"

Despite her worries, she couldn't stop the grin spreading across her face. She undid the lock and threw the door open, revealing an athletic-looking man with unruly sandy-blonde hair and dull blue eyes. "Charles! What brings you here?"

"Heyo!" he greeted, striding into the room. "Captain G sent me up here to check up on you two. Well, more on Midnight than you, really. Something about not wanting to leave her alone for too long..."

Melody stifled a laugh. "Well, you can tell him not to worry, we're fine. Actually," she added in an afterthought, "could you tell him later? I need you to help me take off the sheets, they're all wet."

"Wet?" he said. "Did you wet yourselves?"

"What? No!" she yelled, her cheeks growing warm. "Charles, we're sixteen!"

"I know, I know!" he said. "I just know some people who have the same problem, so I thought-"

"Neither of us wet ourselves," she said forcefully. "Just... Just help me, would you?"

They went to her bedroom and stripped the bed together. As Melody searched for spare bedsheets, Charles was examining the old ones with mild interest. "So what happened, anyway?"

Melody's eyebrows knotted together. Telling Charles about her sister's recurring nightmare would not have been too much of an issue if not for him reporting every single detail to his boss. Charles wouldn't think of Midnight differently, Melody was sure, but the captain would most probably have her carted to a mental hospital. After all, he couldn't have a mentally unstable shapeshifter running amok in the base, could he?

But she couldn't find the heart to lie to him either. Looks like it's time for plan B. "Midnight...had a nightmare," she said carefully. "But she's feeling fine now. She just went to wash up a little."

"Ah, alright then," he said. "Don't you worry, I'll make a breakfast so spectacular that she'll forget all about her scary dream!"

"That's... Thank you, Charles." She was inwardly relieved that Charles had not pursued the subject. Hopefully, Captain Grigory would display the same level of indifference.

Once the bed was freshly made, Charles gathered the dirty sheets in his arms. "I'll take this down to the laundromat place with my own laundry to get it washed later," he offered.

"Thanks. And get me the papers for today!" she said to his retreating back. There was a muffled affirmative, and she heard the door close.

A wave of exhaustion washed over her, and Melody flopped bonelessly onto the bed.

She closed her eyes. No, it wasn't exhaustion... She just felt drained. Between Midnight's nightmares and Captain Grigory's scrutiny, it was all she could do not to jump back in time to enjoy the calm before the storm.

'I hope Midnight tells me what's troubling her soon,' she thought. She really wanted to trust her sister, but it was just so hard to read her sometimes.

Suddenly, a pair of bony hands gripped her shoulders, and she felt a warm body snuggle up to her from behind. "Hey, Melly," she said, sounding much better than before.

"Hey yourself . How are you feeling?" she asked, turning over.

"Alright, I guess."

"That's good to hear." Even without her answer, it was quite hard for her to miss the usual glint of mischief in her eyes, or the way she was stretched out across the bed reminiscent to a Liepard basking in the morning light. It was a definite improvement form her shaking shoulders and pale complexion.

"Thanks! So what's for breakfast?" she asked, rolling off the bed and giving herself a few good stretches.

"Charles wanted to make us some."

"Oh, did he?" she asked lazily.

"Yes. But hey, at least Charles is making us breakfast." At that moment, both of them heard the front door open. "Now, I wanted to talk to you about your dreams..."

Midnight wasn't listening to her. Jumping from the bed, she bolted to the living room with an enthusiastic "Charles!". Melody followed her out at a more reasonable pace.

Charles was standing there with a roll of paper and a cup of tea in his hands. "Good morning, Midnight," he chuckled, handing her the cup and patting her head. They all went to the kitchen, Midnight trailing behind like a lost Lillipup.

"Um, sorry, but there's been a change of plans, girls," Charles started, shooting Midnight a wary look. "Captain G wants to meet you in about an hour, so I can only make you something simple. I promise, I'll make it up to you sometime."

"It's fine, Charles," Melody said. "You're already helping us, it's more than enough."

Midnight nodded in agreement.

Charles visibly relaxed at this. "Thanks. So what do you girls want?"

"Hm..." Melody ran through a mental list of their larder. Two eggs, a half-filled carton of milk, an apple that had a bite taken out of it ('Really, Mid?'), and a loaf of bread. 'I'll have to go shopping soon,' she mused.

Aloud, she said, "I think some toast would do."

"Gotcha!" As Charles busied himself with the toaster, Melody took the discarded papers and began perusing it while Midnight sipped her tea.

Many of the articles were uninteresting, mainly revolving around celebrities and politics. Diantha had been spotted at a café in Lumiose City, poachers have been terrorizing wild Pokémon as of late, Pokémon rangers have put forth an appeal for the public to provide them with any information regarding said poachers.

As she continued flipping, she felt a head rest on her shoulder and a sigh against her ear.

"'M tired," Midnight moaned dramatically, snuggling into her neck. "Wanna go back to sleep."

"You just woke up!" Melody said exasperatedly.

"Don't care."

She sighed. "Midnight, I-" But just then, a certain article jumped to her attention, and she let out an involuntary gasp. "Oh!"

"What?" There was a "thud", followed by Midnight cursing. "Fuck! I spilled me drink..."

Melody wasn't paying much attention, however, even as her sister rushed to the counter for a rag. Her eyes were fixed on the article, her dread mounting higher and higher as they roamed down.

The headlines read "Circus World Performers Still Missing".

"Melly, what happened? You made me spill my drink," Midnight grumbled, throwing aside the sodden cleaning rag as she slid into a seat next to her. "This had better be good."

"Aw, don't worry, I'll get you another," Charles said, setting a plate full of toast in front of them. "Look, it's full of butter!"

"Wh- Charles!" She was momentarily distracted from her papers as she peered at the stack of toasts. "Did you use up all of our bread?" The abashed look on his face confirmed her suspicions. "Charles!!"

'Ugh, now I really have to go shopping.'

"W-well... I just wanted to get Midnight to forget about her nightmares!" he said defensively. It achieved the desired effect; now Midnight was glaring at her.

"You told him?!" she hissed. "Melody, how could you?"

"No, I-" This was getting out of hand, she had to bring everyone back to task. "Look, all of this is-isn't important, alright? Take a look at this."

Midnight still had a scowl on her face, but her curiosity had won over. Both of them scooted closer to her, Midnight still muttering mutinously, and read the indicated news article.

"Circus World Performers Missing"

Tragedy strikes the Circus World performers in the form of two of their members going missing.

The first to go missing was Benjamin Bancroft, age 37, who allegedly vacated his home at around 7:30 in the evening to run an errand. His daughter, Rebecca, had informed the police that her mother had left to search for Benjamin after he had failed to return, only to wind up missing as well. That was when she had decided to alert the police.

"They were gone for hours and hours," Rebecca told the police chief. "I wanted to go out and try to find them, but I was afraid that something would happen to me, so I called the police. Now I'm glad that I didn't."

It is currently unknown if the recent disappearances are a case of kidnapping or something else of a more sinister nature, but the police chief have assured the press that the ongoing investigation is sure to uncover the truth soon."

The article continued on to page four, but Melody didn't want to read on anymore.

She could barely remember Bancroft (or "Uncle Benny", as he used to be called), but Ballora had been her favorite Circus World member before she became too old for such things. Lithe and graceful, the ballerina twirled around Ballora Gallery with a train of tiny children doing their best to keep up. Ballora's children would usually try to help those lagging behind. Melody had been one of those children, practically worshipping the ground Ballora danced on. And now...

"Oh, that's horrible," Charles said sympathetically. "I wonder what happened to them..."

"Well, I hope that wherever they are, they're safe and sound," she said grimly, setting down the newspaper.

"Mm hmm," Midnight mumbled through a mouthful of toast.

"What the- Oh for goodness sake, were you even reading the article?" Melody shook her head. "Do you even care about what happened to them? Or are you too concerned about your stomach?"

The color drained from her face. Shakily, she set down her toast a leveled a look at her. "Of course I care, Mel. It's horrible that this happened," she said casually. "But at the same time, I can't pretend that much. I mean, I don't remember much about them anyway."

Melody's heart sank, but she nodded. She suspected that she wouldn't.

"Ahem." Charles gazed at both of them with an unusually serious expression. "Actually, I didn't come up here just to check on Midnight."


"What do you mean, 'check on me'?" Midnight demanded.

She was ignored. "Yeah, Captain G wanted me to fetch you guys, he needs to talk," he said.

"What about?" she asked.

There was a hint of a smile on his face now. "I don't know the specifics, but I do know that it has something to do with that," he said, nodding at the papers.


After a hearty breakfast of overly-buttered toast, Charles led the two girls to where Captain Grigory said to meet him. Along the way, Melody struck up a conversation with the sulking Midnight, speculating about their new task. At first she was resistant to her attempts, but eventually, she began throwing out her own ideas. They first started out serious, but the next suggestion became more ridiculous and outlandish than the last.

"What? No way!" Melody laughed. "He wouldn't ask us to replace them."

"Why not?" Midnight said, grinning. "You always said that you liked Ballora, you could paint yourself white and wear a tutu and... I don't know, prance around? And I can be the other guy."

The image of herself dressed up as Ballora wiped the grin off her face when she was reminded of the ballerina's situation. She turned away from Midnight, but she seemed to notice her abrupt change of mood anyway. "Hey, it'll be alright, Melly," Midnight said, nudging her with her elbow. Melody did her best not to wince. "Whoever this joker is, they'll catch home before you know it. So don't worry, okay?"

"Oh, um... O-okay?" Midnight even tried to give an awkward hug, which she accepted gingerly. She seemed to be in a generally better mood, most Pri lay because the subject of her nightmares was dropped.

"Girls, this is the place," Charles interrupted, stepping in front of an unmarked door. "Let me check of anyone else is inside." He slid inside the room, leaving the two sisters outside. A few seconds later, his head poked through the doorway. "You two can come in now."

He withdrew his head. After sharing a look, they entered the room.

The interior resembled a meeting room, what with the projector and cluster of chairs around a table. At the end of said table sat a stern-looking, middle-aged man, whose posture was as rigid as a pole. Or maybe a brick wall. He's got the personality of one, anyway.

At Captain Grigory's indication, they took seats on either side of him, Charles sitting next to Melody. He didn't speak immediately, looking from Midnight, who was jiggling her leg impatiently, to Melody, who was sitting up straight with rapt attention. "I am sure you are wondering why I have called you down here."

"Not really," Midnight answered offhandedly.

Grigory raised an eyebrow, and Melody hastened to answer. "What she meant to say was: we heard from Charles that you wanted to talk to us about the Circus World performers, but we don't know anything specific yet."

She resisted hugging out a sigh of relief when Grigory shifted his attention to her. "Since Charles already told you, then I will assume that you have already read the news. As you know, two performers have been reported missing, one after allegedly seen traveling to the basement of the Circus World building. At least, that's what the police had been asking the press to tell the public."

They exchanged another glance. "What do you mean by that?" she asked cautiously. "Are you saying that the police are withholding information?"

"Not exactly." Melody saw Midnight roll her eyes. "While they are not giving everybody the full version, what they are not telling them is information that is not worth sharing anyway. Plus, they have their own reasons to fear that this kidnapper will scurry off like a Rattata the moment he thinks that they are onto him."

"But if no one knows who this scumbag is, won't it give him a chance to kidnap even more people?" Midnight pointed out, kicking back and resting her feet on the table.

"That would normally be the case, if not for the fact that they are certain that this person is targeting only the Circus World performers," Grigory said. "And I'd appreciate it if you could sit properly, Willows."

"But how do they know that?" Midnight persisted, ignoring his last statement. "And what is this 'information' they're keeping secret?"

Captain Grigory seemed to be steeling himself. "Because this person may be a...demigod like you two. Or rather," he turned to Midnight, "like you."

His words hit them like a bombshell; both of their jaws dropped, and accusations began flying out like shrapnel after an explosion.

"Hell no! No way in hell!" Midnight screeched.

"Captain, th-that's not possible," Melody stammered. "They hadn't been a child of Mew's in centuries, except for Midnight, and our father-" She had to take a steadying breath here. "-is dead. I... I saw it with my own eyes."

Captain Grigory didn't look remotely moved by their words. "But what makes you so sure of that?" he asked. "How do you know that Midnight is the only one left? What if there are still a few left?"

Midnight bit her lip and glanced away.

"But Mr Grigory, what makes the police think that it's a demigod doing this anyway?" Melody asked in her best reasonable voice. "It's a bit of a stretch to just assume that out of the blue, don't you agree?"

His lips whitened. "Actually, there has been similar cases before."

She blinked. "Similar cases?"

He nodded. "Yes, similar cases of people disappearing into thin air, only to wind up dead in a ditch somewhere. And each time, the police force were unable to locate the person, or people, responsible. They suspect the demigods because they were known to terrorize humans before, and with such destructive powers at their disposal, well... You can do the math."

"I-I-" Her head was reeling from the sudden info dump, but she managed to get out a coherent question. "H-how long ago did the most recent c-case take place?"

"Fifty years ago."

Fifty years! "Whoa whoa whoa! So if it was fifty years ago, then how can it be a demigod doing this now?" Midnight asked, sounding somewhat indignant.

He raised his eyebrow again. "Did I say that it was the same person? No. Anyway, there is nothing definite yet, only theories, so it may not be a demigod. That is why you were requested for by the police."

There was a beat of silence. Then Midnight spoke in a slow, measured voice, "What makes you think that we can do what the police can't?"

"I am not saying the police cannot solve the case, only that they need a little...assistance," he said. "And frankly, I do not feel too safe leaving Midnight without anything meaningful to do."


"So do the police expect us to catch this guy?" Melody asked. "Or just to investigate him?"

"Most likely the latter. The person in charge of the investigation did not specify, but I have stated that I want you two in minimal danger. And while we are on the topic, do NOT even think of trying to engage him," he warned, giving Midnight a pointed look. "We do not know what he is capable of, so it is best to stick to caution. We cannot afford to lose you."

Everyone turned to stare at Midnight.

"What?" she asked defensively. "I didn't say I was going to do anything!"

"You rarely do," Grigory replied drily. "But nevertheless, I still have to warn you, before I get blamed for your stupidity."

Midnight let her chair fall back on all fours with a "thump", and Melody decided that this was a good time to intervene before Midnight got herself sedated and strapped to a bed again. "So when are we going to meet this police officer in charge?"

"No, I have arranged for you to meet Officer Woods later at 2 o'clock, at the Lumiose Police Station. Whether he wants you to start immediately or not depends on him, so I suggest you two take the time to prepare yourselves." He glanced at the two sisters, and something in his face seemed to change slightly. "... Whatever happens, I wish you luck for whatever obstacles you may face. That is all."

The abrupt dismissal took the sisters by surprise. Charles, who was used to his boss's was of speech, got the hint and stood up, gesturing for them to follow him.

They filed out of the meeting room in silence, mulling over the slew of information they had just received. Melody herself was nonplussed by the suddenness of which they had received their new mission, like it was unwanted trash dropped onto their laps, but what was more shocking was Captain Grigory easily subscribing to the theory of the kidnapper being a demigod, let alone one related to Midnight.

Speaking of which, Midnight seemed nervous when he had mentioned it, but why? She couldn't possibly know anything about that. If she had met any distant relatives, when they first rescued her, well... Not even she can keep a secret for this long.

"Wow, what a day for you guys, huh? And it's not even noon yet!" he chuckled.

"Uh huh. And you couldn't have told us about this a few days earlier?" Midnight grumbled.

Charles turned sheepish. "Ahaha, s-sorry about that, but we knew about this too late, so this was the earliest we could tell you guys."

"No, it wasn't your fault," Melody comforted. "We don't blame you."

"Speak for yourself."

She threw a warning glare at Midnight's direction. Where did this sour girl come from? She hadn't been this crabby ever since Charles suggested going to the Old Chateau when they were visiting Sinnoh. Was she this bent out of shape because of Captain Grigory's words? Surely she didn't think he was accusing HER, did she?

"Hey!" Melody suppressed a wince when Charles clapped his hand on her back. Why couldn't she have gentle friends? "Why don't I drive you girls out to Lumiose City for lunch? My treat!"

"Oh, um, are you sure about that? We're not mad at you about the mission, you know," she said.

He waved her concerns away. "It's not about that! I already promised you a good lunch to make up for breakfast, and besides, we're going to Lumiose City anyway, right?"

"I...suppose that's true," Melody admitted reluctantly.

"And since both of you might be put to work soon-" Midnight shot a cross look at Charles. "-and Midnight's been having nightmares-" The cross look was shifted to Melody. "-we should have a little something to cheer us up! What about Café Soleil?"

Melody perked up at the name. "Oooh, isn't that café famous for their mint tea? I always wanted to go there!" she gushed.

"All the more reason to go there for lunch! Are you alright with that, Midnight?" he asked.

Melody glance at Midnight apprehensively. Was her temper going to erupt now? The expression on her face didn't help to quell her anxiety.

But to her immense relief and surprise, Midnight simply shrugged and muttered, "Sure."

"Great!" Charles was either immune or oblivious to Midnight's rudeness. Melody didn't know which it was.

Thankfully, they reached their apartment door at that moment. "Then I'll pick you guys up at 11 later!" he called over his shoulder as he made his way back to the

"Okay, see you later!" Once she was sure that he was well out of earshot, she decided that it was safe enough to confront Midnight about her behavior. "Midnight, I-"

She turned to find the door open and a flash of black hair disappear around the corner. "Midnight!"

She hurried inside, locking the door behind her, and rushed into their bedroom. She spotted Midnight seated at the far end of the bed, glaring at the wall opposite of her. Her heart sank.

"Hey, Midnight," Melody said carefully,sitting next to her. "You, in, feeling okay?"

"Yeah." Her voice was an octave higher, and she notice her nervously wringing her hands. "Come on, Charles is waiting."

"Midnight, we're not meeting him for another hour," she reminded, gently peeing open her trembling hands. Midnight's fingers immediately closed around hers like a flytrap. "Now can you tell me what's bothering you?"

Midnight made a non-committal grunt at the back of her throat, but didn't give a definitive answer.

"Midnight..." she tried saying beseechingly.

No response.

Alright, her "nice girl" approach wasn't working. "Midnight!" she repeated forcefully.

"Nothing's wrong!" Midnight burst out, a heavy scowl marring her face. She yanked back her hands and wrapped her arms around her body, staring at the ground. "I'm fine, okay?! Just leave me alone!"

Had Melody not witnessed similar tantrums before, she would have been left dumbfounded as to what to do. But she did know what to do.

Melody wrapped her arms around her sister and held her tight. Predictably, Midnight squawked in alarm and squirmed, but as minutes stretched out, she felt like a sack of potatoes against her, sighing contentedly.

She had to ask again. Melody felt really bad for ruining her good mood, but she couldn't let this go. "Mid, what were you so mad about?" she asked softly. "I promise, wherever you say will be a secret between us. Not even Charles will know. Are you mad at them, because of the mission? Are... Are you mad at me?"

Midnight instantly shot out from where she had nestled herself in Melody's hair. "No! Why would I be mad at you?" she asked incredulously.

Melody felt herself relaxing at her words. They may be sisters and all, but it does no one good to be the target of Midnight's ire. "I had to ask. Then what about Charles and Captain Grigory?" she pressed.

Midnight grimaced. "Well, yeah, I am mad at them, but..." Her voice trailed off uncertainly.

"But what?"

"It's not about them," she blurted out. "It's about the...the nightmare."

"The nightmare? You mean the one that you've been having?" She pulled out from their prolonged hug to stare at Midnight. Could it be? Was Midnight actually going to consent to having her mind checked over? Suddenly, her previous attitude made sense. Her grumpiness obviously came from the fact that she had no choice but to acknowledge that Melody was right, but she didn't want to admit it. That reasoning was backed up even further by her earlier reaction, which she had thought was her being upset, but in reality, she was embarrassed.

Melody was prepared to comfort her sister, assure her that she didn't need to be shy about her feelings and could always be open to her about anything, when Midnight continued on. "Yes, and I'm not seeing a psychic, by the way."

Melody could practically hear her theories crumbling all around her. "O-oh. Then... Then what is it?"

"It's about something... no, someone I saw in my dream. Do you remember the kid who got bitten?"

Melody nodded.

"Well, he had a...brother."


"And that brother, he... hehadtheMewmarkonhisneck." Midnight's eyes rose tentatively to search her face for a sign of approval.

Melody couldn't help herself; wholly inappropriate giggles were rising up her throat. She desperately tried to hold it in, but the expression on her face must have given her away, for Midnight's hopeful expression dropped flat. "You're laughing at me."

"No, I-" Too late. Melody doubled over in mid-sentence, choking and giggling as she held her sides. Midnight crosses her arms, waiting coolly for her to finish.

Her laughter gradually petered out, and she straightened again while wiping a tear from her eye. "Oh, oh," she gasped. "S-sorry, it's just- Snrk!"

"Yeah, yeah. It's just Midnight talking crazy talk again," she snarked.

"No, I don't think you're crazy!" Melody said, her lips twitching upwards. "But don't you think that's a little farfetched? Some kid from your dreams turns out to be the lunatic we're supposed to track down? Come on!"

"I'm serious, think about it! How many children of Mew do you think exists today? Think of how many demigods still exist today. Now, think of how many shapeshifting demigods live today- Stop laughing!"

Melody made a valiant effort to force down her giggles. "I-I'm sorry," she gasped.

"Do you think I should have told Grigory?" Midnight sighed.

"Oh, no. No no no, that's a bad idea," Melody said. "I mean, I already laughed at you, how do you think Captain Grigory will take it?"

"He'll probably have me carted off to the loony bin," she muttered, more to herself than Melody.

"That's... Uh, sure. Don't worry," Melody reassured, "this kind of things happen more than often with humans, so it's more likely that it's a normal nut job responsible."

"... Yeah. Yeah, you're right," Midnight said, and then, to her pleasant surprise, she initiated another hug.

As they held each other, Melody gazed at the Mark. Hidden under her shirt, but just peeking out a bit, was the Mark of Mew. Marks were meant to distinguish demigods from one another, in case if two had similar abilities but different parents. What if two people had the ability to control the water element, but their parents were Kyogre and Lugia respectively? Or if two people had different abilities, but the same parent? The Mark helped to identify demigods, and it did, at least back then.

But now, there were so few of them left, the Mark only served to separate them from the rest of the population, the normal humans. They were feared and shunned because of their powers, no matter what their intentions were. But not without good reason.

Maybe this was a chance to prove themselves, she realized, a chance to prove that not all demigods are capable only of destruction. Then they could be granted more freedom to roam in public places, without the need of guards or permission. Midnight would definitely love that.

However, all she said was, "We have to go, Midnight. Charles is waiting."


A/N: Wow, finished! Sorry I took so long to finish this, but at least it's done!

Thank you for reading this, and I hope that you enjoyed it!

Chapter 2: The Switch

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