Death World Book One

Bethany Jones is a fourteen year old teenager from Austin, Texas. When a severe storm devastates the city overnight, she sees all forms of death the following morning. And, as she fears for her parents, she embarks on an odyssey where life as she knows it is blurred.


1. Prologue


Death​ came to Austin, Texas on Christmas Day, 2017. It was a bad time for my parents. They were too concerned about the presents to give me, as I awoke to the news that time was short; time was fuelled by minutes...not hours. "Bethany, are you sane?", Barbara Greg, my best friend, asked me. "Yes, why are you concerned about me?​", I answered her. "Because, Brody Candle, my boyfriend, broke up with me...and I was thinking about the rest of the holidays". I took everything in. Then I focused on her. "If death wants us, let it come", I said. And Barbara sighed, as she pressed the END CALL of her I-phone.


I hadn't imagined Death. It was something that affected Old People in Nursing Homes. I had attended the funeral of Grandma. She was eighty-five years old, and had a heart condition. But she had a long life; she adored sending me presents on my first birthday, (August 4, 2004); she was eager to tell me stories of her life as an Army Nurse in 1942 during World War II. And meeting Grandma on Halloween night that year in Japan. After the war, they moved to Texas, and raised a family. I remembered the good times with them. And when she died with Grandpa in 2011, everything was silent. "Death is a thing that causes pain", Mom said. She was a nice woman who baked cakes, and grinned at me when I won Awards at school. I was determined not to think of my past. Suddenly I stared at the heat that scorched the hot ground. And, seconds later, what was left of Texas was death.


I walked outside of my house. 

Suddenly I saw The Angel of Death. It wore a long, black, hood on its head. It had black wings on its back, and its black eyes glared at me. "Bethany, it's been a pleasure to meet you", it said. I screamed in fear. "What do you want from me?", I asked it. "You've been chosen to fix up Texas". And I blinked my eyes...and knew that I must've been dreaming. I pinched the flesh of my right hand. I was alive...and wasn't dead.


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