Death World Book One

Bethany Jones is a fourteen year old teenager from Austin, Texas. When a severe storm devastates the city overnight, she sees all forms of death the following morning. And, as she fears for her parents, she embarks on an odyssey where life as she knows it is blurred.


2. Chapter 1



I was thinking about my prediction that Death was gone. 

Sadly I was wrong.

"What's the matter? Cat got your tongue", Death asked me.

"No", I said.

And it grinned, as we watched everything go up in flames.


The Texas Ranger, Red John, Jr., was fifty. He had seen a lot of crime in the troubled city. He  had short, greying hair, hazel eyes, and tall. He was wearing a grey shirt, grey trousers, a black belt, red socks, and black, polished, boots on his huge feet. On his right hand was a .357 Magnum. He drove his car towards the Diner. As he did so, he saw Deputy Laura James shaking her head.

"What's the matter?", he asked her. 

"Death is here, Sheriff. Texas is dead", she answered. 

And she shivered.

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