The Heat of the Bright Sun A novella

Richard Camp is a loner in the mountains of Montana. When he feels the heat of the sun, he senses something is dangerous watching him in the dark woods. As he meets a woman who was hiking there, their paths meet as the nightmare wreaks havoc on them.


2. The Bright Sun-Part Two


The bright sun's glow dimmed.

Richard couldn't do anything in the blackout. 

An hour or two passed...slowly. 

By ten o'clock PM, (two hours' later), he saw the power was turned on. ​Finally!​, he thought to himself; he was concerned about the power. Montana's wildness was eerily fickle. Before he could do anything, there was a loud banging noise. He opened the front door. But no one was there. The hot sun surrounded the rugged mountains. Richard shook his head. Somewhere, in a hot dream, he wanted to believe in the notion that something ​was here; something that was embedded in his brain. Suddenly he saw a woman hiking. She wore a heavy backpack on her back; she was smiling at him, even though she didn't know him from a bar of slippery soap. "Good evening, I'm Marie Thompson", she said.

"Richard. Please come inside. You must be deeply affected by the burning sun", he said.

"Yes; yes, I am. I couldn't see anything because of the blackout". Richard nodded. He hadn't met any women in the mountains; he was alone on purpose. It was as if the internal power of life had drawn him towards the house in the mountains. Richard couldn't put it into words. Thinking he must be a host to his guest, he smiled. Then he closed the brown door, and grabbed the backpack off Marie's back with his strong hands. Then, by 9:00 PM, she walked down the hallway.

"The restroom's to the left", he said.  

"Thank you, Richard", Marie stated.

And she grinned.


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