The Heat of the Bright Sun A novella

Richard Camp is a loner in the mountains of Montana. When he feels the heat of the sun, he senses something is dangerous watching him in the dark woods. As he meets a woman who was hiking there, their paths meet as the nightmare wreaks havoc on them.


3. The Bright Sun-Part Three


​The knocking on the front door continued.

Richard sighed. 

"Go away!", he shouted.

He stared at the orangey-red sun. 

It was near the back of the house.

"Is there anything wrong, Richard?", Marie asked him, as she headed out of the restroom. He shook his head. 

"Just someone playing tricks on me", he answered her.

"Well, I can stop it", she uttered mysteriously.

"You can?", he said.

"Yes, it's The Darkness of the Sun". She shook her head. She walked towards the restroom. She flushed, then washed her hands. When she was finished, she dried her hands on the red towel that was the left-side rack on the creamy wall. Then she walked out of the room, and glided towards Richard.

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