The Heat of the Bright Sun A novella

Richard Camp is a loner in the mountains of Montana. When he feels the heat of the sun, he senses something is dangerous watching him in the dark woods. As he meets a woman who was hiking there, their paths meet as the nightmare wreaks havoc on them.


1. The Bright Sun-Part One


​The bright sun's rays hit the rugged Montana mountains on Wednesday, December 27, 2017 at 7:00 PM in the early evening. Richard Camp, who was celebrating his thirtieth birthday, was in the post-Christmas mood, as he stood near the warm fireplace. He grabbed the black firewood in his right hand. By the time he watched the sun's rays, he imagined sleeping on his bed without discomfort. Lynda Camp, his ex-wife of three years, had died from heat stroke during a heatwave that claimed two hundred lives back in two thousand and fourteen. Richard, who stood six-foot three, had long, black hair, brown eyes, and tall. He was wearing a red shirt, black jeans, a black belt, red socks, and black boots on his huge feet. The bright, colourful, Christmas tinsel was draped around the Christmas tree. He drank a glass of clear water that was refreshing.

And then he drank eagerly, before he fell asleep in the spacious lounge room.


The first sign of trouble was about 8:00 PM. Richard opened his eyes. He shook his head. The hot weather caused him to sweat profusely. He put on the air conditioner. The cool breeze wafted across his face. Suddenly a strange darkness arrived. Richard blinked his eyes. He got up out of bed. Lights begun to flicker. And, seconds later, the house's power was turned off as if by some unseen supernatural force that was ill-defined. Suddenly the power lines swirled near the grim woods. Richard sighed. Then he called the Power Department of Montana on his cell phone, and waited for the power to be turned back on.



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