The Heat of the Bright Sun A novella

Richard Camp is a loner in the mountains of Montana. When he feels the heat of the sun, he senses something is dangerous watching him in the dark woods. As he meets a woman who was hiking there, their paths meet as the nightmare wreaks havoc on them.


4. The Bright Sun-Part Four


​The Darkness of the Shadows ​seeped through the arched birch trees. Richard shivered. Marie shook her head, as they made sure they were indeed alone. There was nothing untoward happening; there was nothing unfamiliar in the surroundings...except for the bright sun's power. 

"What's happening, Richard? Is there a power of supernatural origin?", Marie asked him. He shook his head; he was concerned about the sun. He would burn unless he applied sunscreen over his face, nose, and arms. The sun wasn't like the icy coldness. By 10:00 PM, it was dark; it was so dark that the terror of the last few hours was like a bitter memory etched in time. Marie, who wore a red dress, shook her head. 

"It's a force of nature that will shake us all", Marie said.

"Will it!", Richard said.

"Yes", Marie stated.

And she stared at the darkness...and waited for the darkness to claim them.


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