They Never Knew

When Darcy and her mother are in a car accident and she is left alone with no family or at least that's what she thought, what will happen when the father she never knew comes to take care of her. will she except him or will she rebel against him for never being around for the last seventeen years of her life?


3. Waiting

Hours later after the flight......

  When they arrived at the hospital Harry went up to the front desk and asked for Doctor Shay. A few minutes later a woman appeared and greeted them. " Hi, i'm Doctor Shay you must be Mr.Styles, follow me and i will lead you to your daughter's room." As they walk down the hall she fills them in on Darcy's condition and how she is doing. When they get to the room they look in and see a young girl.She looks about the age of seventeen and is very pale with long curly red hair. She is lying on the bed with monitors hooked up and you can hear faint beeps come from  the monitor. Beside her is a girl about the same age with dark brown hair and tan skin, she is holding the others hand and talking to her. "Darcy i don't know if you can hear me but if you can please wake up i need you, you're my best friend and i can't lose you, who else am i gonna make lame jokes with or tease when you have a crush, or blonde moments. who am i gonna give or get advice from. Everyone says they miss you too and hope you wake up soon."  The girl starts crying and as you watch you realize just how much you don't know about the young girl lying unconscious, but the fact that she is your daughter so you came. Doctor Shay knocks on the door and the girl looks up. "Scarlet her father is here, maybe you can help him learn more about her while we wait for her to wake." The girl Scarlet gets up and walks to the door and when she sees you and the boys her eyes go wide as she realizes who you are. You finally speak up and say " Hi Scarlet I'm Harry."

"It's nice to meet you Harry, I'm Scarlet Darcy's best friend. Then she looks at the other boys and says " it's nice to meet you as well Darcy and I were always big fans thanks to Lily, but she never told us that she knew you all. Yall can come on in the room but I'll warn you she doesn't look to great right now." She turns to go back in the room and you all follow her. You look at your daughter close up now and realize just how much she looks like her mother with her red hair, oval face, and pale skin. As you look at her you still find it hard to believe that you have a daughter but everything about the way she looks reminds you of Lily and it brings a small smile to your face.

You look from Darcy to Scarlet and ask "How long have you two been friends?"

" For eight years, she and Lily moved here when we were in 3rd grade. Darcy has always wondered about you, who you were and if you even knew about her, and if you did why you weren't around?" she replies.

"No I never knew about her until yesterday, I had always wondered why Lily left all those years ago with no explanation. I guess I know why now" he says with a sad smile as he looks at Darcy. "Has she had a good life?"

Scarlet replies " She has had some rough times through the years but she got through them and they have both been doing great. I mean they have had some money struggles, but Lily always made sure they had what they needed. She was a great mother."

The next few hours they all sat down and just talked and learned more about Darcy from Scarlet and what she is interested in like how she loves music and singing, she is in jrotc, and she loves photography.

​Back to the present...

​About 5 minutes Liam walks in the room to check on things and sees you awake and his eyes go wide,  you look right back at him with wide eyes as well . Then you look at scarlet and ask " Why is Liam Payne in my room?"  She smiles and says "you know how the doctor said your last name was Styles, well Harry  is kinda your dad."  You look at her and back at Liam once again in disbelief. Then he gets his phone out and dials a number and when they answer all he says is "She's awake" and hangs up.

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