They Never Knew

When Darcy and her mother are in a car accident and she is left alone with no family or at least that's what she thought, what will happen when the father she never knew comes to take care of her. will she except him or will she rebel against him for never being around for the last seventeen years of her life?


1. The News

​​It was around 10 o'clock when Darcy and her mother were on their way home from the movies. They had just gone to see the new Pirates of the Caribbean. Her mother was having a difficult time seeing the road because a terrible storm had started. They had almost made it home when her mother slammed on the brakes, but the road was way too slick and they were going too fast. Darcy's eyes were wide with fear, there was no stopping in time so her mother threw her arm across Darcy's chest trying to protect her as they crashed right into a fallen tree. The last thing Darcy remembered hearing before she passed out was her mother screaming "I love you!"

​The next thing Darcy knew was that she was waking up to an unfamiliar room, the sound of beeping, and two people talking. When she looked around she saw her best friend Scarlet and a doctor talking. She spoke softly " Scarlet where am I?" They both looked over at her realizing she had awoken and rushed over. The doctor checked the monitor and asked her how she was feeling. She tried to sit up but pain shot through her whole body. She asked again "Where am I and why am I here?"

​"Your in the hospital. You were in a car accident and you have been in a coma for 2 weeks Miss Styles." The doctor said as she began to check her vitals.

​Darcy looks at the doctor confused, " My last name isn't Styles, it's Winter"

​"Yes that is your mother's last name, but on your birth certificate your last name is Styles." The doctor replied and at that moment she remembered the accident. The rain, The tree. Her mother. Now in a panic, Darcy frantically exclaimed, "Where is my mother?"

​The silence that fell in the room was deafening. Darcy's eyes shifted between the grim faces of her best friend and the doctor. Scarlet was the first to break the Silence with the words, "Darcy...I'm  so sorry. Your mom didn't make it. she used her body to protect you, she took the impact of the crash." Darcy's eyes filled with tears she couldn't believe her mother was gone. Scarlet carefully hugs her best friend and comforts her as Darcy mumbled into her shoulder. "Scarlet what am I gonna do? I have no family left. Where am I gonna stay?"

​Scarlet pulled away and looked at her and said, "That's not completely true. The hospital was able to track down you biological father and contact him. He's here and has been for a week and a half."

​Darcy stares at her in total disbelief once again and asked "Where is he?"

"He went to get something to eat. we've been taking turns staying with you hoping that you would wake up soon. He should be back shortly."


Authors Note: Hey guys so this is the first chapter of my new story, I hope you enjoy it and I will try to update soon.



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