They Never Knew

When Darcy and her mother are in a car accident and she is left alone with no family or at least that's what she thought, what will happen when the father she never knew comes to take care of her. will she except him or will she rebel against him for never being around for the last seventeen years of her life?


2. Flashback

​Flashback to 2 weeks ago London, England...

The boys were all sitting around catching up in the living room of the house that they all once shared. It'd been so long since they had all hung out due to their busy schedules. They were all laughing and talking about the old days from when they were on tour when the phone rang. Niall being the closest to the phone grabbed it and answered "Hello?"

"Hello is Mr. Harry Edward Styles there?" Niall looked confused and Replied "One moment." He handed the phone to Harry and says "it's for you mate."  Harry took the phone." Hello? This is Harry."

"Hi, Mr. Styles. I'm Doctor Shay at Memorial Hospital in Savannah, Georgia. in the states, I'm calling about your daughter Darcy Styles." All the boys' eyes were on Harry when his eyes go wide as he says, "My what?". He quickly  got up and left the room with the look of shock on his face and the other four boys were left confused and worried. 

"Your daughter Mr. Styles. I believe you knew a Lily Winter."

Harry knew exactly who that was and stayed silent for a moment because she had been the one true love of his life. She had disappeared leaving nothing but a letter saying she was sorry and that this was best for both of them and he has been looking for her everywhere for the last 17 years, and now he knows why she left. Harry regained his composure to ask, "Not to be rude but if I have a daughter is she alright? and why isn't Lily calling me herself?"

"I'm sorry to have to be the bearer of bad news, but Miss Winter and your daughter were in an accident a few days ago. Miss Winter threw herself in front of your daughter, she got the full impact of the collision and didn't make it." Tears filled Harry's eyes knowing he would never see his lily again but asked " How is my my daughter, is she alright?"

"Your daughter Darcy at the moment is in a coma and hasn't woken yet. Thanks to Miss Winter taking most of the crash impact she only has a few bruises and cuts. Nothing broken. I'm afraid you are the only family she has left. She has no other living relatives in the states."

"Alright. Thank you for contacting me, I will be on the next flight there." Harry still in shock form everything he just heard walked back into the living room where the boys are talking. As he walked in all eyes went on him, but nothing was said once they saw the tears in his eyes. He slowly walked back over to the couch and sat down trying to process everything he just learned. Finally he spoke in a raspy voice. "She's gone."

All the boys except for Louis looked at each other in confusion, for Louis knew exactly who Harry was speaking of and started tearing up as well. Lily was a sister to all of them and when she left none of them understood why and they all missed her. He walked over to sit by Harry and hugged him and said, " I am so sorry mate." Then he looked at the other three boys and mouthed Lily and at that moment they all understood and looked down with sad eyes and tears.

It was the next words that came out of Harry's mouth that confused them the most. " I have a daughter, her name is Darcy." They all look at him in shock and finally Louis says, "What do you mean you have a daughter?"

He looked up at all of them and said, "I think that's why she left with no explanation. she was scared of how I would react if I found out."

"What happened mate, where have they been all these years?" Liam asked

"They have been in the states, In Georgia to be more specific and they were in a car accident a few days ago. Lily threw herself in front of Darcy and took the full impact, she sacrificed herself for our daughter. I'm the only family she has left that knows about her, so I'm going to be on the next flight to the states." 

"Well we are coming with you mate, we can't let you go through this alone." Niall says. Harry looks at all of his best friends who are all agreeing with Niall and smiling slightly. "Thank you guys" he says smiling at them. They all walk upstairs and pack a bag or two and make a few calls letting people know where they are going and head to the airport.


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