They Never Knew

When Darcy and her mother are in a car accident and she is left alone with no family or at least that's what she thought, what will happen when the father she never knew comes to take care of her. will she except him or will she rebel against him for never being around for the last seventeen years of her life?


8. chapter 8

It's pretty late by the time they finish eating so they all decide to go to bed. Scarlet and Darcy in her room and the boys divided between the spare bedroom and the living room. In the middle of the night Harry woke up to hear Darcy and Scarlet up talking about Lily and him, " I wonder how they met and how long they were together before mom left, and why she never told him or me?"

"Maybe they grew up together, I have heard your mom slip up with an accent every once in awhile, and maybe she just thought his career was to crazy for you to be in while you were little and she didn't want to make him choose."


Hearing Scarlet say that made Harry think maybe she was right. Maybe she didn't tell me because she knew i would choose them over my career. After that he knew they were still up but he couldn't really hear them as well and his mind was wondering to other things and eventually he fell back asleep.

The next morning the boys woke up to the smell of pancakes and bacon and they all ran to the kitchen where they find Darcy sitting at the table with a cup of tea and munching on a piece of bacon while scarlet was cooking breakfast. After they all ate they went in to the living room except for Scarlet who had to work, she gave them all hugs and left. They were all sitting just watching TV when Darcy says " I think i want to go ahead and go through mom's things to get it over with." they all just look at her and share worried glances.


"Are you sure your ready for that ?" Liam asks


" No but it's something that needs to get done and if i don't do it now i won't ever do it " she gets up and walks over to the door of her mother's room. she hesitantly reaches for the door handle, and takes a deep breathe before opening the door. She pauses scared to go in, she feels a hand on her shoulder and turns to see Harry standing beside her, he says "we'll go in together" she smiles up at him an they both walk into the room.

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