They Never Knew

When Darcy and her mother are in a car accident and she is left alone with no family or at least that's what she thought, what will happen when the father she never knew comes to take care of her. will she except him or will she rebel against him for never being around for the last seventeen years of her life?


4. Awake

All he says is "She's awake" and hangs up.

​Within minutes Harry and Louis run in the room out of breath. Everyone in the room is silent as you and Harry just stare at one another for a moment. Neither one knowing what to say when finally you smile and break the silence and say "Hi" he smiles back at you and says " Hi, How are you feeling?"

You stay silent for a second deciding how to respond  and finally say "I'm ok I guess, its just a lot to take in all at once. Losing my mom and then meeting my dad for the first time not to mention he is famous."  by this time the rest of the boys have appeared and are now watching.

​"Yeah I guess that is a lot to take in all at once, but I just want you to know that even though we just found out about one another I'll be here if you need me." you just smile up at him and say "Thank you". After a minute Liam rounds everyone up and out the room so that you and Harry can talk alone for a bit.

​After about an hour of talking and getting to know each other Doctor Shay comes in and say that you needs  rest so Harry says "were gonna go get something to eat, but ill be back in a bit." He meets up with the others in the waiting area and tells them that she is sleeping. Then they go and get something to eat.

​Scarlet decides to take them to Dairy Queen since it's close to the hospital incase something happens and plus it has good food. While they are eating they just talk about how it was for Harry to meet Darcy and actually be able to talk to her for the first time. Then Scarlet's phone rings and she answers "Hello?" she listens to the other person for a second while the boys continue eating until they hear her say "what? we are on the way" at this point all the boys are looking at her and she just says "we have to get back to the hospital." and they all rush out.

​Authors Note: Hey guys sorry that this chapter is so short and that I don't update very often. I've just been really busy and I will be for the next few weeks but I will try to update when I can. 


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