I am Josh

Warren Middleton hasn't got a daughter, yet a regular workday Josh shows up and claims to be it.
Warren refuses any relation to the girl until he hears the name of her mother: Helena Wright.
Everything changes, and from being an orphan living at a foster home, Josh turns into a posh girl living with one of the most well known and prestigious families.
That's what's expected of her anyways, but can she really get used to the fancy clothes, private schools and a life in glory?

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2. Chapter 1

A reception is a place where you enter a building and.. Outer, a building, which explained the constant stream of people going through the glass doors with the golden handles.

I took a deep breath, gathering all my courage before walking the distance to the high counter.

The brown haired reception was so busy chewing gum so she didn’t have time to look up from her computer, not even when I discreetly cleared my throat.

“Excuse me?” I tried, finally getting a reaction. The woman looked up and I noticed her cherry pink lip gloss which did just not go with her colors. I shook the thought out of my head and continued; “I’m looking for a… Warren, Warren Middleton,” I explained while holding the note closely in my pocket. I’d read the few words at least a thousand times and by now I was completely sure of every letter on it. Warren Middleton was the only thing on there besides his work address - where she was standing now - and a phone number that turned out to now belong to a very nice older lady who was convinced I was trying to sell her something.

“Do you have an appointment?” the poorly dressed receptionist asked, still chewing on her gum.

“Uh, no, but..”Well, then I can’t help you,” the girl interrupted and turned to the screen again. She clearly thought the conversation was over, but after spending all my money on a bus ticket I wasn’t going to let some poor fashion sensed woman stop me.

I stepped to the side so I again was in front of the girl, who sighed deeply before looking at me again.

“Hi again! Can’t you just… I don’t know, ask him?” I suggested. I didn’t know much about this Warren Middleton - besides what I’d seen on google - but with this many employees, he couldn’t be that busy.

“I can’t help you, little girl. Go sell your cookies elsewhere,” she demanded and rolled her eyes.

“I am not little!” I considered my 5’2” for a second; “In any other sense than height. I am sixteen and I am not here to sell cookies!” I said angrily. I wasn’t leaving just because some woman - who clearly had an attitude problem - didn’t want me to see him!

“Then what are you doing here?” She asked, clearly losing her interest already. I opened my mouth to answer but sighed and closed it again.

“Can I at least just wait here in the lobby?” I asked, to which I got a shrug of her shoulders.

I hadn’t left the lobby for even a second in fear of missing Warren Middleton who was bound to leave the building eventually. Or so I thought.

I’d spent my phones last battery googling him again to know who I was looking for, and the few pennies I had left in my pocket wasn’t nearly enough for even a small coffee from the coffeeshop I’d spotted across the street.

When the clock hit 7 the obnoxious receptionist started looking at the elevator every few seconds, and after 12 minutes and about thirty seconds a pling sounded.

I looked up and saw the man I’d seen so many pictures of on the internet. Warren Middleton.

The tall man with the brownish hair said a few words to the receptionist before turning against the door and then quickly nearing it.

Turns out, I didn’t have to google him. He was one of those people that made everybody look up when he walked in a room, a man whose presence alone gave everybody a feeling of being puppies near a wolf. Possibly a bear. Or a lion.

Is puppies scared of lions? I mean they gotta be, right? Puppies are like tiny and lions are big cats. If small cats are big dicks, huge cats gotta be massive dicks, right?

Losing focus, Josh!


I took a step to the side to let him out, and quickly followed him; “Excuse me?”

Warren Middleton turned around and looked at me with piercing, kind eyes.

“Can I help you?”

I pulled myself together and took a deep breath; “Are you Warren Middleton?” My voice sounded a lot more nervous than I’d hoped it would, but it didn’t seem to affect Warren Middleton.

“I am, yes. May I ask who you are?” he asked politely.

“I’m your daughter.”



  Yes, the chapters are longer than this, but this is all I have so far and I thought I might as well just share it right away. I'll add to the chapter as I get further, but till then you'll just have to live:P

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