M12: I hate being new

Kai is an ordinary girl until she meets a group of 12 boys called M12. She later figures out that the "M" in M12 means mothia. Soon enough, all the boys in the group end up having "feelings" for her.


7. The promise

“I don’t know what your talking about,” I said looking away so Jake didn't see pure happiness on my face. He walked over to me and lifted up my face, so I was looking straight at him.

“Then why are you smiling?”he asked grinning.

“.....Because I’m happy I’m alive,”I said backing up. I wasn’t going to let what happened in the elevator happen again.

He rolled his eyes and said,”sure.” After a minute his moitha start coming out from the shadows.

“What’s going on?”I asked a little scare.

“Welcome to M12,”Jake laughed. Everyone clapped. What? Was all of that a test?

“Was that all a test?”I asked.

“Yes,”he smiled.

“Then what about all the people we killed?”I asked not wanting to know the answer.

“Expendable people,”he said still smiling. I looked at him saying with my eyes,”You're evil.”

“I know,”he said seriously.

“Why do we half to have a girl in the moitha?”Liam asked.

“What you have a problem with me girl?”Jake asked with a serious look on his face.

“THAT’S my problem,”he said.

“Your infatuated with this girl!”he yelled. Everyone turned around to look at me, Liam, and Jake. Then after a minute they turned back around.

“You don’t half to worry about me being in the moitha because I’m not going to be in it,”I said. Then Liam left giving me a dirty look on his face. Why does that guy hate me? Then

everyone who had showed up from the shadows had somehow disappeared the same way. Now it was just me and Jake. He walked up to me and pulled me really close to him.

“Let me put it this way if you don’t join I will kill your family and torture you for the rest of your life,”he said seriously. I pushed him away and tried to walk away, but every step I took he followed. I walked backwards falling right into the binch. I fell on it in a setting position. I tried to get up, but it was already too late he had gotten on top of me and pinned my arms to the binch.

“Are you scare?”he asked grinning.

“No,”I said blushing.

He looked me in the eyes and said,”Your going to join you got that.” I broke.

“Fine! Just get off me!”I yelled.

“Good,”he said as he got off me, but still holding onto one of my hands.

“You can start working after summer break,”he said grinning.

“But you half to promise me one thing, that you won’t run away and never come back,”he said. He looked so sad, but I knew it was a trick.

“I promise,”I said smiling.

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