M12: I hate being new

Kai is an ordinary girl until she meets a group of 12 boys called M12. She later figures out that the "M" in M12 means mothia. Soon enough, all the boys in the group end up having "feelings" for her.


5. The elevator

“Finally we can get out of here,”he said happy. We smiled at each other.

“Do you still want to get tea?”he asked.

“No lets just go home,”I said.”I mean our own homes,”I said anxiously.

“Are you sure that’s what you want?”he asked with one hand around my waist and the other pining my hand to the wall. I tried to push away, but then he grabbed my free hand and pinned it to the wall like the other one.”What are you going to do now?”he asked with a grin on his face. Then I kicked him where the sun didn’t shine.

“Nicely played,”he said still with this evil grin on his face. Then he came at me. This went on for some time and when it finally end we were on the floor laughing.

“Ha I beat you I won the war,”I said laughing.

“Yeah I guess you did,”he laughed.”But there’s a new war your going to have to fight,”he said looking me straight in the eyes.

“What war would that be?”I asked. Then he got on top of me.

“The war of love,”he said as he kissed me. My brain was sending me mixed messages like that I should lose this, but I still wanted to win. I tried to move but he said, ”Let me have this.” And pulled me back under him. Luckily the elevator stop at the bottom floor I ran out saying,”Thanks for everything today!” Then I ran all the way home. What was that? Why did he do that? And why did I say thank you to him?

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