M12: I hate being new

Kai is an ordinary girl until she meets a group of 12 boys called M12. She later figures out that the "M" in M12 means mothia. Soon enough, all the boys in the group end up having "feelings" for her.


2. Kidnapped

The next day as I walked to school 3 limos stopped right in front of me. 3 guys in black suits and glasses walked up to me. One had a cloth in his hand. I tried to run, but while I wasn’t looking 3 more men had come from behind. As they came at me I move my foot across the dirt creating a cloud of dust. As they amlicely look around for me in the dirt I had ran away as fast as I could. Where should I go? I can’t go to school so...I got it. I ran down the street into my favorite baker. I grabbed a cupcake and walked right out the door into another trap. One of the guys came from behind and knocked me out with some type of smell. I woke up in dress, earrings, and higheal shoes.”7,000 dollars,”Jake said.

“You owe me now,”he laughed.

“I don’t owe you anything,”I told.

“Your wearing something expensive and you think you don’t owe me,”Jake said angrily.

“Fine then you can have it back,”I said as I took off the expensive dress, earrings, and higheal shoes. Then I throw them at him and put on my original cloths. Then that’s when I noticed it wasn’t me and him it was all of M12. Well how embarrassing. "Oh by the way I still declare war on you,”I told as I walked out the door. Then I walk through this giant mansion for what felt like an hour.

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