M12: I hate being new

Kai is an ordinary girl until she meets a group of 12 boys called M12. She later figures out that the "M" in M12 means mothia. Soon enough, all the boys in the group end up having "feelings" for her.


8. Kidnapped again

             It has been a whole 2 mouths since I've made that promise. And ever since that promise I have been getting nonstop text from Jake, but today summer break is over. I got on the bus and sat at the back. After an hour of being on the bus finally it came to my stop. I got out and stretched my legs out. I hate buses. Then out of nowhere someone grabbed my waist. I looked over to see Karma.

"Hey Kai I'm here to kidnap you,"Karma says smiling.

"What?"I asked as he picked me up. He carried me like a potato sack all the way down the ally way. I would of screamed and kicked, but I had made a promise with Jake that I couldn't break. Then when he finally put me down he tied me up and trow me in the back. 

He looked back at me and said,"Will be there very soon."

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