M12: I hate being new

Kai is an ordinary girl until she meets a group of 12 boys called M12. She later figures out that the "M" in M12 means mothia. Soon enough, all the boys in the group end up having "feelings" for her.


6. Before summer break

Luckily summer break was soon, because I don’t know how long I could avoid him. And of course I ran into him.

    “Hey haven’t seen you in a while,”he said as if we were best friends.

    “Yeah because...I have been avoiding you,”I said a little scared.

    “Why? Because I’m a mothia leader? Or maybe because you like me? Or even just that your afraid of me?”he said like a fox.

    “I’m not afraid of you,” I said.

    “Then prove it by coming to the place we met up last time for another date,”he smiled.

    “Fine, but what time?”I asked.

    “10 o’clock and don’t be late this time,”he smiled. Then he walked away leaving

me alone in the hallway. Wait what day? I totally forgot to ask him. So I ran down the hallway right into him. I fell to the floor. Jake extended his hand and asked,”Are you ok?”

    “No it was like getting hit by a brick wall,” I said as I felt my head.

    “Why did you run to me?”he asked as he pulled me up.

    “Because I forgot to ask you what day,”I told.

    “How about friday,”he said with an evil grin on his face.

    “Ok,”I said with a worried face. Then to show his dominance to the other members who were watching he kissed me on the head and said, ”Have a nice day.” I walked away not looking back, yet I felt like people were watching me. The whole day I still felt like people were watching me. And finally when friday came and I met him at the clock it felt like more people were watching us. Maybe 20 or 30, but I kept acting like nothing was wrong. Jake took me to the fair where we road some rides, at food, and even took a picture together like a real couple. It was so weird, he was being so well….less flirty than usual. I mean I didn’t mind it, but something was wrong. After being there for the whole day we got on the ferris wheel. It was so beautiful at night, until the glass broke around me. Luckily we were close to the ground. My initial thought was that someone was shooting at us.

    “Get down!”Jake yelled at me. And I did as he said.

“What’s going on?”I asked.

    Were under attack by another mothia,”he said coldly.

    “Kai I need you to trust me completely. Can you do this?”he asked.

    “Yes my life is in your hands,”I said looking him straight in the eyes.

    “Here take this,”he told as he handed me a knife. I put it in my pocket.

    “My grandpa once said that this knife could end up saving my life..so I’m letting you hold onto it for now,”he smiled and I weakly smiled at he and said,”Sure...I’ve your back.” Then we jumped out of the cart right into the war we were going to half to fight. Jake had protected me and fought off a good amount of people, but soon he was pinned to the ground.

    “Kai run!”he yelled, but I didn’t move I just watched. Then I remembered the knife in my pocket. I looked around for weapons and saw that there was a gun near me too. Then I saw they were about to kill Jake. And as if I was on autopilot I slashed through people and picked up the gun shooting people with 100% accuracy. But somehow the gun was knocked out of my hand. I couldn’t get to him I was too late. A tear ran down my face, but I wasn’t ready to quit so I throw the knife at the guys hand and he let the weapon go and Jake was able to get free. Then he killed the guy and came to save me, but I was already free. There was one person left. Me and Jake both pulled our guns out to shoot, but I beat him to it. He looked at me surprised.

    “Who know you were a stone cold killer,”he said with an evilly grinning.

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