My First Love [H.S]

Middle School Sucks, but you start to experience more events, for example.
My First Love. A/N: I plan on including some bad words, and kissing scenes. I will put a warning.e


1. Prologue

I had recently broke up with my boyfriend Jared

It's funny because he cheated on me but we were in 6th grade so it shouldn't have

hurt as much as it did.

The summer finally came to an end.

New Grade.

New Me.

New Friends.

Same School.

I haven't formally introduced myself yet.

My full name is Penelope Blair Jackson.

My friends call me Penny.

My nickname is PB&J because those are my initials and its funny.

I just turned 13, my birthday is June 9, I was born June 9, 2004.

My favorite color is Neon Coral Pink

I'm a little below average height. I'm only 4'10 1/2'

I'm currently starting the 7th grade and I'm really excited, I can't wait.


A/N: HI! This is my first Movella so don't judge. The main character is based off of me I just changed some stuff. I hope you enjoy, all my chapters will be edited, and I post often. -A<3

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