My First Love [H.S]

Middle School Sucks, but you start to experience more events, for example.
My First Love. A/N: I plan on including some bad words, and kissing scenes. I will put a warning.e


4. My Weekend with Harry!

A/N: Edited


Penny's P.O.V

I awoke to the sun shining through the windows of the tree house. I rubbed my eyes while sitting up, taking in my surroundings I remembered the event of yesterday. I smile to myself while checking the time. Too early to be awake, so I lay back down next to Harry in my previous spot, pretty soon the darkness envelopes me.

Harry's P.O.V

I feel something shift besides me causing me to stir awake. I internally freak out before recognizing my surroundings along with the events that happened. I really think I should ask Penelope to be my girlfriend! I lay back down facing Penelope. I guess I'll just wait until she wakes up.

After what felt like eternity Penelope starts to stir beside me, her slightly sparkly eyelids flutter open to reveal her beautiful deep sea blue eyes staring into my boring and bland green ones.

(these are my eyes but edited.)

Penny's P.O.V

I'm slowly being pulled from the darkness as I start to stir awake, pretty soon my bland, boring blue eyes flutter open to meet those excruciatingly beautiful jade green one's that I'm growing fond of.

"Good morning" His lips move so beautifully forming the words, oh but his voice, is deep and raspy, and sexy!

"Good morning" I reply in my still soft Cheshire accent.

We stare into each other's eyes, getting lost for a second before Harry slowly lean towards me, he hesitate's, his lips only centimeters from my own, he takes a deep breath before attaching our lips, moving slowly, he brings his hand up to stroke my cheek sweetly. ( Warning! This is a make out scene! Move past if uncomfortable!?!)

Harry slowly inches himself towards me more and more, until he slowly pulls me on top of him. I forget about us only being in the 7th grade, instead I simply enjoy myself. He hesitantly licks my bottom lip, I get my self situated straddling him while he sits up. I tease him opening my mouth a centimeter or too before closing again. He groans in frustration running his hands from me cheeks down my sides until he tightly wraps his arms around my lower back. I run my hands up his sides into his slightly curly hair. He tries again, but this time without hesitation, he slowly licks my bottom lip asking for entrance, having never done this before, my heart rate speed up, I slowly pull away. "Is something wrong?" he asks me nicely, " It's just that I've never kissed with, er, um, you know....." he thinks for a second before finishing what I was trying to say, " You mean, tongue?" " Yeah.." I reply, a blush creeps onto my cheeks, he smiles lightly, " If you want we can try it?" I suggest, "Okay" he replies before leaning in, once again our lips attach, we kiss for a minute or so before he asks for entrance a third time, I nervously give him access to my mouth. His tongue slowly enters my mouth, he explores for a few seconds before his tongue meets mine, he quickly pulls away, "Follow my lead." he says quickly before smashing his mouth onto my continuing from where he left off. His tongue slowly moves with mine, our tongues fight for dominance, finally I grow tired and let him take control. We continue to kiss, and kiss, we eventually end up laying down, we pull apart smiling at each other, Harry gives me another sweet and slow kiss no tongue, but it wasn't closed mouth either, after a few more seconds he pulls away, we smile at each other. We grow tired from our long make out session, Harry pecks my lips before we snuggle up and fall asleep once again.


A/N: I hope you liked it! It took me forever to write this due to writers block! I've decided that I'm holding a contest, I need some people as my other friends and as girlfriends for the boys.

To enter I just need:


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Hair Color:

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Your username so I can follow you! (Duh)

And lastly which one direction boy (except harry) you want to date. If you don't get to date one of the one direction boys, I'm sorry but I'll still include you in the story! Because I love you!

One more thing I'm Looking for a co author because I get writer's block a lot. I have some requirments:

1. You have to have good grammar

2. Please come with good Ideas!
3. I don't like sad endings so.....yeah.

That's it! I love you guys so much! Don't forget to comment Ideas for chapters, If you interested in being the co author or want to enter the contest just comment! -A<3



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