My First Love [H.S]

Middle School Sucks, but you start to experience more events, for example.
My First Love. A/N: I plan on including some bad words, and kissing scenes. I will put a warning.e


3. My Hangout With Harry!

A/N: Edited.


I soon as I got home I threw my rip-stick in the Garage, and ran inside. I didn't bother yelling for my parents or sister. My parents are probably in some exotic paradise on a "business trip". As for my sister she practically lives at her friends house. Her best friends got another bed in her room for Nadia, and my sister moved half her wardrobe into her friends house so she stays their, the only time she stays at our house is when our parents are home for a couple days searching for another place to go. I run straight to my room, I'm careful not to trip on my latter. As soon as I'm in the comforts of my room I fall face first onto my bed and fan girl! This could be my first possible best friend, or if I'm lucky it could turn into something more. I decide to text Harry first. ( P-Penny, H-Harry) 

​P- Hey, here's my address 4200 Williams Mine Road! 

H- Thanks, My mom said i could stay over for the wknd, even tho i asked if i could just hang out.

P- Actually, maybe you should stay for the weekend it could be fun, plus I'll be all alone all weekend! Plz!

H- Okay! Thx 4 the address, i b there in like 30 minutes.

P- kk c u then!

OMG!!!! I can't believe I'm having a boy over for a whole weekend. OMG! I have to get everything ready first! I slide down my pole and go to the glass door that leads to our secret tree house, and pool. I claimed it both, I decorated the tree house as like a hangout place, and then I have all my pool stuff and swimsuits their, we have a big pool. I run down the steps, I arrive at the gate that blocks you from seeing the path. I quickly unlock the tree house, before making my way to our cove like pool. I search for the little box, "Found it!" I switch the heating jets on. I head back to the tree house, arguing with myself which bikini I should wear. I finally decided to ask for some help.

P-Harry what kinda bikini's do you like?

H- Hmm, I like cute girly ones.

P- Thx! c u in 10 minutes!

I quickly rush through the closet of swimsuits before finding the perfect one.

I quickly throw it on before rushing back into the house. I tidy up my room, and grab my phone. The doorbell rings as I'm sliding down my pole. I quickly rush to the front door, which took me like five minutes because my house is so big. I open my door to a smiling Harry, he has a leather book bag on one shoulder, while his left hand holds his phone and boxing gloves, and in the other he has hold of his orange rip-stick. His eyes widen, probably because I'm in my swimsuit. I look him up and down to see him in his swim trunks and a jack wills sweatshirt. " Nice house!" he compliments, bringing a blush to my cheeks. " Thanks come in, you can just set your stuff in my room once we get their." He smirks before walking in. I close the door slowly giving Harry enough time to scan my house. His eyes are wide, "Wow!"

"It's kinda big."

" You think!"

I grab his hand and lead him through our front walk way into the kitchen, " Want anything to eat drink!" I ask politely while still kind of pulling him along. " No thanks" he replies while subtly intertwining our fingers, I really don't mind. Harry's quite cute! In a couple minutes we arrive at my ladder/stairs. We didn't have to let go of hands because they were wide enough to fit 2 people. We both walked into my room, I just pointed to my bed hoping he'll just put his stuff on it. Harry tosses his stuff on the bed, unfortunately we have to let go of hands to go down the pole. " Whoa! You have a fireman pole!"

"Yup, now hurry up! so we can go swimming"

Harry tries to slide down the pole... I said he tried. The pole kinda ran into a place where the sun don't shine and let's say I though it was funny while Harry personally didn't


"Knock Knock"

"Who's their"


"Hula who"

"p" I was confused for a couple more seconds before bursting out into fits of laughter! " Harry that was really funny!"

" You have a nice laugh" he compliments bringing out my red cheeks. We had been sitting in front of the fire in the tree house, since getting done with swimming. We had a really fun time. We were currently telling jokes while holding hands. 

"Wanna play twenty questions?" I suggest getting bored of laughing. Harry makes a thinking face before surprising me with a question instead of an answer.

"Are you single?" "Yup" I reply popping the p.

" Have you ever kissed anyone" I retort to him. He hesitates before answering truthfully "NO" I blush at his answer seeing as I haven't either. " Me neither". We continue to ask questions before comfortable silence fills the room. I finally break it with a risky question. " Hey, do you think maybe  since we both haven't been kissed, and everyone makes a big deal of it, that you might wanna, er, try it?" immediately I regret asking as Harry blushes at my question. I wait a few seconds before I retrieve an answer. " Sure!"

I think twice making sure I had heard him correctly, before growing excited and quickly getting up to retrieve my chap stick. I return quickly, sitting down in front of Harry I apply a quick layer before handing it over to Harry, who takes it with a smile. " Oh, Coconut! My favorite!" He happily exclaims, before puckering his lips in a funny way and applying it, I laugh as he smiles in accomplishment. " Are you ready?" he asks I hesitate with my answer, " I, er, yeah?", we both chuckle, suddenly Harry becomes serious, for a 7th grader he was really grown up and sweet with me. He raises his left hand and puts in on my cheek. He gives me a smirk before slowly leaning in, I take short nervous breaths, we both close our eyes, I await for the kiss growing impatient, I lean forwards more connecting our lips. Both of us not knowing what to do wait a few seconds before Harry takes the lead and slowly pulls away only to reconnect our lips, this time we both move our mouths, we didn't use our tongue, since we were only in 7th grade, but I could taste the coconut!

Harry p.o.v.

I could taste the coconut! I moved my lips more hoping I'm doing the right, I stroke her cheek softly.


Penny p.o.v


Harry p.o.v

Know about Her

Penny p.o.v

Him, but I felt something

Harry p.o.v

It felt almost like...

Harry & Penny p.o.v



A/N: HAPPY NEW YEAR!?!?!??!?!?<3 -A



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