My First Love [H.S]

Middle School Sucks, but you start to experience more events, for example.
My First Love. A/N: I plan on including some bad words, and kissing scenes. I will put a warning.e


2. My First Day!



I woke up to the sun shining in my eyes, I blinked before sneaking a glance at my watch to check the time. "Crap!"  If I didn't get up now I would be late for school! I bolted from my bed,got dressed in my outfit I picked out beforehand, and turned the corner from my room into my bathroom that I unfortunately  had to share with my older sister, Nadia! Ugh. I quickly brushed through my hair, and threw it into a sloppy dutch braid.

I quickly added a tie on Nike headband and called it good. I quickly brushed my teeth. Last but not least I added super light mascara, sparkly eye shadow, and some baby lips. I rushed back into my overly big room, we lived on a small farm with a quite fancy house if I say so myself, I got the biggest room, since I'm spoiled. I even got to decorate it myself.

The only reason I got the biggest room in the house was because it was the attic, so I was distanced from the rest of my family. Jokes on them because I have a ladder to climb up into my room but if I wanna get down from my room I just slide down my fire pole. I know you're probably like ' How can your room be in the attic with your bathroom but you have to share your bathroom with your sisters room which is below your room?' Well my friends I have a cool freaking house. So I have my room in the attic with my ladder and pole, theirs also a door to my room into the rest of the attic which we turned into a bathroom, that I have to share with my sister, who's room is below mine, well my sister has a door in her room that looks like a closet but its really just a small spiral staircase that leads into the bathroom in the attic which is damn cool I think.

So when I exit my room I go straight into a hallway, windows on the left side have a view of trees. If you walk all the way to the end of the hallway a glass door leads to our kinda hidden pool, at the beginning of the hallway is a slide door, you go through their and it leads into our living room.

Our living room is connected to our kitchen, theirs stairs in the kitchen that lead to my art studio.

If you walk through the kitchen you'll end up in the front hall, you leave through the front hall, but theirs also a staircase that leads into another small hallway with 2 black doors.

The one on the right is mine, and the one on the left is Nadia's.

Our parents gave us these rooms to do anything with, we could make them into whatever we wanted and our parents didn't have to know. Mine well I like to keep mine a secret, nobody but me is allowed in their, I even lock it so no one will try to go in. I'll tell you about that later.

I quickly grab my leather book bag, I make sure I have my phone, wallet, then I grab my rip stick on the way out, I'm only in the 7th grade and I already have to get myself to school. I look down at my Adidas's as I step onto my 'white'rip stick and head to school. My school isn't anything special, at least not when you live in Holmes Chapel. I was texting on my new iPhone 5 that I got for my birthday, I didn't want a case because it was a gold color and I liked it, I was talking to Laney about the rumor that 5 new 'cute' boys were transferring here. One lives here but is just changing schools, one is moving from Dublin, Ireland, another one is coming from Bradford, the 2nd to last one is coming from Don caster, and the 5th is moving from Wolverhampton. I was about to reply to her when suddenly I ran into someone, who just so happens to be using the same exact rib stick as me. I grabbed my phone from beside me when a Bradford accent spoke. " I'm so sorry, I wasn't paying attention, I shouldn't have been texting, here let me help you up." he held out a hand as I observed him, tan skin, black flat hair, long eyelashes, and beautiful brown eyes. "Oh uh, thanks." I replied as I awkwardly grabbed his hand and stood up. He looked into my eyes as he introduced himself properly. "I'm Zayn, Zayn Malik, and you?" "Hi Zayn, I'm Penelope, but you can call me Penny." I said while shaking his hand. We stood their for a second just looking at each other before he broke the silence. " Wow, you have really pretty eyes." "Oh, thanks, you do too." "Thanks."  I was about to get back on my rip stick before he stopped me. " Could I get your number?" I thought about it for a few seconds before remembering that I just broke up with my ex, I'm single as a pringle and ready to mingle, I think this could really turn into a good friendship.. "Penny?" He interrupted my daydreaming, " You know what, yes. You can have my number." I told him as he smiled wide. We exchanged numbers and decided to rip-stick to school together, we played 20 questions and we both were surprised about how much we learned about each other.

We arrived at 7:30, school starts at 8:00, so we had about thirty minutes to lounge around the commons. I turned to Zayn who was busy on his blue phone. 

" Hey Zayn, we have about thirty minutes until school starts, so I'm going to go hang out with my friends. Are you gonna be okay bye yourself, because I don't mind if you stick with me and I could show you around!" I smiled at him waiting for his reply. " Thanks, but I think I can figure it out." He smiled back at me, I nodded and waved goodbye to him as I made my way over to my friends making sure I didn't run into anybody. I was greeted by Laney first when I arrived at our little table.

" OMG! Penny! It wasn't a rumor all 5 boys are really cute! You, like have to meet them!"

"Right now?" I asked wanting to just sit down, " Uh, yes right now! Are you stupid?Duh!" She explained while grabbing my hand and pulling me towards a boy with blond shaggy hair, in my opinion he could've used a different hairstyle. Laney successfully dragged me towards the destination and tapped the blonde guy on the shoulder so he would turn around. When he was fully facing us I observed his face while Laney was might I say loudly introducing us in a girly voice. He had a round face but it fit him perfectly, he had bright blue eyes, the same color as my eyes but my eyes were aqua blue, his were darker blue but bright. When he smiled at us his teeth were just a little crooked but not too much, I had to admit he was kinda cute. When he spoke he had an Irish accent which I thought was really cute, I zoned back in to hear what he was saying. " Hey I'm Niall, Niall Horan, and you girls are?" I beat Laney to it by saying both of our names, " I'm Penny, and I'm sure you already know this is Laney." Laney quickly glanced at me when I finished because usually she's the one to introduce us. We talked to Niall for a few more minutes, before we were all informed that we had to go to class. I walked back over to the table and grabbed my bag, and rip stick, then I collected my phone and wallet. I made my way over to the vending machine, and bought myself a smart water, which I quickly put into my bag while walking towards my locker. The hallways were loud as always. I took my schedule out of my bag to look at my locker number, I was locker number 4, section 50, Our lockers were always arranged weird theirs like 50 different sections, with 6 lockers in each. Since my locker is in section 50 it's at the end of the hallway but it only has four lockers which means somebody will have to have a locker buddy, the lockers are curved, as I make my way over I notice, Zayn, Niall, and 3 other guys are following me. I finally arrive at section 50 the same time as Zayn, Niall, and the 3 mystery guys arrive. We all look at each other before Zayn takes locker 1, while Niall claims locker 2, the guy with a mark on his neck and the smallest boy become locker partners in locker 3, which leaves me, and.... I slowly look to the only guy that left, he has bright green eyes, curly hair, has pink lips, and is wearing a lot of bracelets. I do a double take, not noticing him approaching me. " Hello there, I'm Harry." "Penelope, but yo-

He cuts me off before I can tell him to call me Penny. "Well Penelope, I guess we'll be locker neighbors! I hope your not one of those girly girls who love decorating so much they'll, like, paint their lockers pink!" He tells me while laughing. " Well Harry, you have nothing to worry about, as long as you keep your gym clothes away!" I say back laughing as well, we both finish laughing as we discuss who's gonna do the combo, " How about on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays you do the combo and I'll cover Tuesdays and Thursdays. He agreed as he quickly put in our combo which was easy, it was '17-38' ( I'm sorry I couldn't help myself). I carefully but quickly out my rib stick in our locker while Harry kinda stood their with a impressed look on his face.

We both put our book bags in our locker since it was a rule that we couldn't carry our books with a book bag. Since my first class was boxing I grabbed my phone and water bottle. Harry asked me what my first class was, " Boxing." "Really! That's my first class too!" "Hey! Apparently they're putting girls and boys together as partners maybe we'll end up as boxing buddies!" "Yah, but I would totally kick your butt!"  "Don't test me lil' boy" I joked as he laughed and grabbed his phone and water bottle. The first bell rang signaling that we had 4 minutes to get to class. Harry and I joked on who would win in a boxing match while heading towards the boxing room. As we walked through the doors the second bell rang. Everyone was standing in front of coach. Harry and I separated as we found spots to stand. "OKAY. FIRST THINGS FIRST. I WANT ALL 8TH GRADERS TO STAY HERE. 7TH GRADE GO UPSTAIRS AND CHANGE IN THE LOCKER ROOMS, BOYS WILL PICK FROM THE GIRLS FOR PARTNERS, AFTER YOU HAVE PARTNERS START WARMING UP WITH DOWN AND BACKS, AND STRETCHES, WHEN YOUR DONE WITH THAT I WANT YOU TO GO WITH YOUR PARTNER AND GET A PAIR OF WHITE BOXING GLOVES. YOU MAY DECORATE AS YOU'D LIKE ON YOUR BOXING GLOVES, NO GLITTER. GO!GO!GO!" We all followed coaches instructions as we all sprinted upstairs and into the locker rooms. For boxing you're required to wear a sports bra and Nike spandex, with Nike shoes. While the guys had to wear gym shorts, with no shirts and Nike shoes. I got my galaxy sports bra and Nike Spandex from my gym locker from last year. I was kind of embarrassed as I slipped on my Nike Spandex. I was the only girl with abs, plus I actually had a butt. This is what I looked like.


I was kind of proud because I was the only girl with abs everyone else just had flat stomachs.

After everyone was changed us girls walked out in sports bras and spandex to find shirtless boys who get to choose who their partner is. Us being girls lined up tallest to shortest. Of course I was at the end as the shortest, but I was the best looking girl out of all of them.

The boys just followed our lead and lined up tallest to shortest. Harry was about 5'ft so he was second to last in the short people end. Of course boys being boys picked who they thought was the hottest. One by one girls and guys were partnered now their were only 5 girls and 5 guys left, I was thinking about my special room until I heard my name. " blah blah blah Penelope." "Huh?" I said as the other 4 girls snicker at my daydreaming. Then Harry steps forwards and repeats what he must of said " I pick Penelope as my partner" the girls' laughter slowly stops as they realize he picked me. I must say he was quite fit for a 7th grader.

Harry and I walked beside each other to the end of the weight room and decided on seeing who could get down and back 5 times the fastest. "Okay Harry on the count of three." I started "one" he continued "two" I said slowly "three" he said as fast as he could so he could start running. Harry had a 2 second head start because I wasn't ready. He touched the other end as I followed seconds behind him. I sprinted faster, on number three I was in the lead as Harry groaned while running, I mentally counted the down and backs '4' Harry past me by an inch, 'touch the wall' 'sprint', I ran as fast as I could, right before we touched the wall I was in the lead'touch the wall' now all I had to do was stay in the lead all the way to the other end. 'Sprint' I was halfway across the weight room Harry was right on my tail, crap he passed me, I still have at least 10 feet to go, I ran as fast as I could go, we were side by side, we looked at each other still running. I pointed to the left of him making him turn his head, I sprinted forwards the last few feet and I was the first to touch the wall! Wait! I WON! I WON! I WON! I sprawled out on my back, sweat trickling down the linings of my toned stomach, Harry stood against the wall facing forwards, sweat trickling slowly down his back. I started to laugh, and so did Harry. " I won, I beat you, Fair 'n' Square" I teased in my soft Cheshire accent. "YOU CHEATED!" He said loudly as his voice cracked. " Uh, oh, puberty's hitting! Your voice cracked!" I pointed out "Ha ha, so funny, we should start stretching." "okay!" I stood up. Harry was still leaning back against the wall he stepped forwards and touched his toes. I turned around and bent to touch my toes. "For a 7th grade girl, I have a better view than expected!" Harry said while chuckling. " Wow very mature. Now stop staring at my ass and stretch!" I said as I stood up faced Harry and then carelessly dropped down into the splits. "ouch!" "It doesn't hurt, if you do it a lot." I said standing up. 5 minutes later we went over to the table and looked for gloves in our sizes. We both picked out our white boxing gloves and went over to the marker tub. I had a cool Idea for mine. After we were done, Harry's had the words DON'T MESS WITH ME written on both gloves, "Harry! That's really cool" " Thanks. Now show me your gloves!" He pleaded, so I slowly raised my all white boxing gloves I only wrote a word on each gloveBad Ass Harry laughed, " You're totally a bad ass!" "I Know Right!". Harry and I put our gloves on and instead of using a punching bag we practiced on each other. After boxing, the day was boring, except for art. I ate lunch where I usually eat. At the 'popular' table. After lunch we can go home so I quickly ate earning some looks from some of the girls at our table. After lunch I rushed to my locker hoping to see Harry. I had got their just in time. "Hey! Harry I was wondering if you'd like to come to my house after school today, we could just hang out and practice boxing, oh but you'd need you swim trunks, maybe you could stay the night even." I took a breathe after I finished. "Sure, but I'll have to grab my swim trunks on the way, so I could just meet you at your house." He suggested "Sure let me give you my number" we exchanged numbers, " Well I guess I'll see you at my house! I'll text you my address!" I shouted walking away. "Can't wait!" He shouted back while waving. I rode my rip stick as fast as I could home. I was so excited!?!


A/N: ooh cliffhanger what do you thinks gonna happen! will they kiss! OH NO I've said too much already! I must go! BYE!?! -A<3

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