When It All Falls Apart

Elizabeth Fitzgerald is an average sixteen year old girl with a normal life, normal friends and a normal family. Or so she thought she was normal. In fact, she is far from normal. She finds this out the hard way when she's kidnapped by a group of vengeful vampires for revenge against her father for something he did before she was even born.


1. Prologue

A/N: Thanks to Ghostwolf1999 over on wattpad for making my awesome cover. :)

"This better be important, Dylan. You interrupted my dinner." A young man who was no older than twenty seven carelessly dropped the unconscious human female he had been feeding from prior to the interruption. She landed with a small thud on the carpeted floor and he nudged her with his foot to be sure that she was out cold before he turned his eyes up to meet the young boy who stood before him.

"Sir, I have some news that I know you want to hear," the young boy began, "We've been tracking the whereabouts of Robert Fitzgerald just as you have asked and we have been able to trace him back to this very city." the young boy looked at him expectantly.

The older man raised an eyebrow, "This information means nothing to me if he is not easily accessible, Dylan. We've found him a few times before, but he's always had his bitch of a witch wife protecting him and his family from us. So, unless you have proof that that little witch isn't protecting him and his children than you can kindly leave me so I can finish my dinner in peace." the older man yanked the young girl up from the floor as he spoke; placing her in his lap with her neck easily accessible.

"But- but, there's more." the young boy insisted.

The older man looked bored, "Unless you're going to tell me that his wife is dumb enough to not protect him and his family from us then I really don't want to hear it."

"That's just it, sir... we can't seem to find any trace of magic around them individually. Only their house seems to be protected."

"Are you sure? I know Robert Fitzgerald may be a murdering traitor, but he isn't stupid, Dylan. He would have protection at all times. Both on himself and his children."

Dylan shrugged, "We don't understand it either, sir. Maybe he's just gotten comfortable over the years?"

The older man snorted, "More like cocky." he muttered

There was a moment of silence as he thought of what to do next; he never really though this moment would come. The moment when the infamous Robert would let his guard down long enough for him to strike. And, while he wanted to go in and grab him while he had the chance, he held back on giving that order. Wouldn't it be that much sweeter to hit him where it really hurt? Hit him where the coward had hit him all those years ago? By attacking his family?

Lucas liked that idea; he liked it a lot. So much so that the smirk that crossed his face was so sinister that it made Dylan uncomfortable and he shifted nervously.

"Do you want us to send our men out to get him, sir?" Dylan asked after a few moments of silence.

"No" Dylan was shocked by the response, but Lucas answered before he could ask why, "Because I want to hit him where it will truly hurt him the most. I want him to go through exactly what I went through all those years ago when he murdered my father in cold blood before I kill him. He doesn't deserve a swift death; he deserves to suffer for what he's done to me as well as the entire vampire race," Lucas grinned, "I want to go after his family." he glanced expectantly at Dylan, "I know not to go after his wife; she's a complete witch in every sense of the word. What information do you have on his children? Doesn't he have a teenage daughter?"

"Yes, he has two of them actually. There's Ashley who just turned eighteen and Elizabeth who is sixteen." as he spoke, Dylan produced pictures of both of the girls; handing them over to the older man who spent a few seconds studying both. They were both quite attractive and it was obvious that they were sisters since they shared the same facial structure. There was just something about Elizabeth and that something was in her eyes; it was how her green eyes sparkled at the camera and took on an almost defiant gleam that made him decide that she was the better target over her sister. Besides, Elizabeth was just the type of girl a certain boy would be able to go after, but he wanted to do more than just kidnap her. He wanted her to break just like her pathetic father so he needed a person who could win her heart and then break it into a million little pieces.

"Thank you for the report, Dylan. Would you please bring me Dominic?" Lucas asked without looking up from the picture of the young girl who was going to be the key to breaking Robert Fitzgerald down.

Dylan nodded before leaving the room. Lucas was left alone for only a few seconds; in that time, he shoved the still unconscious girl off his lap and nudged her so she lay completely underneath the desk and out of the way. He would have to finish his dinner later; after his plan was put into motion.

There was a loud knock on the door. He grunted his permission for the person to enter and the door swung open and a young teenage boy strolled in, looking as if he owned the world. He looked like death himself with his black as night hair and ice blue eyes.

He plopped down into the seat in front of the desk that separated the two men, "You wanted to see me, Lucas?" he asked.

"Yes, Dominic."I have a job for you," he began, "And, I think you'll rather like this one." he grinned at the younger male.

Dominic straightened up at the prospect of a job that he might actually enjoy. He was getting sick of being cooped up in this old and run down house; his only job now was watching over the puny humans they stored down in the basement as a back-up food source. And that was just so boring. They were all too terrified to do anything other than what they were told. It wasn't a challenge if they cowered and let him do what he wanted without a fight.

Lucas took Dominic's sudden perkiness to mean the boy was interested. He picked up the picture of the young girl and held it up to show the younger male. Dominic raised his eyebrows questionably as he studied the picture, "Who's the chick?"

"Her name is Elizabeth; she is one of the daughters of Robert Fitzgerald," he spat the name out like it was a foul word; "Dylan and a few others have managed to track him back into this very city. Many other times when we have caught up to him, he has had his witch wife cast a protecting charm around him and his family, but for whatever reason, he hasn't done it yet and I plan to take complete advantage of that," he smirked, "I want you to go to the high school in which she is attending; the name is Green Oaks High School according to the information on the back of her picture. The school is right outside the outskirts of the city. Go find her and bring her to me, unharmed. However, don't do so right away... I want her to gain your trust so when you bring her here and she finds out the truth she is just as broken as her father will be when he discovers that I have stolen one of his precious daughters. Do whatever you need to do to gain her trust and then bring her here so we can use her as bait to get her father to come and rescue her."

Dominic smirked; finally, something fun to do!

"I expect you to report back to me every day with your progress with her. You are a very charming young man when you want to be so it shouldn't take too long to gain her trust, but remember that you don't have all the time in the world; the longer we take, the more time he has to catch on to what we are doing and to get his wife to cast a spell of protection over the family."

"Yes sir," Dominic smirked before he turned on his heel and left the office; he had a lot to do if he wanted to make sure he was ready for school in a few short hours.

Underneath the desk, the young girl let out a low moan. Lucas smiled for not only was his food awake, but he was soon going to completely ruin Robert Fitzgerald through the use of his innocent daughter.

It was truly going to be a very eventful next couple of weeks.


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