When It All Falls Apart

Elizabeth Fitzgerald is an average sixteen year old girl with a normal life, normal friends and a normal family. Or so she thought she was normal. In fact, she is far from normal. She finds this out the hard way when she's kidnapped by a group of vengeful vampires for revenge against her father for something he did before she was even born.


2. Chapter One

Dominic strolled from Lucas’ office; a definite bounce in his step.

Finally, he was going to be able to something and get out of this stupid house for something more than just hunting and something that could turn out to be pretty fun. Seducing a female and then breaking her apart sounded pretty fun right now. The idea made him absolutely giddy with excitement.

He knew he couldn’t leave right away though since he knew that Robert had a witch for a wife and he knew that she would recognize him on sight as a vampire unless he could disguise his aura as being nothing more than human. He grinned. He knew exactly where to go for such protection.

He made his way down stairs into the cold, dark basement. The smell of human waste, blood and fear were all heavy in the air. Most of the cells were empty; which was sign that the clan members had been indulging themselves too much lately and that they would need to go hunting soon to get a fresh supply of food. This Elizabeth girl would be the first to be added to their new supply, he’d made sure of it.

The human in every cell that was occupied coward away from him as he walked past them. Good. They were scared of him; as it should be. He couldn’t help but scare a few of them a little more by flashing his fangs at one and hissing at another. It was just too much fun to resist. Humans were truly pathetic creatures. He couldn’t believe he ever was one.

He reached the last cell on the right and unlocked the door with one of the keys on the small keychain he kept in his pocket.

A girl sat on the cot in the corner of the room, hunched over, her dirty blond hair covering her face. Her skin had once been a pretty pale color, but with all the feeding she had endured and the fact that she hadn’t bathed properly in over a month had turned her skin into a scratched up, dirty mess.

“Hello. Angelica.”

The girl jerked her head up and at the first sight of him; she cowered away from him, pushing herself into the wall. As if that would do any good.

“Aw… there’s no need to be afraid, Angelica,” he grinned at her, “I’m not going to hurt you.”

“W-w-what do-do you want?” she asked through chattering teeth.

The cold didn’t bother him of course; being a vampire and all, but it was purposely kept freezing down here to make sure the humans stayed alert and hardly got any sleep. A sleepy human was the easiest to control.

He smiled at her; an expression that was more predatory than comforting, “Oh… nothing much really,” he pounced on her, grabbing her neck and squeezing it tightly before she could utter even a scream, “I just need you to cast a little spell for me.”

She stared at him in wide-eyed horror, “W-what kind of spell?” she asked.

“Oh… just one that can hide my aura from a witch, like yourself.” he explained.

“Why –”

He squeezed her neck tighter, which cut off her question. She could barely breathe.

“Don’t ask me why. The reasons are my own. Now, will you do it or not?”

Angelica knew that even though he asked her, she really didn’t have much of a choice in the matter. That refusing to do anything that this vampire asked her to do would only lead to more pain and she was in enough pain as it was.  

After a second, she slowly nodded, “Y-yes.” she whispered so quietly that had he not already been a vampire with exceptional hearing, he wouldn’t have even heard her.

 “Good girl.” he smiled, “But first… I’m a little hungry,” she gulped, knowing exactly what he meant by those words and just closed her eyes tightly and waited for the inevitable bite that she knew was coming.

He chuckled darkly in her ear; she shivered at the sound and how absolutely evil it sounded. She gasped when his fangs slide painfully into her neck. He wasn’t one to actually make the bite comfortable, but neither did most of the other vampires in the clan house, but at least they didn’t  go out of their way to make it hurt like Dominic did. He liked to tear into his victim’s neck and really make it hurt. She could hear and feel him pulling the blood forcibly from her veins. After a few swallows, he stopped and she winced when he yanked his fangs out of her neck.

She could feel him hovering over her neck, “Now, I will warn you, Angelica, this thing that I ask of you is very important and if you screw it up, I will kill you. Understand?” he asked.

She nodded, “Y-yes.”

She had been asked to perform magic for these disgusting leeches before and she had been told that every time, so the threat barely fazed her now. She had sometimes wondered if it wouldn’t be better to just do something wrong just so they would kill her and get it over with, but she tried that before and all that got her was way too much pain, but no fulfillment of the promise of death.

“Good girl,” he let go of her neck and wrapped his hand tightly around her wrist and yanked her from the bed and began pulling her from the room, “You better make this fast, Angelica, I have to be somewhere in only a few hours and if I’m late, it won’t be good for you.”

Angelica didn’t say anything to that; she just let him drag her completely out of the disgusting cell that had been her home for the last two years.


Sixteen year old Elizabeth Fitzgerald jerked awake.

She had it again; the same nightmare that had been plaguing her ever since her boyfriend, the love of her life, had died in a fatal car accident after the Homecoming dance. It had been nearly a year since the drunk driver had veered into their lane as they were driving home from the dance at 11:30, killing him almost instantly and leaving her with an emotional scar that would probably never heal.

Flashing lights, breaking glass and so much screaming was all she could remember once she awoke from these nightmares, but she always woke with a pounding heart and drenched in sweat, so she knew they were bad. She felt rather lucky that she wasn’t forced to remember most of what went on in them.

She glanced at the clock on her bedside table; the time, 2:35 shown back at her in bright red numbers.

“Damnit,” she muttered because she knew it was going to be hard to go back to sleep as it usually was after she woke up from this particular nightmare.

She peeled the covers back away from her skin, which was slick with sweat. She managed to untangle herself from the sheets so she could get up and make her way to her bedroom door. Her footsteps were muffled due to the plush carpet underneath them as she walked. She made it into the bathroom across the hall from her room in a few moments and immediately walked towards the sink to splash some cold water on her face. The cool liquid immediately refreshed her feverish skin. It also promptly woke her up which kind of sucked since it was nearly three in the morning and she needed to get some sleep because she had a major test that was worth half her grade her Geometry class and she needed her rest.

She sighed as she made her way back into her bedroom, but instead of going back to bed, she instead sat at her paper-strewn desk. Her mother had gotten it for her to use to do her homework on, but it was really used to store papers while she still did her homework while lying on her bed. She stared off into space for a few moments before her eyes settled on the lonely picture frame that sat on top the wooden surface.

It was a simply frame; colored white with flowers at the upper left corner. Andrew had picked it out for her a few weeks before Homecoming and had given it to her that night for her to put the picture that they had taken of them at the event in. It was the last picture that was ever taken of him, so she cherished it more than the others that she had. Andrew was an attractive and sweet boy that could always make her laugh. His green eyes were always dancing with amusement and his brown hair was always in need of a trim, but she liked it that way.

She stared at the picture for a few seconds. Andrew in his nice suit; he sort of overdressed for Homecoming, but she loved him all the more for suffering through the night in a suit and tie, just for her and she was in a beautiful floor length blue gown that Andrew said brought out the flecks of blue in her otherwise green eyes.  

She jerked her head away from the picture before she started bawling again.

She was way too on edge to go back to sleep, so she thought that a nice glass of milk would calm her enough to get back to sleep.

She was careful to be extra quiet as she made her way downstairs, so she didn’t wake anyone up at such an early hour. She made it downstairs, poured herself a glass of milk and very carefully made her way back upstairs to her bedroom.

She wandered over to her window seat and drank it as she looked out into the backyard. She nearly dropped the milk when she thought she saw a person sized shadow underneath the large cherry tree that was planted at the back near the fence. The shadow was gone before she could decide if it was real or not. She glanced all around the yard, but found nothing to attest to anyone actually being back there, so she just decided that it was her imagination playing tricks on her or it was her body’s way of telling her that she needed to get to bed because she was clearly seeing things due to exhaustion.

She finished the milk as fast as she could before she left the empty glass on the desk and crawled into bed. She hadn’t even been lying down for five minutes when she felt eyes on her. The hair on the back of her neck prickled at the sensation. She jerked her head up towards the window, with the blinds that were still wide open. There was no one there, of course, it would make sense that there wouldn’t be since she didn’t have a tree or a vine outside her bedroom window for anyone to gain any footing on. She was still really creeped out, so she got out of bed and closed her blinds tightly.  She was too scared to look down to see if she saw the shadow that she had seen earlier.

She crawled back into bed and just lay there, looking at the ceiling, She knew that sleep would come, it would probably just take awhile. After awhile, she slowly drifted off to sleep once again.


Elizabeth was woken up the next morning by the annoying sound of her alarm clock. She groggily and very unwillingly dragged herself out of bed since she knew if she pressed the snooze button even once her mother would kill her. And she didn’t really feel like facing her mother’s wraith so early in the morning.

She made her way over to the bathroom that she unfortunately shared with her older sister, but she didn’t have to try the knob to know that her sister was already in there since she could clearly hear the shower running.

"Damn it." She muttered; her sister was hogging the bathroom. Again. Sometimes Elizabeth wondered if her sister actually lived in that bathroom since no matter how early Elizabeth got up, her sister always managed to get into it before her.

Elizabeth banged angrily on the door, “You better not take all the hot water like last time, Ashley!” she yelled through the door, but she got no indication that her sister heard her. She screamed in frustration; swearing that someone was going to be seriously injured if she had to take a cold shower again.

Deciding that she was just wasting time standing outside the bathroom waiting for her sister to hurry up, Elizabeth turned on her heel and headed downstairs for breakfast. Maybe she would have time to take a shower after breakfast.

"Good morning sunshine." Her dad said from behind the copy of The New York Times he was busy reading. He sounded like he was in a very good mood, as per usual. Her father had always been a morning person.

"Good? What's good about it?" she spat back, opening the refrigerator door and grabbing the milk.

"My my, someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning, didn't they?" Her dad asked peering at her from over the newspaper; eyebrows raised.

"Well you would be pissed-"

"Watch your language, young lady." Her mother interrupted her coming into the kitchen. Her mother was pretty much a saint when it came to cursing. She hated foul language; even something as small as ‘pissed’ angered her.

"Sorry," she grumbled "But, you would be angry too" she put an extra emphasis on the word 'angry' so her mother wouldn't snap at her again. "If your sister was hogging the bathroom for the millionth morning!" she huffed as she grabbed a bowl and poured some cereal and milk into it. She sat down and began eating; practically shoving the spoon down her throat.

“Elizabeth, honey, if you’re not careful, you’re going to hurt yourself.” Her mother chastised her from the other side of the table, where she was buttering a piece of toast.

Elizabeth heeded her mother’s warning and turned to her father, “Daddy, are you not eating again?” she asked.

He didn’t even remove his eyes from behind the paper this time, “No, you know I always eat at the office, Elizabeth,” he explained, “All I need is the coffee for now.” he held up the half empty coffee cup in question.

Elizabeth shrugged; her father had never been one to eat breakfast at the house. She occasionally worried about that, but she always shrugged it off since she knew he was still eating since he wasn’t stick thin yet; he was still well built.

She was just done with her breakfast when her sister came sauntering in all ready for school. She glared at her, "About time, Ashley!" She spat angrily at her

“You snooze you lose, little sis.” Ashley smirked at her, “And, unfortunately, you tend to snooze a lot.”

“Whatever,” she spat angrily as she got up and washed her dishes off before putting them in the dishwasher.

A quick glance at her watch told her that she had exactly thirty minutes to get ready before the bus showed up. She didn’t like the idea of missing it since that would mean that she would have to be driven to school by her mother and that, to be honest, was kind of embarrassing. Of course, her sister could take her, but she would rather not have to endure that kind of embarrassing awkwardness since she and Ashley had nothing in common, it would be dead silent in the car for the twenty minutes it would take to get to school.

She took the steps two at a time; on the way up, she decided to go ahead and take a shower even with the limited time available to her. She didn’t like risking missing the bus, but she didn’t take one yesterday and the idea of wandering around for nearly two days not bathing sounded really disgusting. Besides no amount of hair care products could hide the greasiness that settled in her hair after going so long without washing it.

Her shower took less than ten minutes; a new record for her.  Blow-drying took another five. And, by the time she got dressed, she only had a few more minutes before the bus would arrive at the corner only a few yards away from her house.  

She had exactly two minutes to decide what she wanted to do with her hair. Since she had worn it up yesterday, she decided to wear it down today since it was actually cooperating and looked half-decent like that.

She grabbed her bag from her desk chair, praying that she had placed everything in there last night since she had no time to check. She headed back downstairs to say goodbye to her parents who were both still in the kitchen talking quietly. They abruptly stopped talking when they caught sight of her in the doorway.

That was a bid odd, but she had no time to ponder it, as she was cutting it kind of close as it was, “I’m leaving! Bye!” she kissed her mother and her father goodbye.

“Bye, sweetie,” her mother smiled, “Have a good day! Good luck on your Math test.”

Elizabeth inwardly groaned when her mother reminded her of that dreaded Geometry test that she had to take third period.

“Thanks. I’m going to need it.” She replied.

She had studied her butt off last night, but she was still worried about it because it was all about proofs and she sucked at them because of all the rules.

“Bye!” she said again as she left the room.

She was halfway down the hallway and almost out of ear shot when her parents started speaking again. Most of what they were saying was muffled, but a few words struck out at her; she didn’t think about many of them since they were pretty generic.  Except for one word that seemed a bit out of the ordinary


It was her mother who had spoken and it made Elizabeth pause. What the hell were they doing talking about vampires? Why did her mother sound so worried about fictional creatures that didn’t exist?

After a moment, Elizabeth decided to ignore it since vampires didn’t exist. She must have heard her wrong, that’s all.

Glancing at her watch, she realized that she had less than two minutes to make it to the bus stop, so she had to stop dwelling on what her parents were talking about and think about it later.

She walked at a fast pace, only slowing down when she saw the usual group of students waiting for the bus. Thank God she hadn’t missed it! Though, she barely made it in time since it showed up only a few seconds after she had joined her classmates on the corner.

Once on the bus, she pondered what her parents had been taking about. She had considered the fact that she probably had just heard wrong, but something made her think otherwise. But, she had no idea what it meant.

She thought about it as the bus drove along the road, heading towards school. She knew she couldn’t have heard wrong, but that was really the only explanation that she could think of because vampires didn’t exist.

She knew the only thing that would alleviate her curiosity was to wait until she saw her mother tonight and ask her about it then. Though, she was pretty sure her mother wouldn’t share anything, that was really her only idea.

She leaned her head against the glass and closed her eyes. Hopefully she could get a few more minutes of sleep on the way to school to make up for the hour she lost last night.


Elizabeth woke up to the sounds of shuffling feet and loud talking. She looked around and saw that the bus was quickly emptying out. She grabbed her stuff quickly and joined the rest of the students leaving the bus. Once off, she glanced at her watch; there was only about thirty minutes before school would start and she had several errands to run before then. That included going by her locker, talking to her History teacher about her upcoming project and going by her Geometry teacher to go over a few things that she didn’t quite understand in preparation for the test today. She hoped she had time to do all of it.

 She was halfway to the building when she felt eyes on her. She shuddered at the feeling it brought, and turned slowly around to see a boy, no older then eighteen leaning nonchalantly against a tree, not too far from where she stood at the entrance to the building. His blue gaze was intense and she found it rather hard to look at him. But he held her gaze, and would not let her go for several long minutes. A small smirk appeared on his pale lips before he broke contact and turned around heading in the opposite direction of the school.

 That was weird. Elizabeth thought. The boy was cute, but that stare of his gave her the creeps.

 She heard a loud squeal from behind her, and she turned around to see her best friend Katie standing just a few feet from her and staring in awe at the retreating boy.

"Oh my God, Elizabeth!" she gushed. "That guy was so checking you out!"

Leave it to Katie to say something like that. She had been trying to hook Elizabeth up with a boy ever since Elizabeth and her family had first moved to New York two months ago. Apparently, that was her self-proclaimed “job”. Katie wasn’t all thrilled that Elizabeth was not being very cooperative, but the latter girl did have more important things to do than worry about than boys.

Elizabeth turned back around to where the boy had been standing moments before. "Yea, I guess."

“You guess?!” Katie asking incredulously, “He’s totally interested in you; it’s so obvious.”

How she could tell that her was interested in me based only on a look that couldn’t have lasted longer than a minute was beyond Elizabeth’s comprehension.

She turned back to stare at her friend. “Well, sorry Katie, but his stare gave me the creeps, to be honest.” she shrugged.

“That’s just because his interest is so intense. He just can’t help it.”

“Uh-huh,” was the only thing she could say to that illogical statement. It was seriously too early to really try to decipher what the hell Katie was talking about, “I need to get inside and go talk to Mrs. Howard about my project. See you in Geometry.”

Elizabeth headed towards the doors of the school, zigzagging her way around the students who were hanging outside, enjoying the fresh air and freedom before they were forced to be inside for the next seven hours. Katie followed behind her, chattering about the date she had with Johnny Weidman last night and how absolutely horrible it was because the boy didn’t know how to hold a conversation that didn’t revolve around video games.

 Elizabeth could only shake her head at her friend’s words as she walked into the school building.


Dominic walked towards his car; he was intent on enjoying his last few minutes of freedom before he was forced to go into the school for seven hours of hell. He hadn't been in school for over two hundred years, but it couldn't have changed that much.

He unlocked the door and sat down in the driver's seat; smirking to himself after seeing the girl in person for the first time. Elizabeth Fitzgerald was a rather pretty girl; with straight dirty blonde hair and green eyes that were the color of emeralds. From the distance, it was hard to tell, but she seemed to be of average height for her age, 5'5. He had seen a picture of her earlier that morning, but pictures can be so very deceiving. It was nice to know that her picture actually did her justice. Nice to know he would be seducing a pretty one for once, he usually got the ugly ones. And trying to seduce something that you didn't want to be near was difficult.

 He could tell that she was going to be a challenge though. If her picture wasn’t enough proof of that, it was certainly obvious now. It was so clear, with how she tried to stare him down and refused to back down no matter how long he stared at her or how intensely that stare became.

 He may have been a bit too intense in his gaze though since she did look wary of him for a few seconds after their eyes broke contact. He shrugged, that was really no matter at all since he knew when to put on the charm and how much to put on. It wouldn’t be long before the little bitch was too scared to even look him in the eye and terrified of him and what he was truly capable of doing to her. Which, was quite a lot.

He heard the bell ring in the distance and smirked again. Let the fun begin.

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