Before I Go

“Death is closer than you think.”
Those are the cryptic words of Temaria’s neighbor, Crazy Lou.
PLUS, the search for Temaria’s new roommate ends with Katy, a twenty two year old bartender from Miami.
But when Katy’s mother gets sick and Katy sends a friend of a friend’s acquaintance in her place, things get super crazy.
But the mysterious S isn’t exactly who she thinks he is. And he’s actually pretty damn hot.
And Lou might not be as crazy as Tem thinks.
And S might not be human, either.


1. Room Alone

“Darling, you absolutely may not live in this house any longer!” Ugh. Fucking five foot-six Jessica in her six inch heels. The Stepmonster was a nightmare to live with.

Jessica had approached my wealthy father when she was forty. Six months later, here we were. She was my father’s fiancé, and I was constantly tortured by her. And now she was trying to kick me out of the house at eighteen?! Over my dead body!

I’d never known Mom. She’d left Dad when I was just two months old and ran off with a musician from Brooklyn, becoming an instant stereotype.

Jessica was nice enough with Dad around, but was a complete bitch whenever it was just me and her.

“Uh, I’m sorry. Are you actually trying to kick me out of my own house at eighteen?” I snapped, crossing my arms.

“Honey, you aren’t even going to college! You can handle yourself, I think.”

“I have a degree, you bleached-blonde monster. I finished college last year.”

“Well, your father and I talked it over and we decided it would be best for you to move out,” she said, eyes flashing a bit.

I’d gotten her with the bleached blond comment. Her overly large brown eyes were framed with long black lashes. She had a completely flat chest and stomach. She’d been a ballet dancer until twenty three, where she was benched with a torn ACL, and she’s been skinny ever since.

“Fine. I have a job, I can live on my own.”

“Great. We even picked out a place for you!”


“No, I can house-hunt on my own, thank you very much.”

And that was the beginning of my adventure.

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