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  • Published: 4 Jan 2018
  • Updated: 26 Dec 2017
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What I want to say to key people in my life! :)


1. Survivors

Dear Hafsah,

Thank you for standing by my side despite what everyone thinks about our friendship. Its been great growing up with you and sharing a lasting friendship. You are always there to listen out my problems and stress about Haris- and it might get annoying but you understand me so well. Your laugh is probably the happiest sound I have ever heard.  You back me up whenever I clash with Murtaza and his gang and you are willing to sacrifice your own pride to defend our squad. You are the most loved member in our class, and when you skip school to go ASDA, everyone misses you! LOL! You are strong and have a heart of gold and I'm so proud to call you my friend. Thank you for letting me into your friendship world ever since we were toddlers, its been amazing growing up with you! 



Dear Hamza,

Okay first off let me tell you how much I hate you. You used to be my best friend but have changed into an arrogant rat who I cant stand. But I'm happy that when we were friends, you were a good friend to me. You are not exactly the same person I guess, but I've changed too so I cant say anything really. If I had to pay a thousand pounds to get you back to who you were, I would- and I am not joking. I dont sugar coat what I think about people, so I wont do it to you either. You used to be an amazing person but now you are just a bitchy sideman.



Dear Yusuf R,

Lets start off with how much I hate my new mosque. I hate it soooo much- its unbelievable! Ever since you started though, you've been making it so much better for me. You are hilariously funny and make me laugh so much! :). You have got to be the best person I've met in this mosque. Even though you said that you will miss me if I get kicked out, you understand why its so important for me to get kicked out to make a statement to my parents. You know that I have a best friend who they think is a bad influence, and I cant thank you enough for helping me with this goal to get kicked out. I love talking to you, you make the most boring things sound brilliant and you are very understanding. Thank you!!!


Dear Ben, 

I hate you. You are such a fucking prick for blaming the fall-out on me, just like the others, and then you have the audacity to take an extract out of 'Tear Drops' and mock it. I was being honest in that story, at least I am not someone who is fake and lies in order to throw the blame onto me! Your a dickhead- Yeah that kind of sums it up nicely.


Dear Haris,

I'm sorry for what my parents think about you of being a 'bad-influence'. Maybe you are, but you are my older brother who I never had. You are understanding and supportive, and make me happy when I'm distressed. You need to know that I appreciate you for who you are and dont change a thing about you- okay maybe a few things but all of that bullshit that you are a fake friend and that you are making me worse is just a bunch of lies- and we both know that. The separation between us has been making me more upset than ever, and when I see you again, I dont care if my parents are watching or not because I'll hug you and tell you that I am so so so so so so so sorry about everything but I dont regret a single second of what we did together, until I am blue in the face. I miss you so much and I just want everything to be the way it was before. But dont worry, it might take a few weeks or months or even years, but I'm fighting against everything that put a stop to our friendship, just like you told me to. I'm coming back because when two friends love each other this much, nothing can stop them!



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