"They say there are 2 kinds of people, but that doesn't apply to devils and angels. The angels are good and the devils are bad. There exist only one kind of us devils. So either you act like us or you will simply have to be destroyed."


3. The Devil.

"What a nice painting. A little too dark and mysterious for my taste." The blonde haired painter turned around to face her best friend.
"I agree, it does look a little too dark, but I just had to paint it." The blonde painter took one last glance at the painting before she turned around, and left the room with the other woman. They sad on the sofa in the living room.


"So when is the auction. I think I may have some client who would pay at least ten thousand to have that painting in their hands." The painter felt a weird feeling, when the thought of not keeping the painting, crossed her. 
"I won't be selling it." The blonde painter said it with a confident and serious tone. She didn't want to sell the painting and that was final. The friend must have noticed that the painter wouldn't give in this time because she didn't say anything. Not long after, the friend left the painter's apartment. The blonde haired woman took the two empty cups of coffee and put them in the dishwasher. The female painter is a very clean woman. She would clean her house at least two times a week. Mostly because she believed that a dirty and messy home, is the number one thing to block for creative abilities. You wouldn't find one mote in her perfectly decorated and always clean apartment.

She walked over to her bedroom, but when she passed the door of her creative station, she couldn't help but take one more look at the painting. She had spent months, nearly a year on drawing the face. Usually, it doesn't take this long to draw the sketch, and painting it would most likely take a day. But whenever the painter put the pencil on the canvas, the image just disappeared. So, at last, she decided to try drawing it with blindfolded eyes. And she is happy that she did it because know she had a ten thousand dollars worth painting in her hands. But oddly enough, she doesn't want to sell the painting. Something about the painting made it worth more than any amount of money. The same face would pop out from the back of her mind at least once or twice a weak. But lately, she saw it at least once or twice every day. She saw it while she was asleep. When she was taking a bath. Even when she was having a normal conversation with some of her friend or employees. She felt like she should be scared of the face, but something about that face made her feel happy and protected. The longer she looked at it, the more she felt an emptiness in her heart. She stood there in the big apartment. Even though there was wood burning in the chimney, the big apartment felt cold and lonely. The painter felt lonely. The man in the painting reminded her of someone. Someone she had known very well and loved very much but lost. She felt like she had lost something very important. The painter began laughing. I must be crazy, she thought and covered the painting with a colorful sheet. She turned the light off and walked directly into her bedroom. How can you miss something you`ve never had? How is that even possible. Well, it's not. It's simply not possible to miss something you've never had. What is it that I'm thinking, she whispered to herself. She blamed the 3-4 hours of sleep, for those thought. If I missed something, it must be sleep, she thought.

"Raf, you must come back. I know you remember me. Not even the strongest wizard can remove me from your memories. I know its been a long time, and you may or may not remember this when you wake up, but I need you. We need you. They are after them, Raf. I just know. I can feel it to the end of my bones. They are going to be hurt, and if we don't do something know, they will suffer the same faith. We can't risk them to end up like us. I would rather die than see that happening. Raf, please come back. If you don't, there will be spilled blood. You know it as much as I do.  If we don't do something know, it may end up being too late and we will have to choose between them. Please, Raf, come back to me. Please. It's a hell not to have you here. I would know. I feel so powerless without you. And you know better than anyone else that I'm not the kind of man to have feelings. In the name of the seventh hell, Raf, please. Begin to remember. Remember what you left behind.  Who you left. Remeber who you were, rather who you still are. You still have the power in you Raf. Just remember!" His amber eyes looked deep into hers. He put his two hands on each side of her face. He pulled her closer and leaned his forehead against hers. "I'm begging you, Raf." His voice was like a whisper. His hands fell from her face. Out of nowhere, two wings came out of his back and two horns appeared on his head. "Remember" was the last thing he said before he turned around and spread his wings. Her heart began beating faster and faster. She tried to grip his arm put she couldn't. He was too far away.  She tried to run after him, but her legs moved so slowly. She wouldn't make it, he would be gone before she gets to him. She tried calling his name, the only problem is that she didn't know what to call him. Think Raf, think. If you don't say something now, he will be gone, and you will have to live with it. She looked up at him. He turned around and he gave her a smile. That smile, it felt so... familiar. "Goodbye Raf." No, no no no. She opened her mouth and began screaming his name.

"Sulfus!" The painter sad up in her bed, with a fast move. Its dark outside, despite all that light, that comes from the big and tall buildings outside from her window. She took her phone up, from the nightstand on the side of her bed, to see what time it is. 3 am. It's only been half an hour since she fell asleep.  But she can't sleep anymore. She got up from her bed and put her morning robe on. She tied a knot with the silk bond around her waist. She walked down the long corridor and finally stopped. She looked at the brown door in front of her, before she bulled down the handle and walked in. She removed the colorful sheet from the canvas and looked closely at the mans face in front of her. The bluish-black messy hair, the amber colored eyes, the fair skin and the red star on his left eye. Her gaze fell to his lips. It was like they moved and said her name.
"Who are you? Why can't you leave me alone!?"


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