"They say there are 2 kinds of people, but that doesn't apply to devils and angels. The angels are good and the devils are bad. There exist only one kind of us devils. So either you act like us or you will simply have to be destroyed."


1. Once Upon A Time...

An angel and a devil fell in love. Everybody thought that angels and devils couldn’t go together, that they can’t fall in love, and that was also how it was supposed to be, but it happened.

Maybe it was the fact that the angel was born human, that made her able to bear the devils children.

Or maybe it was just true love.

But they had been played by an evil witch, so many times, that it was hard to separate love from evil magic.

But maybe there was something between those looks and those smiles, that was actually love. Maybe it wasn’t all evil black magic.

Maybe the witch knew, that the angel and the devil would fall in love, and all she did was just give them a little push.

Or maybe it was all just a lie, and they kept on living in that lie because the feeling of being in love and being loved was too good to let go.

Well, what is done is done, and the fact that they got both a baby boy and a baby girl, can’t be taken back.

Especially not the curse that was brought upon the family.

They were told to keep their hands to themselves and let go of each other, but how could they.

This wasn’t the first time an angel and a devil fell in love, but it was the first time an angel and a devil had children.

They were both sent to the council “The bridge”, and it was decided that one of them had to leave and the children must NEVER know about each other or the parent that left.

The angel decided to leave and join her mother in the human world.

The devil became a guardian at the school “Golden Academy” for both devils and angel, so he could see his children.

But unfortunately, only the boy, who was born angel, was taken into custody by the school, and the girl, who was born a devil, became an orphan and had to stay in Sariaus City.

The angel boy was lucky to grow up with his father by his side, not knowing much about the truth or the fact that the devil is his father.

While the devil girl had no one by her side, no one else than herself.

When she hit the age of 15 stars, she couldn’t stay in the orphan house anymore and was forced, or as the leaders of “The bridge” said, given permission to attend the “Golden Academy”.

But looking back at it now, she wished she never showed up to the first day of school. Cause maybe then she could avoid her dark faith.


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