The Old Bookstore A novel

Anne May, is a ten year old book reader in London, England. When she heads to The Old Bookstore that's in the middle of the city, she finds out everyone is strange looking, and eager to tell her their own stories.


1. The Old Bookstore-Prologue


Anne stared at the old woman. She fumbled in her black trousers for a felt pen. "It's cold", she said. The last time she knew the idea that magic was in the smoky air was when Old Fergus, the seventy year old owner, let his wife to re-open the Old Bookstore at nine o'clock in the early morning. Anne, who was a quiet, unaffected girl, stared at the copy of 'The Best Cookbook in England​', by E. Leanne Gregson. She had long, black hair, bright, brown eyes, and petite. She was wearing a grey dress, red socks, and black shoes on her small feet. "Anne, I can pay you £10 for helping me at the counter". Anne nodded. She had enjoyed the last time she went inside the Old Bookstore; she was nervous, as she saw the cobwebby rafters, and sighed with dread; she was thinking of her parents who were too busy to care about their daughter. Anne, who went to London Young Ladies' Academy to be educated in proper ways to become older than she was, shook her tired head. "It's rather late, you know". She checked her grey watch. It read: 4:30 in the afternoon. 




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