The Old Bookstore A novel

Anne May, is a ten year old book reader in London, England. When she heads to The Old Bookstore that's in the middle of the city, she finds out everyone is strange looking, and eager to tell her their own stories.


2. Chapter 1


Anne stared at the Young Adult section of the Bookstore. She saw Temple Jane Wyatt, her Scottish best friend. Temple, who was also nine, walked down the thick, black carpet that was in the dim hallway; the carpet was full of lions. "It's great, isn't it", she said. "The books, right", she stated. "Yes!", Temple said. And she grinned. She wiped away her long, blonde hair, as she read '​The Best Books in the World​', a collection of novellas written by unknown authors; the books were popular with children who were waiting for their parents to buy them in the book shops...and on-line.


Temple shook her head. 

She looked around, and watched Anne was reading. She heard the sound of a doorbell. The ringing was loud, but not too disruptive. 

"Over here, Anne", Temple said.

And she grinned.


The seven year old boy stared at the children's books. "Peter, come over here", June Franks, his mother said. Peter Franks nodded. He grabbed a book called "The Big Book of Funny People​", by Richard Harrison, Jr., and told her that he wanted the book. June smiled, and bought the book for her son.

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