Just the two of us

“Well Ariana,” I say, “You are the most beautiful girl I’ve ever see-“

I don’t get my sentence out before she’s crying again, “I CAN’T BE,” she shouts. “No-one’s ever called me that before, and you, you’re just trying to…” she sniffs, “You’re just trying to make me feel good. SO SHUT-UP DANNY.”

Danny's the new-boy, Ariana's the quiet-girl and they're both about to discover that falling in love and sticking together is more then just a rollercoaster.


5. Danny



By some stroke of luck, the popular kids didn’t kick me out of their little crew. Although Stephanie, the one with way too much makeup on, seems to be offended.

“So which one are you interested in Danny?” She asks, rubbing her bare shoulder against mine as we move through the hallway, “The Nerd, The Goth, Or the Saint.”

“Actually,” I say moving to give myself a little breathing room, “That saint is pretty cute.”

Stephanie looks put out, but Luke, a final-year who occasionally hangs out with us third-years just laughs, “I wouldn’t even try for that one, Dan the man.”

Allen grins, “Ariana Banks, her Father is one of those Hell-fire guys, he’s crazy.”

“He shot the guy who knocked up her older sister.” Luke whispers.

“What the hell? And he went to jail?”

Luke shakes his head, “He converted the guy before the trial, they got married last year.” The crew shake their heads.

“Still,” Allen says, “I bet there’s some nice ass under all that Hessian.”

The guys laugh, Stephanie pretends to be offended, I just stare ahead.


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