Just the two of us

“Well Ariana,” I say, “You are the most beautiful girl I’ve ever see-“

I don’t get my sentence out before she’s crying again, “I CAN’T BE,” she shouts. “No-one’s ever called me that before, and you, you’re just trying to…” she sniffs, “You’re just trying to make me feel good. SO SHUT-UP DANNY.”

Danny's the new-boy, Ariana's the quiet-girl and they're both about to discover that falling in love and sticking together is more then just a rollercoaster.


3. Danny



After a while moving schools becomes pretty standard. Scout’s college is my thirteenth in ten years, so I’m well prepared for all the questions.

“Where do you come from?”

Kind of everywhere. I was born in Cali though.

Your Dad’s military, huh? What does he do?

He fixes things.

Are you single?

Girl, today is your lucky day.


Aside from the last question I’m also asked if I play football, (no), If I’m in the top classes (Hell no) And finally if I’ll come to Luke’s party on the weekend, (I’ll stop by.)

I play all my cards right, and end up eating lunch with a bunch of Third-year jocks. Despite what people think, most jocks aren’t too bad, they’re always up for a laugh and most of them aren’t into schoolwork (like me)  and it’s easier to climb the social ladder than it is to go up.

“So you like skateboarding?” I look up from my phone, and all the friend requests that have been flooding in.

“I said, You like skateboarding?” says Allen, the big-football player- dude.

“Yeah, I mean it’s pretty rad.”

A pretty girl with too much makeup on tucks a strand of her hair behind one ear, “Have you been in any competitions?”

She’s drinking a milkshake, pretending to be coy, unfortunately my attention gets distracted by the three girls from earlier. They’re at a table by themselves, and the long haired girl, Ariana? Is pointing at me.

“Well I entered one once,” I mumble, “But really I don’t have much of an ambition…” I stand up, I’m about to commit social suicide. But I don’t really care, I’ll probably be moving to a new school soon enough.

“Excuse me for a moment.”

I grab my tray and walk over to the three girls, I sense a million pairs of eyes resting on me.


“How’s it going?” I sit next to Ariana. With the other two opposite me.

While the other two giggle slightly, Ariana frowns, “Why’d you do that?”

“Do what?”

“Abandon the Populars.”

I shrug, making it all seem so nonchalant, so easy. “I just wanted to hang out with you three.”

 Shaelyn flicks a glance at their table, “They’re so mad.” She whispers.

“Good for them.”

“You’re showing off,” Ariana says, resting her chin on a hand.

“No way.”

“Let me guess, you’ll be leaving soon… You feel like you can get away with anything… You’re showing off.”

“Woah,” I place a hand over my heart, pretend to be wounded. “Why are you picking on me?”

“Don’t worry about her.” Tobah says, “She’s just in one of her moods.”

I am not. He’s just using us to-“

“Ari!” Shaelyn cuts her off.

“Whatever, I’m going to the library. See you guys.”


While her friends try to apologise, I watch Ariana go. There’s something about her, something deeper than the sway of her too-long skirt, and the fists that clench her backpack. I keep staring at the doorway, even when she’s long gone.

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