Just the two of us

“Well Ariana,” I say, “You are the most beautiful girl I’ve ever see-“

I don’t get my sentence out before she’s crying again, “I CAN’T BE,” she shouts. “No-one’s ever called me that before, and you, you’re just trying to…” she sniffs, “You’re just trying to make me feel good. SO SHUT-UP DANNY.”

Danny's the new-boy, Ariana's the quiet-girl and they're both about to discover that falling in love and sticking together is more then just a rollercoaster.


4. Ariana




“Seriously, what was that?”

“I don’t like him…”

Tobah and Shaelyn bail me up outside the school gates.

“That was rude,” Tobah says, “And selfish.”

“He’s really nice,” Shaelyn adds.


I turn away from them, start walking toward home. The guy is a jerk, how can they not see that? All popular guys are jerks.


“He asked us if we’re going to that party this weekend.” Shaelyn says, running to catch up to me.

“We’d never get invited,” I say, slowing a bit, for Shaelyn’s little legs.

“That’s where you’re wrong,” Tobah says, waving her phone at me, “He put up a post, during lunch, it says everyone is invited, Nerd, Churchgirl and Goth…”

“My Dad would never let me…” I say.

“That’s why you’d go to Shaelyn’s for a sleepover.”

“And Danny said he’d give us a ride,” Shaelyn says dreamily.


“Are you crazy? He’s fifteen, he can’t drive.”


“He can,” Tobah says, “And he has his Dad’s truck.”


I take a big sigh, and try to avoid the two hopeful faces staring at me, “Yeah, whatever.” I say. “He’s probably going to crash into a ditch and kill us all… But Okay.”

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