Just the two of us

“Well Ariana,” I say, “You are the most beautiful girl I’ve ever see-“

I don’t get my sentence out before she’s crying again, “I CAN’T BE,” she shouts. “No-one’s ever called me that before, and you, you’re just trying to…” she sniffs, “You’re just trying to make me feel good. SO SHUT-UP DANNY.”

Danny's the new-boy, Ariana's the quiet-girl and they're both about to discover that falling in love and sticking together is more then just a rollercoaster.


2. Ariana



The guy who crashed into the lamp-post doesn’t seem to know his tongue has an off-switch. The whole way to school he chats to Tobah, Shaelyn and I.

“So your Dad’s a pastor?” He asks me, running a hand through his hair yet again. “That’s cool.”


I glance over at Shaelyn, who looks like she’s falling madly in love. Boys like Danny never talk to drabs like us. It must be because he’s new…

“Is that why you dress so…” he gestures around my body, “Conservatively?”

Blood rushes to my face, “Maybe I want to dress like this? Huh? Maybe I don’t want a skirt so short all you boys can stare up it when I walk along.”

Danny takes a step back, a shock from my outburst.  “Geez, I didn’t mean it like that.”

Shaelyn and Tobah pretend theyre not there. They know about me and my Father…

“Of course you didn’t.”

Shaelyn asks him about his skateboard and Danny gets back on track. I stay silent the rest of the way to school as we find out that Danny moved here from California, or ‘Cali’ as he calls it.

I pretend to be nonchalant as we move through the school halls. Danny is new in our school, and his skater-boy appearance draws stares from quite a few feminine eyes.

“My dad is an army man,” he explains to Tobah, “We move around a lot. I’m good at playing the new kid.”

“I’m good at playing the goth kid.” Tobah says brightly.

Danny laughs, “I would’ve never picked that, what with your Black hair, mascara, nose-peircings and I hate society facial expressions.”

Tobah grins, “You’ve been checking me out?”

  The bell rings, “Ahh, I have to go to reception.” Danny says, flicking a hand through his hair again. “Guess I’ll catch you girls later?”

“Sure will,” Shaelyn says.

“That’d be rad,” Tobah says. All three of them both turn to me.

“Yeah. Great.” I say with zero enthusiasm.

Danny heads off, a mop of long hair and skateboard.


“Oh my god, he is so hot.” Tobah says the moment he’s been swallowed up by students.”

“I agree,” Shaelyn says taking her glasses off, “I think I’ve fallen in love..”

Tobah and I both squeal, Shaelyn never ever talks about guys. Well real life guys…


“He’s like John Snow,” She says dreamily.

“What’d you think Ari?” Tobah asks, “He seemed to be pretty interested in you.”

I feel them leaning into me as we go ointo Geogeraphy.


“I dunno,” I say, “He’s nice I guess.”

Tobah shakes her head, “Honestly girl, guys like that don’t talk to girls like us… Now that he’s made it through the school gates he’s going to be way too popular for us.”

Shaelyn sat down next to me. “It was nice though.”


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